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Icelandic bubble hotel lets you sleep under the Northern Lights

***EXCLUSIVE*** Truly unique „bubble” hotel under the Icelandic starscape is truly out of this world. The secluded retreat offers guests a once in a lifetime stay in an entirely private glass bubble nestled the remote wooded area of this forest near Reykholt, Southern Iceland. From the bubble you can sleep under the vast sea of twinkling stars and if you are lucky get a once in a lifetime view of aurora borealis. The futuristic retreat comprises five transparent ‘bubbles’ – dubbed Una, Asta, Thorunn, Valdis and Maria – dotted across a wild stretch of woodland, located a 90-minute drive from Reykjavík.

Heroic teens, 15, recall moment they jumped into river to save drowning man as his pal was swept to his death

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of heroic teens jumped into a river to save a drowning man as his friend was swept to his death. Ralph Sewell and Jack Staunton, both 15, dived into the River Thames to help the man who had got into difficulty while swimming and failed to resurface. The brave teenagers had been relaxing with a group of friends at Odney Weir in Berkshire on Tuesday when disaster struck. They told of seeing a group of men jumping into deep water in t-shirts and jeans before seemingly being knocked unconscious.

Hundreds of vehicles stage drive-by past home of five year old boy to help him celebrate the end of more than three years of chemotherapy

***EXCLUSIVE*** Five-year-old George Brayley was diagnosed with leukaemia when he was just two and has already had to endure 1,170 days of treatment during his short life. To recognise his bravery, mum, Kelly decided to organise a drive-by of classic cars, trucks and motorcycles outside their home in Barnstaple, Devon. And George rang a bell and watched on as a string of vehicles including classic Minis, high-performance sports cars - and even a Batmobile - drove by. Kelly added: “It’s really heart-warming, because they don’t know George and most of those people would never have seen him, but his story has touched them.

The women who slice open their mouths for love: Tribeswomen cut their lips aged 12 so they can insert clay plates – in bid to attract a husband with the most cows

***EXCLUSIVE*** ETHIOPIA: Meet the tribe where women wear face plates measuring up to twenty-four-inches wide to make themselves more BEAUTIFUL. One picture captured a woman in a floral headdress wearing an impressive 20-inch clay plate whilst another showed a woman's stretched and shrivelled lips after years of wearing the device. Other images show an elderly woman with stretched ear lobes and male members of the tribe keeping lookout from a tree. The snaps were taken by professional photographer, Sarawut Intarob (37) from Wanon Niwat, Thailand.

The manager at one of the UK's oldest cinemas has missed his job so much during lockdown that he has created his own cinema screen - in his GARAGE

***EXCLUSIVE*** Wayne Burns, 50, has been general manager of the 105-year-old Leiston Film Theatre - the oldest purpose-built theatre in Suffolk - for the past 28 years. But since the cinema closed in March due to the coronavirus lockdown, Wayne has been looking for activities to keep busy - and has turned his garage into a nine-seater cinema. The project took Wayne, from Leiston, Suffolk, about a month to complete - and includes red velour stage curtains and wall drapes, gold cinema curtain tassles, and even a popcorn machine.

15-year-old helps fight Covid-19 with wristband that stops you touching your face

A fifteen-year-old entrepreneur from Bristol has developed a new wearable technology aimed at tackling one of the key transmission pathways of Covid-19 - face touching. The device, called a VybPro, is an intelligent wristband which vibrates to alert wearers every time they are about to subconsciously touch their face. The patent-pending VybPro is the brainchild of tech-savvy Max Melia and his mother who came up with the concept two years ago as a way to reduce the spread of cold and flu. Max began developing a working prototype of the VybPro 16 weeks ago when both of his parents were struck down with Coronavirus. Inspired to do all that he could to help protect others - especially key workers, people with health vulnerabilities, commuters and people working in major cities - he devoted all of his spare time to launching his own tech start-up to turn the concept into reality.

A couple who spent 13 years trying for a baby are finally 'besotted' parents - to a tot who was born in the lockdown to a surrogate living in a different country

***EXCLUSIVE*** Georgina Leslie, 44, and fiance Stephen Shaw, 34, had been hoping for a child of their own for more than a decade. But after the heartache of miscarriages and unsuccessful IVF treatment they turned to surrogacy in a final bid to make their dream come true. They had to travel to Prague for embryos to be taken, as Georgina was too old for it to be done in the UK.

ISS Solar Transit

Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States: This composite image, made from six frames, shows the International Space Station, with a crew of five onboard, in silhouette as it transits the Sun at roughly five miles per second, Wednesday, June 24, 2020, from Fredericksburg, Va. Onboard are Expedition 63 NASA astronauts Chris Cassidy, Douglas Hurley, Robert Behnken, and Roscosmos cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner.

Moment that two billigerent buffalos managed to get their heads stuck in each others horns

***EXCLUSIVE*** The images were captured during a fight for dominance between two male African buffalo from the same herd. Dueling on the banks of Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya the two titans can be seen become tangled in each others horns leading to somewhat of a stalemate between them Wildlife documentary filmaker Burak Dogansoysal was on hand to capture the incredible encounter on film.