Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A ten-year-old boy has been hailed a life-saver after rescuing a woman who had been knocked off her kayak and swept out to sea

***EXCLUSIVE*** Young Jay Springall was enjoying a day boating with his dad, 39-year-old Ken, when he noticed a commotion by the water. A woman had tried to cross the River Teign, in Teignmouth, Devon, in a kayak but had come off and was being swept out to sea by the strong current. With no thought for his own safety, Jay jumped in his boat, which has a small engine, and went off to rescue the stricken woman on Monday, June 22.

A pub goer spent lockdown modelling an iconic boozer and music venue built from 3,800 virtual bricks of lego

***EXCLUSIVE*** Craig Darran, 34, was challenged to design the New Cross Inn which he used to visit with friends and attend regular music gigs. The account manager, from Hackney, east London, spent six painstaking weeks recreating the famous boozer inside-out after he was furloughed from work. He used the Studio 2.0 Lego software to mock-up his lego pub which he brings to bring to life later this year. Craig said: "Usually I would go there two to three times per month to see bands play and meet up with friends and it felt like a second home.

Incredible optical illusion of what appears to be a face in a sand dune

***EXCLUSIVE*** This optical illusion appears to show a FACE in a sand dune. This once in a lifetime image was captured during a helicopter ride over the Namib Desert. Photographer Harman Singh Heer was snapping the vast sandy dunes when he was lucky enough to capture the perfectly timed image. The image seems to show the silhouette of human side profile in the dusty dunes.