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Meet the hot fourth generation pilot who fell in love on a plane, was proposed to on a plane and got married on a landing strip

***EXCLUSIVE*** ATLANTIC BEACH, FLORIDA, USA: In October 2012, pilots, Allison Leeward (27) and Michael Marco (29) from Atlantic Beach, Florida, USA, met for the first time at a fly-in event where they met each other’s parents who told them their families had been friends for a long time. A year later in 2013, they started dating at university after spending time at a big air show called Sun N Fun. Their mutual love of all things aviation came from family ties, as Allison’s great-grandfather, Al Leeward and his brother, Ray, were pilots during the Second World War, whilst Michael’s grandfather, Seymour Marco, was a B-24 pilot in WW2. It turned out Allison’s grandfather and Michael’s father honoured their own fathers by owning and flying WW2 P51s and frequently flew together when Michael and Allison were young children. Their aviation interest strengthened their relationship over the years and on May 4, 2019, the couple decided to go on a seaplane flying lesson on a beautiful blue-sky day. After flying for a while and Allison’s successful landings on water, they floated in the river to talk and Michael pulled out a little velvet box and asked her to marry him. They had both hoped to have an aviation-themed wedding, so following 10 months of careful planning, they got married on February 24, 2020, at Leeward Air Ranch which is a fly-in community that was built by Allison’s father and grandfather in 1980. Allison flew in on a DHC-2 De Havilland Beaver amphibious seaplane, which was piloted by Michael’s father, David, and her own father, Dirk. The entire venue was next to an aeroplane runway and was attended by 100 guests.


Meet the tribe where members must wear traditional clothing and penis sheaths or risk being cast out from their community

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDONESIA: Fascinating photos have captured a woman adorned in traditional clothing, an elderly tribesman sticking his tongue out for the camera and a man parading his enormous two-foot animal tail penis sheath. Another image showed a child in a headdress resting against a tree. The striking shots were snapped by professional photographer, Rarindra Prakarsa (48) from Jakarta, Indonesia. The Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Sony Alpha 7 user has visited the Dani, who live near to the small town of Wamena, Indonesia annually over the last three years.

If you really love the color PINK, this is the Airbnb for you

***EXCLUSIVE*** ESSEX, UK: This pink, glitter and gold covered house was featured in a Little Mix video - and now you can stay there for just Ł80 a night. Eaton House Studio, situated in the rural village Tiptree in Essex, is the brainchild of the artist owner, Amy Griffith. The house is described as an „art piece that is constantly evolving” and comprises of six bedrooms with extra beds provided upon request. The house also has a wet room, reception area, two large lounges, kitchen, three bar areas, a hot tub, studio space, barbeque area and on-site parking. The flamboyant mansion, known as „The Pink House”, is the perfect place to stay for large groups as up to 30 people can sleep at the house. The pink paradise has been visited by several famous guests including the singer Iggy Azalea. The property was also the setting for Little Mix’s video shoot for their song „Bounce Bank”. The house has several rooms with three separate bars to spend your time in. You can take your pick from the Fireman bar, the Saloon and the „fairytale grotto” garden. With glitter and extravagance covering nearly every inch of this outrageous house, Eaton House Studio is a place where you can party the night away. There is an entertainment room with a pool table but if you really want to party, you can control the lighting in the house and create your very own disco. Eaton House Studio is advertised by HostUnusual, a company dedicated to finding the world’s most extraordinary accommodation. One night in pink paradise starts at Ł2,400 a night or Ł80 a night if the maximum thirty people pitched in.

Polyamorous throuple hits back at cruel trolls

***EXCLUSIVE*** PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA: Trolls have told this polyamorous triad that their relationship disrespects GOD and that they are going to HELL. Insurance supervisor, Shayla Oliphant (26), from Phoenix, Arizona, met senior driver, James Bolden (28), from Memphis, Tennessee, in high school. The two dated for a while before drifting apart but then resumed the relationship in 2015. After four years of dating, the couple decided to switch things up and spoke about extending the relationship. The two met manager trainee, Shantay Nelson (30) also from Phoenix, Arizona, and the group began their life as a triad in 2019. The triad has never been happier, yet navigating a polyamorous relationship isn’t without its struggles. Whilst James receives pats on the back and comments like, „your life must be awesome”, Shayla and Shantay are constantly quizzed on how they deal with jealousy. It’s something the trio have learnt to navigate through good communication - holding each other in equal regard and regularly checking in on each other’s feelings. Online trolls have remarked that the triad will „go to hell” but even hateful comments cannot rattle their deep connection to each other. The triad’s families were unsure at first about the idea of the relationship but soon after saw how happy the throuple was. A similar sentiment is felt on the triad’s social media pages where people have been inspired by the group to experiment in their own relationships.

Woman who spent 20 hours a day in bed with condition that turned her ligaments into 'chewing gum' becomes a pilates instructor

***EXCLUSIVE*** Leanne Fennell, 39, suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome - a condition that affects the body's connective tissue, leading to weak joints and stretchy skin. At her worst, Leanne was forced to spend 20 hours a day in bed because she was in so much pain, and almost ended up in a wheelchair. But four years ago she found therapy in pilates and is back to her old self, and has even become an instructor to help others battling the condition. Leanne said: "It's a genetic condition so I've had it all my life, it's a connective tissue disease. "People who have solid joints have ones like superglue, but mine are very relaxed - my shoulders feel like they're hanging out all the time, my ligaments are like chewing gum. "It results in lots of dislocations, and lots of issues with my skin being too flexible." Leanne was diagnosed with the syndrome at 35, after years of suffering from dislocations and almost constant pain.

