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A boy who was told off at school for doodling will release a series of illustrated children’s books after signing with a US publisher

***EXCLUSIVE*** “Doodle boy” Joe Whale, 10, from Shrewsbury, Shrops., became world famous for his sketches when his work was posted on Instagram. His art teacher from St George’s Junior School, Shrewsbury, spotted his talent and asked to share pictures of his creations on the social media site.  Then an impressed local restaurant owner asked Joe to decorate his dining room with his drawings. The young artist, who has a book agent in Los Angeles, recently spent a week in the States illustrating the set of TV show “Little Big Shots”.

A teenage entrepreneur is helping fight coronavirus by inventing a wristband which alerts users when they are about to touch their face

***EXCLUSIVE*** A teenage entrepreneur is helping fight coronavirus by inventing a wristband which alerts users when they are about to touch their face. Max Melia, 15, designed and developed the wearable device in a bid to help and protect the public during the pandemic. He first came up with the helpful concept two years ago as a way of reducing the spread of cold and flu. Max then threw all his efforts into developing a working prototype four months ago after both his parents were struck down by COVID-19.

Family of toddler diagnosed with cancer trying to raise £500,000 for life-saving treatment - as he battles the disease for a THIRD time

***EXCLUSIVE*** The family of a toddler diagnosed with a rare cancer have launched a bid to raise £500,000 for life-saving treatment - after he was left battling the disease for a THIRD time. Stanley Dalton, two, was in remission from T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in February but his shocked parents were told this month that it was back. The brave tot was just 16 months old when he was first diagnosed in March 2019 and spent more than 217 nights in hospital over the next 11 months as he battled it twice. Little Stanley underwent two bone marrow transplants in the space of a year and was given a trial drug. In February, he was discharged from hospital when he entered remission. But his parents Georgia Brecken, 32, and Lee Dalton, 34, were given the heartbreaking news earlier this month that the cancer had returned - and nothing could be done. The couple are now trying to raise £500,000 for pioneering treatment in Singapore after being told there was none available in the UK.

Auction of property of comedian Steve Martin

Los Angeles, California, United States: One of the top highlights of the auction will be the sale of one of Martin’s trademark three-piece white suits (estimate: $10,000 - $20,000) worn during his sold-out stand-up comedy performances in the 80’s. Julien’s Auctions, the world-record breaking auction house to the stars, has announced PROPERTY FROM THE COLLECTION OF STEVE MARTIN, an exclusive auction event celebrating the distinguished career of the legendary American actor, comedian, writer, playwright, producer, musician, and composer, taking place Saturday, July 18th, 2020 at Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills.

Repaired catsuit Cardi B ripped on stage goes up for auction

The repaired catsuit that Cardi B famously ripped on stage has gone up for auction. The stunning multi-coloured hand-beaded outfit is currently up for sale with a starting price of $8,000 by Los Angeles based auctioneers Nate D. Sanders. Cardi B suffered the major wardrobe malfunction on stage at Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival in 2019. The 26-year-old rapper twerked so hard she ripped the outfit on her backside during her performance in Tennessee. Custom made for Cardi B by designer Yousef Al-Jasmi, the piece is comprised of sequins and beads covering a form-fitting nude stretch fabric. It comes with a certificate of authenticity from celebrity stylist Elizabeth Stewart. The long-sleeve mock-neck suit is sized U.S. 4-6 with approximate measurements of 26.5'' waist, 33.5'' hips, 29.5'' inseam and 23'' from shoulder to cuff. The auction ends on Thursday June 25th 5pm PCT.

3D printed support frame aids breathing through face masks

A Japanese designer has created a 3D printed device that aids breathing whilst wearing a face covering. Kazunori Takeishi from Japanese design atelier Monocircus has created Lacunal, a 3-dimensional support frame that sits on the nose and chin under the garment. This creates a space between the fabric and the nose and mouth allowing greater comfort with breathing. Lacunal is named after „lacuna” which refers to an empty space or gap. The structure rests on just two points on the nose bridge and chin, parts of the face that are mainly bone and skin, and have the least muscular movement. This mean Lacunal does not hinder movements of the mouth and causes minimal discomfort. The device can be used while running, trekking or performing any other athletic activity. Lacunal is made via 3D printing laser sintering technology, and can be customised to fit individual facial sizes.

The British Crown Jewels are “super-deep" diamonds

***EXCLUSIVE*** An analysis of the first large diamonds confirmed to come from deep under the Earth's surface supports initial predictions showing that the Smithsonian's famous Hope diamond may be "super deep", originating from more than three times deeper in the Earth than most diamonds. It also suggests, in a new finding, that the "Crown Jewels" Cullinan diamond may also be a super-deep diamond. The Crown Jewels are “super-deep" diamonds - coming from more than 400 miles below the Earth’s surface - three times deeper than other precious stones, reveals a new study. The new analysis showed for the first time that the Crown Jewels’ Cullinan Diamond is one of the rarest objects on the planet, originating hundreds of miles deep inside the Earth. The largest gem-quality rough diamond ever found, weighing 3,106.75 carats, it was discovered at the Premier No.2 mine in Cullinan, South Africa, in January 1905. In 1907, the Transvaal Colony government bought the Cullinan and then presented it to King Edward VII who had it cut in Amsterdam, and it is now the centrepiece of the Crown Jewels.