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Ageing is a choice

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the fifty-five-year-old woman who claims she’s NEVER EATEN BREAKFAST in her life in a bid to stay young and says AGEING is UNNECCESARY. Grey model, Caroline Labouchere (55) from Islington, London, UK, was abandoned by her father as a child and didn’t trust men for many years. She suffers intermittently from depression, was insecure and never wanted to grow old.  She never wanted a career and her aspirations were limited to travelling in her youth, then taking any paying job, marrying and having children. It wasn’t until she embraced her greying locks that she finally found her career path and started modelling, becoming a 'grey ambassador’. Caroline’s mother married a Lord when Caroline was just six years old and from that day forward, she lived an upper-class life with a lower class income. However, as she grew up less emphasis was placed on education and more on conduct and manners. Caroline left school at 16 and furthered her education by enrolling on dress making and cooking courses with her mindset focused on eventual marriage and children. Little thought was given to a formal career and Caroline had various jobs from barmaid to au pair to nail technician. She subsequently married into the military and trailed her husband around different countries and almost twenty different houses, somehow finding the time to have two children, Amelia (23) and Maximillian (25) through five lots of IVF treatment. Her twenties and thirties were spent feeling breathtakingly normal. She fought the signs of ageing by dyeing her already greying hair.

The Ethiopian tribe who wear intricate face paint and don breathtaking floral headpieces for tourists as they try to survive amid wars over cattle grazing

***EXCLUSIVE*** OMO VALLEY, ETHIOPIA: Meet the tribe who don flowers and face-paint for tourists in a bid to survive amidst rising violence and land wars. One image shows two Suri boys stood together wearing red floral headdresses and dotted face-paint whilst holding onto lush green bouquets. In another photograph, the arms and torso of a Suri child are covered in an orange and white decorative paint creating a star-shaped motif that covers much of the child’s body. Business owner, Tori Bohn (56) from Bali, Indonesia, was in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley when she photographed these members of the Suri tribe over the course of three days. The Omo Valley is home to eight different tribes with a collective population of 200,000 people. Cattle raiding is a major issue for the Suri tribe and the conflict this causes with surrounding tribes results in visitors needing armed protection. War in Sudan has meant that grazing land has become less widely available increasing the sense of competition. Due to the nearby war, weapons such as AK-47 assault rifles have become quite commonplace in Suri communities - and there is very little intervention from Ethiopian authorities.

Digital sanitiser cleans hands

***EXCLUSIVE*** Scientists have created a digital sanitiser which uses a smartphone's torch to clean hands. The UVLEN uses a hi-tech ultraviolet light to rid surfaces of bacteria and germs in 10 seconds. And, its creators say the portable and lightweight device can even protect against Covid-19. Developers UVLEN say their product - which costs $25 (£19) - can work with any smartphone and all users have to do is attach it to their phone's torch.

Rare set of James Bond books containing personal notes to friends and colleagues from author Ian Fleming goes on sale for £500,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare, complete set of James Bond books inscribed by Ian Fleming have emerged for sale for £500,000. The British spy turned author sent presentation copies with witty personal messages to collaborators, friends and even former lovers. One was an alleged mistress, Sarah Dugdale, who received a copy of Dr No from the married Fleming who stated: "Sarah I'm sure you'll enjoy this Mabel." Referring to himself as Mabel, and not his actual name, could conceivably have been a strategy to conceal his extra-marital affair. Fleming sent Goldfinger to a golfing friend at Royal St George's in Sandwich, Kent.

70-year-old lightship once moored on The Thames is converted into cool £100-a-night B&B in Amsterdam

***EXCLUSIVE*** AMSTERDAM: ALL ABOARD: This B&B was once a lightship on the Thames Estuary and you can rent it for Ł105 a night. In its former life, the floating hotel was a lightship on the Thames Estuary. A lightship is a ship that acts as a lighthouse. They were used by waters that were too deep or unsuitable for lighthouse construction. The seventy-year old Lightship is now moored in Amsterdam. The B&B has several suites that have been designed by prize-winning architects. The ship has been renovated into a quirky B&B with suites that come with a king-size bed, minibar, a pantry, a dining table and a bathroom. Each contemporary suite has private access to the terrace that can be used as a viewing platform of the historic city of Amsterdam.Breakfast is provided by the owners but there are no cooking facilities on board so you’ll have to explore the restaurants of Amsterdam. The Lightship is advertised by HostUnusual, a company dedicated to finding the world’s most extraordinary accommodation. A one-night stay starts from Ł210, Ł105 per person, if the cost is split between the maximum of two people.

