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Mr Bean lookalike who became an unlikely internet sensation across Asia - after getting stranded in Wuhan during the Covid-19 lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British Mr Bean look-a-like became an unlikely internet sensation across Asia - after getting stranded in Wuhan during the Covid-19 lockdown. Nigel Dixon, 52, got stuck in the city earlier this year while visiting friends and started posting videos online on what life was like at the outbreak of the virus. He then began making short educational videos advising people how to live under lockdown in the style of Mr Bean.

A 25-year-old woman born without a right forearm has been fitted with a £10k bionic Hero Arm - and been dubbed a SUPER TEACHER by her primary school students

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young teacher born without a right forearm has been able to eat a meal with a knife and fork for the first time - after being fitted with a £10k bionic 'Hero Arm'. Vikki Smith had previously been unable to cut her own food, use anything other than a fork and struggled to do more than one task at a time. However, after receiving a new electronic limb last Monday (15 June), the 25-year-old can now enjoy a meal on her own, complete her favourite pasttime of cross-stitching easier and curl her hair without fear of burning herself.

Woman went mute for two months after a mystery brain injury has finally got her voice back -- but now speaks with FOUR different accents

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who went mute for two months after a mystery brain injury has finally got her voice back -- but now speaks with FOUR different accents. Doctors were perplexed after countless tests failed to explain why Emily Egan, 31, lost the ability to speak. And when she finally began to talk again, Emily's voice sounded nothing like the Essex accent she had before.

Duckling hatched in oven

***EXCLUSIVE*** Couple have become the unexpected owners of a duckling after finding an abandoned egg - and hatching it in their oven. Heartwarming photographs and videos show the days-old duckling following Will Hall and Alice Kendall around their home after they rescued it, even 'terrifying' their big German pointer, Meg. Mr Hall, a teacher at leading independent school Winchester College, discovered the duck egg while out walking in a grassy area on Saturday and couldn't find its nest. Not wanting to leave the egg, the 26 year old FaceTimed his events coordinator partner and the pair hatched a plan to save it.

George III £1m gold watch star of Sotheby's collection sell-off

***EXCLUSIVE*** The auction house Sotheby's has announced the upcoming sale of a gold watch that once belonged to Kind George III of England, made by the horologist Abraham-Louis Breguet. The gold four-minute tourbillon timepiece was sold to King George in 1808, and at the time would have been considered a piece of cutting-edge technology due to the accuracy of its timekeeping. Sold as part of an upcoming auction titled The Collection of a Connoisseur, the watch is listed with an estimated of $895,000-1.3m USD. It is being sold alongside a variety of horological pieces created at the turn of the 19th Century.

Mum gives birth to one of Britain’s biggest babies – weighing the same as a bowling ball

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum has given birth at home during lockdown to one of Britain's biggest babies - weighing the same as a BOWLING BALL. Proud Emma Fearon, 34, welcomed boy Atticus James Fearon who arrived at a whopping 11lb 6oz.Incredibly she required no stitches following the birth on May 24 - and only had gas and air as pain relief.

A tiny island home to a Tibetan Buddhist community is among the luckiest in the UK - as life under lockdown has barely changed

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tiny island home to a Tibetan Buddhist community is among the luckiest in the UK - as life under lockdown has barely changed. Holy Isle, just off the coast of the Isle of Arran in the Firth of Clyde, is currently home to 14 people, aged between 19 and 80 years old, who have stayed since the coronavirus lockdown began on March 23. The tiny island, which measures just 3km long and 1km wide, is linked with the first Tibetan Buddhist centre in the west, Kagyu Samye Ling, in the Scottish Borders. The last person to arrive was on March 17, and no-one has shown symptoms of coronavirus - but strict hygiene protocols are being followed around receiving deliveries from another island, although most food is grown on Holy Isle.

Meet one of Britain's youngest cyclists who can already cover distances of up to 11 miles without stabilisers - aged just TWO

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Daisy Adams is already accomplished on two wheels - having started as a seven-month-old. The tiny tot regularly goes out for long rides with parents Helen and Rob, who are also keen cyclists. The trio head off from their home in Clifton, Bristol around the local area - with Daisy usually taking the lead.

A former baker is serving up the UK’s biggest vanilla slice which will swallow your weekly calorie intake in just one sitting - and weighs a whopping 20kg

***EXCLUSIVE*** Delightful Dean Dixon, 49, swapped baking for butchering about a decade ago but recently began to miss the delightful scents of pastries puffing up in the morning. He decided to make a grand return and developed this massive custard slice - which will scare even the most sweet toothed among us. The creamy custard creation is not for the faint of heart as you'll have to munch on over 50,000 calories - which is the equivalent of eating over 50 Full English breakfasts.

