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Real-life Rapunzel who hasn't been to the hairdressers in FIVE years says people don't believe her 5ft-long mane is real - and claims it makes men fall in love with her

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who says she's never cut her five-foot head of red hair because she insists her Rapunzel-length locks make her irresistible to men. Full-time computing student, Malgorzata Kulczyk (34) who lives in London, UK, has blazing blonde locks which stretch over five foot and two inches in length as she’s never had a haircut in her lifetime. The real-life Rapunzel started to braid her hair at age seven and last trimmed it over five years ago. Impressively, it is now longer than she is tall. She never planned to grow her hair to lofty lengths, but her sister and pals have said her hair was so well-kept that there was no reason for a cut following her last few strands of hair being trimmed. The natural blonde applies her own serum of a mixture of oils to her hair for half-an-hour before a shower.

Meet Suki, a stunning cat who loves exploring the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** ALBERTA, CANADA: Meet the famous travelling moggy who has almost two-million followers on Instagram and has now released a book. Stunning portraits have captured the three-year-old Bengal cat, Suki, in front of a giant pizza in a restaurant, looking dazed with leaves flying around her and daringly scaling a narrow bridge. Other images have revealed her in a rainforest fully prepared with a raincoat on and curiously looking out of a car window as it drove by. The incredible series of photos have been compiled into a picture book called Travels of Suki the Adventure Cat by her owner, Martina Gutfreund, and Leigh-Ann Ingram, and has been published by Andrew McMeel Publishing.

Woman admits her bi-relationship gets compared to a JERRY SPRINGER show after she invited ANOTHER WOMAN into her marriage but they proceeded to breakup and makeup

***EXCLUSIVE*** COLORADO, USA: High school sweethearts, psychiatric technician, Cierra Applegate (24) from Colorado, USA, and David (24) from Ohio, USA, fell in love in 2012. Their relationship reached a milestone in 2016, when they both got married and spent the next two years in wedded bliss. However, in 2019, Cierra came out as bisexual to David and they both agreed to expand their relationship to include another woman. In May 2019, they both searched for the right girl on dating app Tinder and after exploring the dating scene with various women, they met their match in Mariah Henderson (21) from California, USA. Cierra admits that with the addition of Mariah in their relationship has strengthened her marriage and communication with David. Whilst they couldn’t be happier in their polyamorous relationship, after a few months of dating as a threesome, they began to encounter jealousy between Cierra and Mariah, which caused them to split up mid-September 2019 for over two months before they reconciled again at the beginning of December 2019 and have been smitten ever since. Cierra’s family haven’t fully accepted their relationship and she says that they compare her relationship to something they would see on Jerry Springer, but she is determined to prove how strong their relationship is.

Photographer on the friendship with a dolphin that changed his life

***EXCLUSIVE*** This irish couple have swam to see the same dolphin every week for the past FIFTEEN YEARS and she is now so friendly with them she allows them to tickle her tummy like she is their family pooch. An adorable picture captured the 13-foot dolphin called Malinká as she posed for a selfie that attracted 5,000 likes on Instagram. Other shots show the 400-pound mammal as she swam alongside her human BFF’s and enjoyed a hug. The snaps of the female bottlenose are courtesy of professional photographer, George Karbus (41) from County Clare, Ireland. With his wife Kate (39), they have dived from the idyllic village of Doolin, Ireland, to meet their pal since 2005.

Tiger splashes around in water and stretches paws in the air as fearsome predator shows its playful side

***EXCLUSIVE*** JAKARTA, INDONESIA: This tiger looked like it was having the time of its life when it was caught splashing about during dinner time. In one photograph, the eight-foot-tall Sumatran tiger was captured stretching its paw high into the air as it splashed about in the water getting drenched in the process. In another, the tiger stood on its hind legs and looked as if it was performing a dance. Photographer, Toni Panjaitan (51) from Jakarta, Indonesia, was at Ragunan Zoo when he came across this magnificent sight. Just 30-yards away, the 120-kilogram Sumatran tiger began to splash around in the water much to the delight of onlookers. Sumatran tigers are listed as being critically endangered and population numbers continue to decrease. The species is native to the Indonesian island of Sumatra and it is the smallest tiger species. This is likely due to its relative isolation on the island. Many remaining Sumatran tigers now live in protected areas offering a safe habitat to the remaining species population. Captive-breeding programmes have also been introduced.

