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Hot at 50

***EXCLUSIVE*** PORI, FINLAND: Meet the ageless mum who gets mistaken for her daughter's SISTER - and admits she has a HOT sex life because of it. PHD researcher, Paivikki Kuoppakangas (52) from the city of Pori, Finland, has always taken pride in her looks but it wasn’t until she reached her fifties that she took an interest in high-intensity interval (HIIT) training and a progressive weight lifting programme with an online personal trainer and fitness programme. Throughout her twenties and thirties she felt effortlessly fit and healthy and despite being a new mum to her daughter, Hannah, who is now 25 years old, and to her older son, David, who is now 16 years old, she was determined to keep in shape but did not actively work on herself. In her mid-forties, she realised she needed to keep her metabolism balanced by taking up workout routines. With some hard work and motivation, she maintained her youthful appearance - and a body that any 20-year-old would be jealous of. Now with a beauty queen daughter who is half her age, she leaves strangers with their jaws on the floor when they find out she is her mum and is often mistaken for her daughter’s sister. She admits that her confidence and youthful appearance have resulted in „hot sex” with her husband, Marco, who is a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Birthmark abuse survivor

***EXCLUSIVE*** ROMANSHORN, SWITZERLAND: This woman says the birthmark that covers half of her face makes people think she is being beaten or ABUSED. Personal trainer, Angie Ziegler (33) from Romanshorn, Switzerland, has always known that her birthmark wasn’t „normal”. As a child, Angie’s parents encouraged her to embrace her unique and special look, but things weren’t quite the same at school. Children would call Angie „red-faced” and ask why she looked like an „Indian” - insensitively likening her look to that of Native Americans. Parents would also comment on the birthmark asking Angie if she had been beaten or mistreated. Aged 18 years-old, Angie decided to undergo laser surgery to remove the birthmark having grown tired of feeling that she wasn’t beautiful. However, the surgery was incredibly painful and Angie abandoned the idea after two sessions - something she’s now grateful. After experiencing rude comments as a child, Angie realised that as an adult, her biggest critic was herself.

Dog befriends duckling

***EXCLUSIVE*** BIRD BRAIN… A duckling sits on top of a dog in a cute series of images showing the pair out enjoying the sunny weather in Winchester, Hants. The German pointer called Meg has become used to the duckling's presence after her owner spotted an abandoned egg close to a path while out walking.  Will Hall from Wincheter took it home to keep it warm where he was able to hatch the duckling. Will, Meg's owner said: "Im thrilled that the dog and the duckling are getting along. To start with Meg was scared of the duckling and would just run away as soon as it came near her. So the fact that she is now letting it be around her is a big relief. She would never go for it, or attack it in anyway."

Storm queen

***EXCLUSIVE*** CARRARA, ITALY: This woman's friends think she's mad after she spent the last five-years chasing storms - at one point coming within metres of a bolt of lightning. In one image, a powerful lightning strike landed in the sea just several-hundred yards off the coast of the small town of Riogmaggiore, Italy. In another, a lightning strike connected with a nearby peak and illuminated the sky with an eerie purple light. Photographer, Elena Salvai (53) from Carrara, Italy, has been chasing storms for five years. Known to others as „the queen of the storm”, Elena travels around the country in an attempt to capture the very best lightning strikes. On average, Italy receives 1,500,000 lightning strikes a year. The north-eastern Friuli region receives more lightning than anywhere else in Europe - around 50 days of lightning a year. Lightning naturally occurs when two electrically charged regions - either in the ground or in the atmosphere - equalise themselves causing an electrostatic release of energy. Lightning subsequently causes the release of thunder - a sound resulting from the sudden increase in pressure to gases surrounding the lightning strike.

Pirate ship hotel

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UK: AYE AYE CAPTAIN: You could be the captain of your own nineteenth-century ship for just Ł47 a night. The nineteenth century sailing ship, De Walvisch, is currently moored within walking distance of the iconic Tower Bridge in London. The owners have bought the vessel back to life and now rent it out as bed and breakfast in the English capital. There are several cabins on board that have double beds, a submarine sink and a porthole. The bathroom facilities are shared by guests on-board. There are no kitchen facilities in the cabin but breakfast is served by the owners on the deckhouse each morning. Located in the heart of London, a mere six-to-eight-minute walk to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London and close to other popular landmarks, this quirky maritime B&B is the perfect place to relax after a busy day in the city. De Walvisch Captain’s Cabin is advertised by HostUnusual, a company dedicated to finding the most unique and extraordinary accommodation around the world. One night in the Captain’s Cabin costs just Ł95 a night, or Ł47.50 per person.

Unique-looking Icelandic horse

***EXCLUSIVE*** A unique-looking Icelandic horse with a black head and white body rests on a small patch of grass.  The animal's multicoloured mane blows around in the wind as it looks around. The extremely rare horse was pictured in the remote and desolate region of Blaskogabyggd in Southern Iceland.

Backyard waterpark

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UK: This family are having no trouble cooling off in Britain’s heatwave, after dad built an incredible waterpark in the back garden. Complete with a 10-foot water slide, a 15-foot long pool, a bouncy castle, a trampoline, a zipline, a seesaw and a treehouse, the adventure playground created by Nick Smith, father of two from Bexley, London will be an oasis over the next few days when temperatures are expected to reach as high as 31°C. Nick says he started constructing the playground during lockdown to appease his kids. But it appears that Nick’s creation has not only prevented nagging, but has also had a profoundly positive effect on his family. With pools and leisure centres not included in the list of public amenities that are re-opening on July 4th, Nick’s back garden may well be the envy of the town as temperatures continue to soar.

