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Hairdresser-turned-bimbo slut positive

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEWCASTLE, UK: Hairdresser-turned-bimbo gets called „SLUT” and „WHORE” since transformation - but claims there’s nothing wrong with those stereotypes so she is embracing her „Inner-Slut”. Glamour model, Mia Thomson (30) from Newcastle, UK, has never followed a conventional path. Having spent several years working as a hairdresser, the self-proclaimed „exhibitionist” quit her job in 2019 to pursue a career in glamour modelling. Mia has always been a fan of the blonde-bombshell look - something that is abundantly clear in her style. To further pursue this look, Mia has undergone breast surgery to increase the size of her B cup - costing her Ł4000. Mia may ooze confidence but she would consider having a facelift and stomach refinement surgery in the future. Social media followers are enamoured by Mia’s „exciting” look which they can now view more of on her OnlyFans page. Mia’s OnlyFans adult content is a far-cry from her previous job as a hairdresser but it’s a business venture she hopes to continue to grow. Mia’s performs a variety of sexual acts and is predominantly viewed by males in their 30s. Due to this, some online internet trolls have labelled Mia a „slut” and a „whore” but Mia doesn’t care about the stereotype she falls into. She hopes to show other women - through her online content and modelling career - that it’s important to celebrate and own your sexuality.

Girl with rare disorder - eyes popped out

***EXCLUSIVE*** BODEN, SWEDEN: This little girl lives with a rare disorder that causes her eyes to POP OUT of her skull and her parents are determined to prevent others being „freaked out” by the condition by sharing their daughter’s heart-melting images. During her pregnancy, caregiver, Ida Collin (30) from Boden, Sweden, never expected her daughter, Maylie (now four months old) to be born needing complex treatment. However, on February 19, 2020, the day of Maylie’s birth, Ida’s midwife was shocked to discover Maylie’s skull wasn’t fully formed as it should have been. She reassured Ida and her boyfriend that everything was going to be fine, but they were terrified. Her doctors were stunned and weren’t sure of her condition, so Maylie spent 20 days in hospital having tests, ultrasound, MRI and CT scans to make sure everything was alright. It wasn’t until June 8, 2020, that Maylie was diagnosed with Crouzon syndrome, a genetic disorder characterised by the premature fusion of certain skull bones (also known as craniosynostosis). Ida, who is also a mum to a nine-year-old son, has since spent her days documenting her youngest daughter’s journey in hopes that she can raise awareness of her rare condition.

My eczema was so bad I was a hermit for 6 months

***EXCLUSIVE*** GUILDFORD, UK: This British woman hid away for SIX MONTHS after her eczema became so painful and inflamed that she was „a social hermit” too embarrassed to be seen in public. Student, Imogen Tingay (25) from Guildford, UK, has suffered from eczema since birth with the condition causing Imogen’s skin to crack and become both itchy and painful. In 2013, Imogen began applying prescribed topical steroid creams to combat the symptoms. Over the next three years, Imogen’s skin began to depend on these creams and after choosing to stop using them, she developed topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) - a condition which lasted a further two years. Topical steroid withdrawal is a condition largely ignored by medical professionals. The condition causes the skin to become even more painful and inflamed which leads to cracking and oozing. Due to the isolating nature of the recovery period, it can also contribute to mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. During her recovery process, Imogen was so self-conscious that she would only leave the house if absolutely necessary and suppressed panic attacks on a daily basis before going into work - the only place she would visit during her worst six-month long flare-up. Having been dismissed by doctors and forced to tackle the issue on her own, Imogen now hopes to raise awareness around the issue. Topical steroid creams are readily prescribed to patients suffering from eczema but those that have been through TSW warn that these creams are a quick fix and not a long-term solution. Imogen has been able to connect with others who have experienced TSW through Instagram and hopes to raise awareness.