Feed the birds

***EXCLUSIVE*** AUSTRALIA: Footage captures a woman sharing lunch with over twenty-five birds in her back garden. Astounding video has revealed a flock of ten-inch rainbow lorikeets surrounding a woman as she fed them a bowl of porridge in her garden, with one even perching on her head. The clip was shot by beauty consultant Bee Mackay, who is in her forties, from Gold Coast, Australia. The uplifting footage has achieved 41,000 views on Instagram.

Cheetah cub catches scrub hare beside mother

***EXCLUSIVE*** MASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE, KENYA: This cheetah mum has been caught teaching her one-year-old cub to hunt - by catching and releasing a scrub hare. One image captured the 21-kilogram cheetah cub stretching a paw out towards the newly released scrub hare who had ran away believing it had escaped the clutches of death. Another shows the cheetah cub tucking into the two-kilogram hare down sealing the hare’s unlucky fate following a successful hunt. Photographer, Nick Dale (52) from, London, UK, was in the Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, when he stumbled across this educational hunting session. Just five yards away from his jeep, a female cheetah was teaching her cub how to hunt. Cheetahs can run at speeds of up to 120 kilometres-per-hour making them the fastest land animal. Scrub hares can surprisingly run at speeds of up to 70 kilometres-per-hour - using this speed to outrun predators - but this was no match for the superior cheetah cub. The scrub hare is unique to southern Africa. Whilst its conservation status is listed as being of least concern, population numbers are dwindling due to over-hunting and loss of habitat. Population numbers are expected to decrease by 20-percent over the next 100 years.

Laughing leopard

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOUTH AFRICA: This leopard was spotted impersonating the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland in this hilarious picture. A side-splitting image has captured a four-foot-long Mashaba African leopard looking like a real life Cheshire Cat as it pulled a huge grin for the camera. Another photo showed the movie star wannabe as she yawned in a tree. The grimacing one-year-old big cat of 60-pounds was snapped by former game ranger, Callum Gowar (30) from Cape Town, South Africa. He took the photos on a Canon 7D with a 100-400 lens, at the Londolozi Game Reserve, South Africa.

A beautiful Georgian home at the heart of a 563-acre sporting and residential estate in whisky-making country

***EXCLUSIVE*** MORAY, SCOTLAND: This massive five-hundred-and-eighty-six-acre estate is one of the ten most expensive properties in Scotland - and it's yours for Ł2.65m. Cairnty House, in Moray, Scotland, is a Georgian-style country house which sits in more than 500 acres of land with impressive views of the Spey Valley and as far as Sunderland. The property is on the list of the top ten most expensive properties currently for sale in Scotland coming in at number three.The country estate offers pheasant shooting, deer stalking and trout fishing. The owners operate their own rearing operation and use the woodlands as shooting terrain. Roe deer stalking is also offered at Cairnty where a number of medal head bucks have been shot on the estate. The exquisite property has eight-bedroom suites, seven bathrooms, four reception rooms, a dressing room and attic rooms. The estate also comes with several outbuildings including a kennel, rod room, machinery store and three cottages/farmhouses.Woodhead Farmhouse is one of three additional houses that are acquired along with the estate. It is a two-storey cottage with a single storey extension that comprises two reception rooms and three bedrooms and its own enclosed garden. As well as this, there is a single-storey cottage with two bedrooms that is in need of a renovation. There is another farmhouse that is derelict but acted as a former dwelling and has the potential to create a separate accommodation. The main house equals about 12,000 sq. ft. and was built to the owners? specifications and has been designed to an exquisite standard. Recreations of typical Georgian architecture are visible in every corner of the house with its ashlar quoins and hipped Mansard roof as well as the Venetian window outside the front door. The estate extends to about 586 acres in total and is currently on the market with Strutt and Parker for Ł2.65m.