Man, 27, reveals how his beloved dog Bowie died while saving him from a horrific house fire that would have killed him in his sleep

***EXCLUSIVE*** LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA: This dog saved his owner by barking before his house burst into flames that tragically claimed the life of his heroic hound. In December 2019, photographer, Cole Finney (27) from Los Angeles, California, USA, was sleeping when he heard his pet dog, Bowie, bark loudly. Cole opened his eyes and noticed that his room was hazy; there was a thin layer of smoke in the air. He was alone in his rented shared house that he had moved into less than a week before. No smoke alarms had gone off; the only alarm that went off was the sound of his wheaten terrier dog barking. So, he got up and put his hand on the door, which wasn’t hot. But when he opened it; a thick cloud of black smoke immediately hit him in the face, which filled his room quickly. Despite struggling to see and breathe due to the smoke filling his lungs, he knew he had to find a way out of the house. However, when he went to the window and ripped open the curtains, he noticed the window was blocked by thick metal bars that were fastened by large screws. He was trapped. Whilst the smoke was so thick that he couldn’t see anything, including his own hands, he cautiously made his way through the house to the front door, but as soon as he made contact with the handle of the door, a huge inferno erupted from the floor and engulfed the door, with flames surrounding him instantly. His hands, arms, legs and chest melted from the heat of the blaze which originated from a furnace that was installed from before he moved in which caught fire. As he looked on in horror whilst the fire engulfed his body, it was in that moment he thought he was going to die. As he panickily tried to escape, he felt something that shattered as he pushed through it; it was a glass window. The smoke escaped through the cracked hole in the window and Cole bravely broke the rest of the window as he climbed out and jumped 10 feet to the ground, miraculously landing on his feet. He swung open the back door and screamed out Bowie’s name over and over again, but he heard nothing and saw no movement. He ran out in the street as the fire trucks drove in and watched as his house exploded into flames again. He was rushed into hospital, where he was immediately sedated and intubated. As he had inhaled a large amount of smoke and was struggling to breathe on his own, a tube was placed down his lungs to help him breathe. He was then told by doctors that Bowie had passed away in the fire and this news had left him inconsolable for days.

Poignant last letter of Titanic steward to wife reveals fears about ‘jinxed’ liner

***EXCLUSIVE*** A letter written by a tragic steward on the Titanic in which he stated that he thought the maiden voyage would not be her 'crowning trip' has surfaced. Edward Stone penned the note on Titanic headed paper to his 'darling wife' shortly before the infamous liner left her last port of call of Queenstown, now Cobh. He referred to the 45,000 tonne vessel's infamous near-miss collision with another liner in Southampton which almost curtailed Titanic's ill-fated maiden voyage. The letter, with its envelope, is now being sold by a descendant of the family.

Collection of 600 weapons wielded during the Battle of Waterloo have emerged for sale for £100K

***EXCLUSIVE*** A unique collection of nearly 600 weapons which were wielded during the iconic Battle of Waterloo have emerged for sale for £100,000. Both French and British sabres and lances from the 1815 set-piece which ended the Napoleonic Wars are going under the hammer in a 'once in a lifetime' auction. They were used by the Dutch army who fought alongside the British to defeat the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. The Dutch had also been equipped with French weapons as they were ruled over by Napoleon's brother Louis between 1807 and 1813 before declaring independence. The weapons have belonged to a Dutch museum since 1881 who are now selling them with auctioneers Vendueheis, of the Hague, Netherlands.

Rent an island

***EXCLUSIVE*** MAINE, US: You could rent this exclusive island built over one-hundred-and-twenty years ago from Ł806 per person. Regarded as Maine’s most exclusive island rental, the newly renovated Clapboard Island is now welcoming back guests. The island is located in Casco Bay, Maine, and was built by a railroad owner from Philadelphia more than 120 years ago. On the island is a historic property that comprises of 13 bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a kitchen, butler's pantry and viewing decks. The island can sleep up to 26 guests with an optional space that can sleep a further six guests. The property has been described by Vogue as „living a Kennedy lifestyle” and offers six swimming beaches, a zip line and walking trails that extend 40 acres. Set on 22 acres, Clapboard Island has another island known as Little Clapboard Island which is reachable via a sandbar. Little Clapboard Island can be used for picnicking and swimming. The main island is accessible via a helicopter landing area or dock. It is currently available to rent on Private Islands Online from Ł24,000. The island can sleep up to 32 guests so if the price was split between the maximum number of guests, it could cost just Ł806.