Lord Of The Rings hideaway

***EXCLUSIVE*** HOLLAND: Stay in a hobbit hole fit for Bilbo Baggins for just Ł16 a night. Geversduin Hobbit House, situated just thirty minutes from Amsterdam, is a quirky Hobbit hole nestled in the North Holland Dune Reserve. The hobbit house is built into a hill and has been roofed with turf and grass and can sleep a family of four. The unique shelter has its own facilities including a shower and toilet, underfloor heating, a kitchen and a living room. If you’re a Lord of The Rings fan, why not try to decipher the Elvish inscriptions that have been painted on the walls? The family campsite has several facilities on-site including nature trails, pony trekking, fruit picking and campfire dinners. Located just 4km away from the site is a sandy beach and Amsterdam is only a short car journey away. Once guests have explored, they can come back to their comfy hobbit hole and lounge in the living room or eat at the restaurants onsite. Geversduin Hobbit House is advertised by HostUnusual, a company dedicated to finding the world's most extraordinary accommodation. One night at the hobbit hole starts at Ł65 per night and can sleep two adults and two children meaning that the cost per person is just Ł16.25.

This is the hilarious moment a group of dads decided to join in their children’s online ballet classes

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the moment chaos ensued when a group of dads join in their children's online BALLET class. The Patricia Veale School of Dance has been hosting video classes for students for months. But they invited dads, grandfathers and stepdads for a special session. Teacher Kelly Clarey hosted the class via Zoom and asked the families to video their living-room lessons, to celebrate Father's Day.

Petite food blogger takes on one of Britain’s biggest fish and chips – a £42 and 4,000 calorie feast

***EXCLUSIVE*** A top food blogger has taken on one of Britain's biggest fish and chips meals - a 4,000 calorie feast enough to feed a family-of-five. Kate Ovens, famed for taking on giant food challenges, polished off the whopping 32oz cod and mountain of chips. She munched through the portion - five times larger than the average serving - in 30 minutes then finished it off by downing a pint. The 26-year-old was challenged to take on the estimated 4,000 calorie feast by Ancell’s Fish and Chips in Kate’s hometown of Fleet, Hampshire.

Heartbroken pet owner was amazed to see her beloved mutt Sunny's unmistakable features in the sky just hours after she passed away

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lucy Ledgeway, 19, said goodbye to her family's pet Sunny earlier that day, after the dog passed away in her dad Jim's arms on Saturday (20). Jack Russell Sunny was 14 years old with diabetes and had suffered a seizure when and died when Jim was getting into the car to go to the vets. Fashion influencer Lucy went for a drive with her boyfriend Tom to clear her head and while sitting in the same seat Sunny had passed away in, she looked up at the clouds. She was delighted to see the shape of her dog looking back down at her. Lucy from Acomb, York, said: "Seeing Sunny in the clouds made me giggle to myself – she’s such a special dog.

Animal lover faces standoff with planning bosses over massive cage in his garden where he keeps two LIONS and a PUMA that sparked complaints from 14 neighbours

***EXCLUSIVE*** An animal lover is to face planning bosses over a massive enclosure in his garden -- where he keeps two lions and a puma.  Reece Oliver, 29, rescued African lion cubs Rocky and Rora from a circus in Czech Republic and keeps them in a big cat enclosure - along with his Canadian puma Rogue.  He was granted permission to keep them on the land last year - despite objections from 14 neighbours, some who were worried about the safety of their own pets.  But planners have since visited the site following "reports of unlawful development" and found the enclosure was allegedly different to the one planned.  It also transpired former show-jumper Reece doesn't own the land the animals are on - so parts of the application have to be considered again by the council tomorrow (24).

The Queen's chauf-FUR! Pregnant three-legged Persian cat found living in dirty shed is living life of luxury after being rescued and adopted by Her Majesty's head driver

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pregnant Persian cat who was living in a dirty shed and missing half a leg is now living the life of luxury with the Queen’s head chauffeur. Flo, a four-year-old white cat, was rescued by the RSPCA in March in a "terrible state" after she was found in the shed in Hayes, west London. After being rescued and nursed back to health, Flo was adopted by Victoria Fitzgerald and her father, who is the Queen’s driver. The injured cat had been living in a small, dirty basket in the outbuilding and was taken to the vets with an injury to her right front leg which meant half of the limb was missing.