Divide and conquer

***EXCLUSIVE*** MASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE, KENYA: Brutal images show the moment two cheetahs surrounded an antelope mother while another three ATE her baby. In one photograph, the 600-kilogram eland mother attempted to charge towards her calf but was blocked-off by two small-but-determined 20-kilogram cheetahs. In another, the five cheetahs gathered to feed on the calf with their blood-soaked fur proving to the eland mother that it was too late. Photographer and paediatrician, Prasanna Raju (40) from Chennai, India, was in the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya when just 50-yards away from his vehicle, an eland-antelope mother and calf unknowingly headed straight towards five adolescent cheetahs. Cheetahs can reach speeds of up to 120-kilometres-per-hour but typically only use this speed in short bursts. They will take advantage of the surrounding vegetation to come within a 50-metre range of their prey and then only reach full-speed once they’ve singled out an individual target. Whilst running at this speed, cheetahs use their tails to help them „steer” and change direction. Impressively, they can move seven-metres in a single stride.

War base manor

***EXCLUSIVE*** ALBRIGHTON, SHROPSHIRE: This grade II listed manor has been home to lords, ladies, and housed over ONE-HUNDRED soldiers during World War II - now it can be yours for Ł1.5m. This stunning grade II listed country house, Bishton Manor, is situated on the eastern fringes of the beautiful Shropshire countryside. The manor is laid out over two floors complete with a drawing room, games room, storage room, dining room, kitchen, pantry, larder, seven bedrooms, and two bathrooms. Set within 15-acres of land, the 6,063 sq. ft. property also comes with a three-floor sandstone outhouse, a pond, and several gardens including a handy kitchen garden. The earliest known occupier of the property was Henry de Bispeston dating the property back to 1221 followed by the Harrington family who lived at Bishton Manor for over 300-years. The Harrington family are thought to have made some renovations in the 16th-century which still exist today. During World War II, the property was used as a base for British and American soldiers. 11 officers lived in the main house whilst over 100 servicemen lived in the service wing. Following the war, Lord Dartmouth gifted the property to his daughter, Lady Diana Legg, who lived there until 1971. Bishton Manor is on the market with Savills for Ł1,500,000.

Bullfrog battle

***EXCLUSIVE*** POLOKWANE, SOUTH AFRICA: These ten-inch male bullfrogs have been caught battling for females in this RARE spectacle that only happens once a year. A dominant male was photographed with its legs in the air as it grabbed the other male by the neck, pulling it off its feet and down under the water. In another image, the same male bit down on his competitor’s leg as the weaker frog tried to make a run towards the safety of the edge of the pool. Photographer, Temujin Johnson (25), from Cape Town, South Africa, was 50-kilometres north of Polokwane, South Africa, when he captured this incredibly rare sight. Just a few feet away from Temujin, a group of 10-inch male African Bullfrogs gathered to establish a breeding pool. African bullfrogs are one of the largest species of frog and males can weigh over four-pounds. Following mating, female bullfrogs can lay up to 4,000 eggs whilst males have been known to eat their offspring. During the dry season, African bullfrogs will hibernate by creating a cocoon out of their mucus. When the rain softens the cocoon, they will know it’s time to emerge. The hibernation period can last up to two years.

A baby girl born without all four limbs due to a rare genetic disorder has left doctors and family members baffled

***EXCLUSIVE*** The visual came out of Sakla village of Sironj Tehsil in Vidisha district on June 26. According to reports, the baby was born with an autosomal recessive congenital disorder, called Tetra-Amelia, characterized by the absence of all four limbs. The video shows a woman holding the baby in her arms.

Thousands of lychees sorted for market

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers sort through thousands of bright red lychee fruit before they are taken to market.  They are transported on the back of motorcycles by the locals who can carry up to 150kg in one trip. The beautiful images were captured in the famous lychee producing region of Luc Ngan district in Bac Giang province, Vietnam. 

Laughing squirrels

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOUTH AFRICA: These pictures of two squirrels tickling each other are sure to make anyone smile. Adorable photos show the two 18-inch-tall rodents as they wrestled below some branches, pounced on one another and rolled around in the sand. In one image it looked like one of them broke down in a fit of giggles after being relentlessly tickled by their opponent. The pictures were taken by photographer, Will Burrard-Lucas (36) from Buckinghamshire, UK. The Imperial College London graduate, who has been a full-time photographer since 2010, shot the scrappy squirrels at the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa.

Korean war in colour

***EXCLUSIVE*** YONYANG, NORTH KOREA: Ghosts of the last time America went to war in Korea have been brought back to life in colour seventy years on. The stunning pictures show ships lined up on the shore at the Battle of Inchon and troops boarding a plane ready for a drop behind enemy lines north of Pyonyang, Korea. Other images show troops trekking through snow during winter and tanks being fired. The mind-blowing pictures have been expertly colourised by electrician Royston Leonard (54) from Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom. Royston digitally paints over the black and white images and mixes his colours on screen.

Hundreds of kg of jute sticks transported

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers sit on vehicles laden with hundreds of kilograms of jute sticks. The men are cocooned on the seats of their brightly coloured bikes by thousands of the plants as they drive the 3 metre-high loads almost 5km to the nearby market.

Turning tables

***EXCLUSIVE*** ZAMBIA: This lioness was left running for her life when the one-thousand-five-hundred-pound buffalo she was planning to have for dinner fought back. Unusual pictures have captured the moment a 285-pound lioness began chasing a buffalo, bit its leg and then ran away after the tables turned. Another picture showed the embarrassed and empty-stomached four-foot-tall lion looking defeated after retreating to safety. The pictures were taken by safari camp manager, Peter Geraerdts (51) from Wassenaar, The Netherlands. The Canon EOS-1D X Mark II-user shot the huge herd at the South Luangwa National Park, Zambia.