An 80-year-old man has completed a Cpt Tom-esque walking challenge to raise money for the hospital where his poorly great-granddaughter is being treated

***EXCLUSIVE*** Determined Terry Jacobs has used a Zimmer frame to walk 5km around a car park at the end of his street while doing his daily exercise during the coronavirus lockdown.  The money raised is being donated to Sheffield Children‚Äôs Hospital, where his great-granddaughter has been treated since she was born 12 weeks premature. Little Esmae Walker, now three, had life-saving surgery at four days old after being diagnosed with a serious illness known as necrotising enterocolitis.

A super-drone that can crawl, climb and glide could be on the horizon... based on flying snakes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Scientists have worked out how the unusual reptiles stay airborne - travelling for hundreds of feet across the rainforest. The US team used Hollywood style high-speed motion capture cameras to get to the bottom of a phenomenon that has puzzled experts for decades. They filmed the Paradise tree snake in action - then created computer simulations. The technique came to prominence in the Lord of the Rings films.

Two friendly whales allowed a group of people to pet them

***EXCLUSIVE*** MEXICO: Footage shows the incredible moment two friendly whales allowed a group of whale watchers to pet them in the wild. In a video taken in San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California Sur, Mexico, the mother and calf allowed a group of whale spotters to splash them with water and even stroke them. The playful gray whales which can weigh up to 40 tons can be seen raising their heads above the water, encouraging those onboard the small vessel to shower them with affection, quite literally. The gray whales had travelled on an epic migration from the arctic of Alaska, down to the lagoons of Baja California to mate and give birth to their young.

Live like a time lord in this manor house that featured in the BBC Doctor Who TV series for just £1.65m

***EXCLUSIVE*** CARDIFF, WALES: Vaendre Hall, on the outskirts of Cardiff, Wales, is an impressive Victorian grade II listed manor house which dates back to the 19th century. The property was the former home of members of the John Cory family who were philanthropists and renowned coal merchants and one of Wales’s richest families. The manor house was used as a filming location for the 2014 Christmas episode of Doctor Who which was watched by 8.28 million members of the British public. The living room, bedroom and grounds were used to film scenes for the 10th Doctor Who Christmas Special starring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. The Victorian mansion boasts seven bedrooms, two bathrooms, a grand reception hall, drawing room, living room, dining room, breakfast room, study, kitchen, housekeepers’ room, a cellar and attic rooms. There are also several outbuildings including Gate Keepers Lodge and a coach house set on the four acres of land that surrounds the hall. Both outbuildings could be used as additional accommodation. The property has retained many of its original features with its decorative corniced ceilings, gargoyle statues and Welsh slate roof. It is currently on the market with Herbert R Thomas for Ł1.65m.

Floating ping pong

***EXCLUSIVE*** NAIROBI, KENYA: Footage captures the amazing moment this ping pong maestro nails a crazy trick shot. In the video, a ping pong ball can be seen floating in mid-air propelled by a jet of air. Despite the ball being in a state of constant motion, ping pong trick shot master, Alikhan Kazia (21) from Nairobi, Kenya, manages to hit a first ball into the floating ball which then flies through the middle of a roll of tape with astonishing accuracy. But Alikhan and cameraman, Taheer Alibhai (22), are no strangers to ping pong trick shots, setting up their Instagram page PongMastersKE two years ago to demonstrate their awesome skills.

An 18th Century estate with a 15-bedroom mansion including a gym and more than 200 acres of grounds is on sale - for less than the price of as a three-bed flat in London

***EXCLUSIVE*** An 18th Century estate with a 15-bedroom mansion including a gym and more than 200 acres of grounds is on sale - for less than the price of as a three-bed flat in London. The Straloch House Estate, near Aberdeen, has an immaculate Georgian mansion house at the centre of 244 acres of land, including a waterfall and a covered hot tub. Much of the grounds are landscaped parkland with ornamental features but it also has woodland and an area for grazing animals. Straloch House was built around 1780, and has 15 bedrooms, three living rooms and a detached laundry room.

Wildebeest escapes killer croc

***EXCLUSIVE*** TANZANIA: Remarkable footage shows the incredible moment a wildebeest has a very lucky escape from a crocodile. In a video taken from the banks of the Mara river in Tanzania, a 500 pound wildebeest is a matter of millimetres away from being lunch for a 1500 pound Nile crocodile, but somehow just does enough to escape the grasp of the dangerous reptile. According to the photographer, hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebras migrate in a loop from Tanzania to Kenya each year but have to cross the Mara river which is infested with these snapping monsters. Inevitably, many of these travelling animals meet a grim fate in these dangerous waters.

Angry Birds: feeling peckish - The birds exchange blows

***EXCLUSIVE*** NORWAY: Flapping About: As the largest in Europe and brave symbolism, is their a bird mightier than the eagle? This photographer has snapped two eagles in an epic battle sixty-five-feet above Norway. Action packed photos show the two three-foot-tall white-tailed eagles with a wingspan of eight foot as they battled it out for territory above the crystal clear waters of Midfjorden. In another picture we see the 20-year-old victor soaring across his patch of water after he had claimed it as his own. The feathery fight was shot by wildlife photographer, Roger Brendhagen (51) from Oslo, Norway. The scrappy birds were captured at Redkal, Norway, on a Nikon D5 DSLR with a 600mm lens.