Local herders bathe cattle in pond

***EXCLUSIVE*** Children play and jump on top of large cattle as they all wash themselves in a pond. The local herders bathe the animals in the water to protect them from insect bites and keep them cool. One man wanders around among them in the shallow water while holding an umbrella to keep himself out of the scorching sun. The images were captured in the town of Garbeta in the Medinipur district of West Bengal, India.

WWII from above

***EXCLUSIVE*** Unique satellite images and pictures from the ground have brought infamous WWII battles to life in a newly released book. One image shows US ships as they unloaded their cargo onto the Japanese island of Okinawa and prepared to invade Japan. Another picture captured US paratroopers as they posed for the camera whilst travelling in a C-47 Dakota aircraft during the D-Day airborne assault. Collated by Major General Julian Thompson CB OBE, World War II From Above features never-before-seen satellite images and battle maps - providing a new insight on an important historical event. Major Thompson is a leading military history expert with 34 years? worth of experience in the Royal Marines. One particular map featured, plots out the fall of Berlin which took place between April 16 and May 2, 1945. Whilst the US army drew closer, it was two Soviet fronts that approached Berlin from both sides surrounding the city. 1,500,000 allied soldiers lead the assault. Another satellite image records the movements of the US army during Operation Iceberg in which the Americans attempted to take the island of Okinawa. The plan was to use this as a base to invade the rest of Japan. An accompanying photograph depicts the US ships unloading supplies upon their arrival at Okinawa. The battle lasted 82 days and the war ended less than a month later following the US bombing of Hiroshima. World War II From Above by Major General Julian Thompson OB CBE available from Wellbeck Publishing.

Buzzed by an owl

***EXCLUSIVE*** CANADA: A twooly lucky photographer was gobsmacked to be „buzzed” by an owl with a six-foot wingspan after it darted towards his camera. A spectacular photo shows a six-and-a-half pound female white owl as she swooped towards the camera coming close to a full-on collision. Another image captured an owl as it appeared to kick down a fence post with all its might. The 24-inch-tall owls need to hunt up to seven meals a day to survive and unlike some birds, do not hibernate. Healthcare data analyst, Tim Harding (58) from Barrie, Canada, took the snaps at the Minesing Wetlands, Canada.

Largest Vietnamese fish market

***EXCLUSIVE*** Traders lay out their stools in a fishing village of Long Hai commune in Vung Tau province, south of Vietnam, with the market opening at midnight and trading into the early hours of the morning each day. It is the largest wholesale fishing market in the region and market traders can be seen sorting their fish into their different types before putting them into different coloured boxes for sale. Pham Huy Trung, 40, an engineer, in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam who visited the market said,"It is a wholesale market and purchase will be taken to smaller markets for consumers to buy them to eat."

Churchill maquette owned Jewish doctor saw him as hero up for sale at £85k

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare maquette of the Westminster statue of Sir Winston Churchill is being sold by the family of a Jewish refugee who credited the wartime Prime Minister with saving his family. Dr Eugene Gancz fled Austria in 1938 when it was annexed by Adolf Hitler and sought sanctuary in Britain. He saw Churchill as a hero for his role in defeating Nazism and sparing his family from the Holocaust. In 1971 he bought the small preliminary sculpture from artist Ivor Roberts-Jones who created the famous 12ft statue of Churchill in Parliament Square.

Pig in frantic

***EXCLUSIVE*** KENYA: This lioness fought valiantly after escaping two HAM-fisted female bullies who tried to swipe her one-hundred-and-thirty-pound warthog dinner. A stunning picture shows a 250-pound lioness with her freshly caught meal hanging from her mouth before she was confronted by two other sub-adult lions that wanted a piece of her dinner. Another image shows the lioness as she bound past her two rivals leaving a mist of dust in her wake. The pics located in the Maasai Mara National Park, Kenya were by snapped by photographer Hermis Haridas (37), who currently resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Hermis, who is the founder of conservation organisation Paws Trails, is originally from Kerala, India.