Black Cowboys

***EXCLUSIVE*** ATLANTA, GEORGIA: This photographer has captured pictures of the modern-day black rodeo circuit to pay homage to the untold stories of African-American COWBOYS. In one striking photograph taken in Birmingham, Alabama, two black males donned Stetsons as they sat atop their horses with the Birmingham skyline in the background. Another photograph which was taken in Columbia, South Carolina, shows a cowboy sat in the doorway of his trailer, wearing a traditional dress including chaps and boots. Photographer, Forest McMullin (66) from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, set out to explore the largely ignored history of African-American cowboys in the United States. During his search, he found a dedicated circuit of contemporary practitioners honouring their historical lineage. In the early 1800s, white settlers travelled to Texas in the pursuit of cheap land bringing their slaves with them. By 1860, reportedly 30 per cent of Texas’ population was made up of African-American slaves. Texas soon after joined the confederacy in 1861 and many white Texans left the state to take up arms in the American Civil War. During this time, maintaining cattle herds and land was left to the slaves and so, many acquired a series of useful skills. When the Emancipation Proclamation was announced, white land-owners hired the recently-freed African-Americans to now tend the land for a wage.

Nineties retro gaming art

***EXCLUSIVE*** MOROCCO: This nostalgic art featuring retro movies and games is sure to take you back to an iconic time. Sentimental artwork has captured a teen watching Back to the Future on an old telly and boys as they played a vintage games console. Another image featured a gamer playing the popular game The Last of Us, for which the much anticipated sequel was released on Friday. The throwback project was created by full-time artist, Rachid Lotf (34), from Agadir, Morocco. He uses 3D Max and Adobe Photoshop to paint his retro-inspired masterpieces.

This 90s bathroom was brought three decades into the future on a budget of ONE-HUNDRED-AND-THIRTY-POUNDS

***EXCLUSIVE*** NESTON, UK: This nineties bathroom was brought three decades into the future on a budget of ONE-HUNDRED-AND-THIRTY-POUNDS. Stay-at-home mum, Hannah Breeden (32) from Neston, UK, set out to update their four-bedroom detached home on a shoestring budget. Fed up of the 90s-style interior, Hannah was able to transform her outdated bathroom for just Ł131. Hannah purchased some vinyl flooring (Ł27), tile paint (Ł32), a blind (Ł30), emulsion paint (Ł15), a bath panel (Ł15), and some shelf brackets (Ł12). She also utilised some wood that she already had lying around to create some DIY shelving saving herself hundreds of pounds.

Britain is in the grip of SLIPPER BOOM with some stores selling up to 20 times more than normal as people wear out their old pairs during lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cobblers and shoe shops are seeing a massive surge as Brits wear their old pairs thin with luxury slippers becoming increasingly popular. But in some cases people can't bear to part with their old favourite slippers and are opting to have them REPAIRED instead. Shoe store House of Slippers, based in Leicester, Leics., say they have sold twenty times the amount of slippers they would usually expect to sell at this time of year.

Dolittle Manor

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOMERSET, UK: This gorgeous fifteenth-century manor house was featured in the 2020 film Dolittle and could be yours if you've got a spare Ł5m.Cothay Manor, near Wellington in Somerset, is a historic grade I listed manor house with a steeped history. The property boasts nine bedrooms, five bathrooms, a vaulted great hall, parlour/ sitting room, library, dining room, cloakroom, kitchen, laundry, boot room, office and an oratory. The manor house belonged to the renowned art collector, Sir Francis Cook, 4th Baronet, and housed much of his famous art collection during World War II. In more recent times, the property was used as the set for the home of the enigmatic Dr. Dolittle, played by Robert Downey Jr, in the 2020 reboot of Dolittle. The house has been described as „the most perfect, small 15th century country house that survives in the kingdom” by Chris Hussey in Country Life in 1927.Built in 1480, the listing cites that the collection of buildings are unusually well-conserved. Five of the property's well-decorated bedrooms are situated in the manor house and a further four bedrooms are located in the attached North Wing. Additional outbuildings include a laundry flat with one bedroom, bathroom, toilet, and kitchen which can be directly accessed from the manor. There is also a cottage with three bedrooms, one bathroom, entrance hall, kitchen and sitting room that can be accessed from the manor house or through a separate entrance. A garage flat with two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and sitting room that can be accessed separately as well as a gate house, greenhouses, stable, barn complex, pump house and swimming pool which is currently not in use. The estate, which is set in about 40 acres, is on the market with Knight Frank for offers in excess of Ł5m.