A woman has brightened up her area by 'yarn bombing' her street during the lockdown - with tributes to key workers and Vera Lynn

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman has brightened up her area by 'yarn bombing' her street during the lockdown - with tributes to key workers and Vera Lynn. Pat Standen, 65, came up with the quirky idea after she found a use for woolen decorations lying around her home. The retired librarian had helped to make the decorations for a cycle festival planned for May - but when it was axed due to the corornavirus pandemic, she decided to tie them on bollards and lampposts instead. Some of the decorations included knitted bikes, and she has also knitted signs with messages for support for NHS staff and key workers, in Glebe Avenue in Mauchline, East Ayrshire.

An amazing six-year-old 'hero' has been praised by her parents after she saved her mum's life when she started having seizures and fits at their home

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kelsie Cassidy, who was getting ready for school, jumped into action immediately when her epileptic mum, Karen Cassidy, starting fitting on the floor last Thursday (11 June). The brave youngster refused to panic and instead found a phone and tried to call her dad, Tim, who had just left for work.

Couple are joined by group of squirrels at their house

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple were stunned when they were joined by some unexpected dinner guests - a heartwarming scurry of nine red squirrels. For many Britons, spotting a single red squirrel is a rare sight as the animals can only be found in a handful of places in the UK, with a population of just 120,000. The introduction of the larger grey squirrel - which carry a disease killing native reds - from North America by the Victorians in the 1800s led to a drastic decline in their population and they are now protected. But couple Erik and Ima Van Dam, who have been enjoying dinner on their veranda during lockdown, were lucky enough to have nine of them join them.

An iconic guitar played by Kurt Cobain has sold for a record-breaking $6m

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 1959 Martin D-18E guitar, played by Cobain during Nirvana's historic 1993 MTV Unplugged performance, has been recognised as one of the most important guitars in rock and roll history. The acoustic-electric guitar has an estimate of $1m when it went up for sale with Julien's Auctions in LA, but smashed its estimate and set five new world auction records in the process. The sale set records for world's most expensive guitar, most expensive acoustic guitar, most expensive Martin guitar, most expensive piece of memorabilia and most expensive Nirvana memorabilia.

A fearless great-grandmother has completed one of Europe's longest zip wires for the third time to raise money for NHS charities - at the amazing age of 101

***EXCLUSIVE*** Margaret McConchie, nicknamed GG by her family, whizzed down more than 800 metres (2,600ft) of zipline at 40mph while 30 metres (100ft) above ground on Friday (19 June). Initially hoping to raise £1,919 for NHS Charities Together to mark the year she was born, Margaret has seen her total continue to rise and go above £12,000.

An animal-lover who feeds a robin from the palm of her hand up to 100 times a day has named the bird Bobby and even described him as "part of the family"

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tracy Conway-Smith, 50, struck up an unlikely friendship with the curious creature two years ago after he built a nest at the bottom of her back garden. The bird is now so comfortable in Tracy's presence that he flies up and perches on her hand dozens of times a day waiting for a healthy portion of mealworms.

A holiday-loving family have kept themselves entertained during lockdown by transforming a bedroom into a HOTEL

***EXCLUSIVE*** The O’Farrell-Duerdens regularly travel the UK when taking part in softball tournaments and going on other weekend family trips. But like the rest of the country, they have been resigned to spending the majority of the past three months stuck at home.

A stunning archive that belonged to the 'true hero of the Titanic' sold by his family 108 years after the disaster

***EXCLUSIVE*** Harold Lowe helped scores of women and children into lifeboats and was the only officer to go back for survivors after the famous liner sank. In the 1997 blockbuster movie, one of those in the water Lowe was portrayed as saving was Kate Winslet's character Rose. Mr Lowe's personal belongings include a poignant telescope given to him by a real-life survivor who had it inscribed with the words 'To Harold G. Lowe...The Real Hero of the Titanic', which sold for £52,000. There is also his officer's whistle that he may well have used on board Titanic to organise people into the lifeboats, which sold for £25,000.

A sketch of a 'slouching' boy scout by Lord Baden-Powell under the hammer

***EXCLUSIVE*** An original sketch of a 'slouching' boy scout by their controversial founder Robert Baden-Powell has been unearthed. The pen ink on card drawing carrying his initials 'RBP' depicts a sullen looking scout in uniform with poor posture. He has written the message 'how not to do it' - showing his appearance fell below the standards he expected. The 4ins by 2.5ins artwork is going under the hammer with auctioneers Dominic Winter, of Cirencester, Gloucs. Lord Baden-Powell is one of many British historical figures who have recently gone under the microscope for his alleged racist views and Nazi sympathies. His statue in Poole, Dorset, was set to be taken away by the council before locals and scouts formed a protective ring around it. It has now been temporarily boarded up 'for its own protection'.