A very Grand Design! House that appeared on TV property show and was inspired by 1980s movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off is for sale for £2.5million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Natural Bridges, at Mawgan Porth in Cornwall, is set in a private, eight-acre wooded valley one mile inland from the county's rugged northern coast. The property has five bedrooms and three bathrooms, a boot and wet room and a giant, open-plan living, kitchen and dining space with a separate study. When Natural Bridges appeared on Grand Designs in 2018, presenter Kevin McCloud described it as a ‘stonking triumph’. The property's elevated design is based on the Ben Rose House, which sits in woodland outside Chicago and was used as the home of Cameron, Ferris Bueller's best friend in the film starring Matthew Broderick.

Stunning fishing techniques from above

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning photographs show the different techniques used by fishermen and fisherwomen in a shallow river. The women use wooden triangular shaped baskets while the men cast five metre nets out in a wide circle. After working all day they divide the fish up equally and sell them at the local market. The beautiful images were captured by graphic designer and photographer Saurabh Sirohiya in Garbeta in the Medinipur district in West Bengal, India.

Runaway cheetah

***EXCLUSIVE*** KENYA: The tables were turned on this hapless one-hundred pound cheetah when it's dinner decided to stampede. Amusing pictures show the panicked male cheetah trying to make a run for it after a failed attempt at taking down a wildebeest. Other images show the herd gaining on the runaway predator despite being able to reach speeds of up to 75mph. The pics were taken by, Usha Harish (40) from Nairobi, Kenya, at the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. She has been an African wildlife photographer for the last eight years.

Traditional fishing in Bangladesh

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fishermen using traditional way with a large net being pulled together between them in two small boats, while hitting the surface of the water to avoid loosing fish. Photographer, Abdul Momin, 29, spotted the men fishing the Brahmaputra river in Gaibandha, Bangladesh. He said, "They usually catch small fishes like barbs, dwarf catfish, spotted sneakhead, stinging catfish, stripped gouromi, potasi and bata labeo. First they spread the net in a vast area of up to five acres then they pull the net gently from both ends so they surround the fish making them unable to escape." "It's very time consuming and laborious work. It takes about an hour for every sesson. They catch between 8 to 10kg of small fish each time and can do this up to five times a day. Big fish usually jump and manage to escape the net." "When the boats get close enough they strike the water using sticks so that fish can't escape through the small gap between the boats." "The shape of the net depends on the number of boats, if they use two boats then the shape is spherical, if three are used it's more triangular, with a fouth making a rectangular shape."

Falcon waves to the camera

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young peregrine falcon looks like it is waving to the camera as it raises its claw.   The rare photographs of the juvenile bird holding up its claw were taken on its first ever journey out of its nest. Primary school teacher Dave Gibson, who took the images at St Chads Church in Kirkby, Liverpool, said it seemed as if the two-month-old peregrine was a pupil wanting to ask him a question.   Mr Gibson, 43, from Skelmersdale, Lancs, said: "The bird jumped onto this wall, which was about 5ft high. It wasnt put off much by my presence.

Wildebeest crash down dusty river bank

***EXCLUSIVE*** Wildebeest crash down a steep 50ft high dusty river bank into cold muddy water. The powerful animals send clouds of dirt into the air as they hurtle down the slope. As part of their annual migration during the dry season thousands of wildebeest cross the Mara river in Kenya. The pictures, taken in the Masai Mara National park, show the 400lb creatures making their way down the steep banks and into the shallow water.

Desert sculptures dwarf visitors

***EXCLUSIVE*** The unusual but striking shots were taken by Las Vegas native Henry Do, and are located 30 minutes from the main strip. The 7 columns form the outdoor installation, entitled „Seven Magic Mountains” constructed by artist Ugo Rondinone. With each of the columns standing at over 35 feet tall, they signify „the creative expression of human presence in the desert” and boldly exhibits a ďpoetic burst of form and color. The 32 year-old commented on his photographs, saying „The unique and bold colors in the middle of the desert is a truly breathtaking sight, and the rocks are enormous to stand beneath!”

Oxpecker perches on unperturbed buffalo

***EXCLUSIVE*** A buffalo stands unperturbed as an Oxpecker bird perches right on its head waiting to feed. But just seconds later it tries to shake it off in irritation. The buffalo and oxpecker enjoy a symbiotic relationship, with the bird keeping the much bigger animal clean and healthy by feeding off parasites on its skin. The photos were captured in Kenya's world famous Masai Mara by photographer Xavier Ortega.