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Shock as 18th Century Chinese vase valued at £500k sells for £2.2million after triggering bidding war

***EXCLUSIVE*** It may be only 10in tall. But that didn’t stop an 18-century Chinese vase from fetching more than £2.2million after it triggered a bidding war. The gold and yellow porcelain container was made during the reign of the Qianlong Emperor. It was sold in the Ader Nordmann auction house in Paris on June 16 after the sale was rescheduled due to the coronavirus crisis. The vase was initially estimated to be worth between £500,000 and £700,000. But the winning bid was £2.23million, made by a Chinese collector over the phone.

Self-solving Rubik's cube

***EXCLUSIVE*** JAPAN: This man's invention means you'll never be embarrassed about being unable to solve your kid's Rubik's Cube again. In a video recorded by its Japanese inventor, Takashi Kaburagi, the jaw-dropping device can be seen levitating whilst solving the notoriously difficult toy all on its own. Despite the cube being jumbled into a completely random order, a motor from inside of the amazing invention is able to bring it back to a factory reset with the colours on all sides being perfectly aligned. The original toy was invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor, Erno Rubik, and has sold over 350 million units worldwide, making it the world’s best-selling toy. However, this invention that took its creator over three years to perfect is a far cry from the original design. In a series of videos posted on Kaburagi’s YouTube channel, he explains that the contraption works via an algorithm inside the cube itself. This establishes the position the outer tiles are in and signals to the motor to perform the steps necessary to solve the problem. As for the levitation, this is achieved using an electromagnetic device that allows the Rubik’s cube to seemingly float unaided. Or perhaps, it could just be a little bit of magic.

Eerie footage of hundreds of terrifying dolls that inhabit 'Island of the Dolls'

***EXCLUSIVE*** XOCHIMILCO, MEXICO: CRY BABIES: If baby dolls make you feel a little uneasy, visiting this Mexican island might not be for you. Footage shows the hundreds of terrifying dolls that inhabit the incredibly creepy „Island Of The Dolls” in the Xochimilco borough of Mexico. In the video taken by Valery Narudinov who decided to visit the nightmare-inducing attraction on his honeymoon, a seemingly never ending number of dolls, some headless, some disfigured and others simply downright disturbing can be seen hanging from every tree, branch and fence on the island. The legend goes that the dolls were placed on the island by its original owner, a man by the name of Don Julian Santana Barera, who did so after a young girl drowned in the waters surrounding the island in the 1950’s. Seeing a doll floating in these waters and believing it to have belonged to the deceased girl, he hung it from a tree both as a sign of respect and to ward off evil spirits. He then continued to hang dolls all across the island for the next 50 years until his death in 2001. A death which some say can be attributed to the dolls themselves, as he apparently died in the same spot as the little girl was found some half a century earlier. Yet whilst the Island is believed by many to be haunted, Valery insists that the island did not personally give him the jitters.

The £450 billion yacht with a built in harbour for less gigantic vessels

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredible £450 billion pound yacht is so large it will be used as 'floating marina' and even boasts an 80 metre-long pier. The extraordinary 200 metre long catamaran has been designed to 'shift the limits of what is feasible' and has an enormous 'harbour area' beneath the main deck. It will also have a 500 square metre outdoor pool, and a 'amphitheatre style' open air cinema. The Galileo², created by Beiderbeck Designs, has been described as 'the greatest concept' ever designed.

The alien world of insects

***EXCLUSIVE*** A series of spellbinding close-up images of insects make them look like aliens. Amateur photographer Marcus Kam Seong Sit captured the macro shots of a range of bugs including the longhorn beetle and bird dung spider. The pictures detail the intricate features and patterns of the insects - from the vibrant green of a dragon head caterpillar to the delicate hairs on an orb web spider.

Architect unveils vision for houses anchored to the sea bed that can rise with the tides

A Manila-based architecture firm have designed a floating housing solution for coastal communities inspired by climate change and population increase. Dada Design's Currents for Currents housing project aims to combat the vulnerability of waterfront areas in the face of harsh natural disasters, as well as the lack of reliable power infrastructure in these far-flung regions.  Inspired by the rising tides and storms that hit the coasts of the Philippines every year, the team of architects, coordinated by Deo Alam, Pierre Michael Monjardin and Andrew Galano, thought of an unusual home, which, as the project’s claim „blue is the new green” states, would lay its foundations and be fed by the sea. ''Coastal communities are caught in the cross fire between the scarcity of land and resources, and the rising tides and storm surges brought about by the sea”, the company states in a press release. Every single dwelling is anchored to the sea bed through a main moulded plastic structure, making their construction possible in every place. Although originally created for the Philippine coast, the modular design of these houses, as well as the use of a universally available material for its main structural frame are moulded plastic which allows for their ease in construction in practically any coastal site around the world.

Escape from the dark: Flares of light are seen coming OUT of a black hole for the first time

***EXCLUSIVE*** The first light ever detected from black holes has been captured by British scientists. It was emitted when two of the galactic behemoths collided in the far reaches of space. The discovery turns astrophysics on its head. Albert Einstein first predicted their existence more than a century ago. Ever since, their gravity has been thought to be so great nothing can escape - not even light. Now an international team has witnessed massive "flares" created by the colossal cosmic crash.

WW2 air raided house

***EXCLUSIVE*** SUFFOLK, UK: This house which survived a BOMBING during WW2 and has its own miniature railway could be yours for just under Ł2.4m. The unspoilt estate can be bought together or in two separate lots. The main house is Mendham Priory, a grade II listed country house which was mentioned in Sir Nikolaus Pevsner’s book Buildings of England as of historical importance. Mendham Priory, near Harleston in Suffolk, comprises six bedrooms, two bathrooms, reception hall, drawing room, study, wine cellar, dining room and terrace. There are also four outbuildings situated in the 27.5 acres of land as well as Mendham Lodge which is a grade II listed single-storey, three-bedroom lodge house which has recently undergone a renovation. Mendham Priory survived a bomb blast in the Second World War which is said to have lifted the entire roof of the conservatory without breaking a single pane of glass. There is also a 7Ľ inch gauge railway which runs around the perimeter of the parkland that has a tunnel, sidings and a water tower. Strutt & Parker are delighted to have such a unique home on their books for under Ł2.4m.

Hungry Little Mouths: Mama Cindy's Soup Kitchen feeding the children of Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

***EXCLUSIVE*** An Imizamo Yethu resident with the help of volunteers has set up a soup kitchen in her home to feed the children of the township."Mama Cindy's Soup Kitchen" as it's affectionately known feeds hundreds of children daily. With unemployment levels at a record high due to Covid-19 people are struggling to feed their families.