Husky slaps human

***EXCLUSIVE*** MASSACHUSETTS, USA: This husky has clearly had enough of his owner's antics and let him know it by giving him a slap on the face. The hilarious footage has captured the seven-month-old Purebred Siberian Husky, named Tatum, getting increasingly animated as his owner Brendan Stlaurent mentions the magic word: „breakfast”. According to Brendan from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, he and his girlfriend decided to adopt the rescue despite just starting post graduate school. With the puppy’s playful nature on full display in the video, it’s not hard to see why this was the case. It seems that in the future Brendan might be better off leaving the teasing until after breakfast or they might just have to change his name from Tatum to Tyson.

British BAME soldiers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Beautiful colourised photographs have told the stories behind some of Britain’s greatest Black, Asian and other minority ethnic soldiers of the First and Second World War. Lovingly restored pictures have revealed an RAF captain, James Hyde, smile with a toy dog on his plane inbetween fighting the Nazi’s, and a turban-clad member of the Indian infantry smiling with hundreds of bullets on his body. More striking images have captured two fed-up looking snipers of 1st Battalion, Caribbean Regiment in July 1944, who are also shown relaxing by playing brass instruments away from the battlefield. The recoloured portraits of these Great Britons were created by student, Magnus Waale (24) from Oslo, Norway. He uses Adobe Photoshop to meticulously bring varied vintage portraits of these UK ethnic minority soldiers back to life.

Bugatti Chiron-inspired Nespresso machine

***EXCLUSIVE*** Portuguese product/transportation designer Fábio Martins has shared with us his take on what a crossover between Bugatti's Chiron and Nespresso’s espresso machine could look like. This render was conceived during his time as a masters student in design and incorporates his love for hypercars with an everyday kitchen appliance like the coffee machine. Made for higher living, the „Bugatti Etiron” takes the Chiron's baby-blue (the exterior of the machine would be customizable) and matches it with materials found on the seven-figure hypercar - think carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium.

Angry lioness does an epic roar on tree

***EXCLUSIVE*** TANZANIA: ROAR OFF: A photographer has captured the moment an angry lioness does an epic roar whilst almost doing the splits in a bid to protect her spot in the tree. A stunning image captured a three-foot-tall lioness as she roared towards the camera whilst defending her spot on a particularly cosy-looking branch. Other photos showed the moment two 60-pound sub-adult lions took a swipe at each whilst fighting for the comfiest spot on the log and a lion as he snored away after securing himself a good spot. The one-year-old predators, who were fighting over a comfy resting seat, were shot from 35-feet away by wildlife photographer, Sandesh Kadur (44) from Bengaluru, India. The BBC Planet Earth II cameraman captured the fight at the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

Snake vs toad

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gruesome photographs have revealed a slimy twenty-five-inch snake as it devoured an unlucky toad. Intense photos show the Eastern garter snake as it slithered towards and slowly pulled the snack up its mouth, starting with its leg. Another image has captured the four-inch toad almost fully engulfed by the non-venomous reptile, where they almost look like one monstrous creature. A video has revealed a grotesque shot of the snake as it landed the killing blow. The fascinating close-ups were taken by biologist and herpetologist, Jackson Phillips (25) from Storrs, USA, who took the shot in Connecticut, USA, on a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

The secret life of the mountain hare

***EXCLUSIVE*** SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS, SCOTLAND: Adorable photographs revealed in a new book show the gentle nature of mountain hares - after Scotland voted to ban mass culling. Incredible action shots have revealed a mountain hare shaking raindrops off his fur and two white mountain hares giving Anthony Joshua a run for his money during a feisty boxing match. The stunning pictures were taken by nature photographer, Andy Howard, who has compiled them into a book The Secret Life of the Mountain Hare which is published by Sandstone Press Ltd. The book delves into the world of the Palearctic hare in a bid to raise awareness of their importance in nature. On May 17, 2020, members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) voted to ban mass eliminations of the animal and to give them special protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.