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An animal lover who hatched a gosling during lockdown now strolls his streets daily with his pet goose in tail

***EXCLUSIVE*** An animal lover who hatched a gosling during lockdown now strolls his streets daily with his pet goose in tail. James Cosgrove was handed a goose egg by a colleague just before lockdown - but he had no idea that it was fertile. But rather than boiling or poaching it, the 28-year-old duck enthusiast placed the egg in his incubator. Just over a week later, the gosling hatched with its feathers coloured yellow from the yolk. James, who named the chick Phoenix, said: „It was a beautiful moment; it was pure love. It was no longer an egg and actually now a life that I was responsible for.”

Adorable Great Dane who has grown up with his faithful favourite toy by his side

***EXCLUSIVE*** Elliot Mae is 3-year-old Merle Great Dane who lives with her family in Denver, Colorado. Elliott was named after a character from the Disney film „Pete’s Dragon” and she has had her favourite toy dragon also named Eliott her entire life.The amazing image set shows Eliott Mae and her favourite dragon growing up together from 2017 all the way up to 2020.

A huge moth had a 24-hour adventure when it was rescued from certain death by a little boy - before being nursed back to health and finding a mating partner

***EXCLUSIVE*** The enormous hawkmoth was found at the side of the road by Noah Stevenson, aged ten. The little boy, who has an amazing affinity with animals and wildlife, realised it would be at risk of being squashed by passing traffic and picked it up in his hand. But the moth settled on Noah's ear, and stayed there for the duration of an hour-long walk with his family and two dogs.

A six-year-old 'super-hero' completed a full marathon and has raised over £3,000 for the NHS by dressing up as superheroes and running a marathon over the course of a month

***EXCLUSIVE*** Young Ollie Hall was taught about the coronavirus by his parents, Chris, 37, and Liz, 33, and he decided he wanted to help those on the frontline. Together, they came up with the idea that Ollie should run a 26.2 miles, the equivalent of a marathon, over 30 days. Then to finish it off, Ollie, from Plymouth, Devon, decided to do the run dressed as superheroes - which to him includes policemen, firemen, and doctors.

An insanely talented girl performing mind blowing basketball stunts at just TWELVE YEARS OLD

***EXCLUSIVE***T his amazing footage shows an insanely talented girl performing mind blowing basketball stunts at just TWELVE YEARS OLD. Karolina Ramirez began showing flair and talent for the sport of basketball at just 6-years-old, the incredible child prodigy films herself performing crazy trick shots in her hometown of Stuart, Florida. The footage shows her on a po go stick passing two basketballs through a hoop multiple times before seamlessly transitioning into a dribbling routine.

Hapless warthog runs into lion pride

Masai Mara, Kenya: These blistering pictures show a hapless warthog standing little chance against a pride of hungry lions. Wildlife photographer Buddhilini De Soyza captured the visceral scene in Kenya’s Masai Mara. The pride had been digging around the warthog’s hole, and even managed to injure this warthog in an earlier scuffle. But, second time wasn’t so lucky for the animal, as the pride closed in for the kill. Buddhilini explains: „We came across the Enkuyani pride early one morning. This pride is led by two lions, named Lolpapit and Orbanoti. In my opinion these boys are two of the most handsome lions in the Mara at present, especially Lolpapit who is one good looking brute despite his bad leg. That morning we found Lolpapit sitting on the grass and Orbanoti, his brother, busily digging a warthog hole. Suddenly, the injured warthog erupted from the hole followed by another two warthog. This was totally unexpected and the lions and us alike were taken by surprise. It was totally chaotic. Orbanoti who was the closest to the hole jumped out of his skin, the rest of the pride who had no idea what was going on came running and we were all reaching for our cameras without much comprehension of what was going on. Luckily for the two boys, there was a female who was close by and she kept enough wits about her to trip up the warthog which slowed the warthog enough for the two boys to finish off the hunt themselves. Orbanoti and Lolpapit in typical „king of the jungle” fashion, took the kill all for themselves. The females realising that the kill was quite small didn’t pay much attention to the boys at all. However, some of the sub adults were willing to take their dads on and got close enough to get some bites in.”

Owl in flight captured by amateur photographer

***EXCLUSIVE*** This stunning photograph shows an owl with its wings motion - like a hummingbird's. The snap was taken using a slow shutter speed, meaning the movement of the wings has become a blur. Amateur photographer Harald Huber, 46, has been visiting the mother owl and her four chicks near where he lives in Inverness. He used a 1/40 shutter speed to capture the bird's wings in motion.