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Woman marries convicted rapist serving 80-year sentence after becoming pen pals

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman married a convicted rapist who has served more than half of an 80-year sentence after becoming his prison pen pal and taking up his fight for freedom. Ashleigh Long, 34, has never met husband Ronnie Long, 64, outside prison walls, but the pair struck up a relationship when she wrote to him after studying his case during a criminal justice degree. He has always maintained he was wrongfully convicted and Ashleigh has spent the last seven years lobbying for his release. Ashleigh, from Durham in North Carolina, said: ‘I knew immediately that he was innocent.’

Florida company wants to fly passengers to the edge of space in a giant balloon

A Florida-based company wants to take adventurous travellers to the very edge of space in giant balloons. Space Perspective plans to provide rides with eight passengers and a flight crew in a pressurised capsule suspended beneath a hydrogen-filled balloon the size of a football stadium, the firm announced last week. The company said it plans for the Pacific Spaceport Complex in Kodiak, Alaska to serve as one of the launch sites for the vehicle, called the Spaceship Neptune. Mark Lester, CEO of Alaska Aerospace Corp., said the high-altitude rides will be available from Kodiak in a few years. Each passenger could pay an estimated £125,000 for a six-hour journey.  The opportunity will support tourism in Alaska among other economic benefits, Lester said. „You will have people from around the world who want to come to Alaska and see the northern lights from the edge of space” he said. „It will be an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime thing”. Once passengers board the flights, they will embark on a six-hour journey to the edge of space and safely back, where only 20 people have been before. It will carry people and research payloads on a two-hour gentle ascent above 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere to 100,000 feet, where it cruises above the Earth for up to two hours allowing passengers to share their experience via social media and with their fellow explorers. Neptune then makes a two-hour descent under the balloon and splashes down, where a ship retrieves the passengers, the capsule, and the balloon. The vehicle is intended to provide the only „near-zero emissions” path to the doorstep of space.

Space Odyssey space suit to be auctioned

Los Angeles, California, United States: A Space Odyssey Space Suit with iconic helmet is to be auctioned at Julien’s Auctions HOLLYWOOD: LEGENDS & EXPLORERS sale to take place on Friday, July 17th - Saturday, July 18th, 2020 at Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills. The highlight of the auction is one of the most iconic space suits from the Hollywood science fiction masterpiece that captured the imagination of filmgoers unlike any before: Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. This spacesuit, which has been in controlled storage for the past two decades since it was first purchased at auction in 1999, has an estimate of $200,000 to $300,000. The suit features a helmet that was repainted throughout production for many scenes, and is believed to have been worn by the film’s star, Keir Dullea, as mission pilot and scientist Dr. David Bowman, as one layer of paint is the iconic green, only worn in the film by Dullea in the most memorable scene in the film. The near complete spacesuit, also worn by different actors in many scenes throughout the film, comes with the MGM shipping crate, boots and helmet. The helmet features four distinct layers of paint (a base of color of one or more layers of white, then green, then yellow, and lastly in its present color of white), indicating that it was used in different scenes by multiple actors and representing a number of characters. Most notably, the helmet’s base green layer of paint seen in chips, cracks, and green overspray that this is the green helmet worn by Dullea in one of the most famous science fiction scenes of all time, when his character Dr. Bowman reenters the antechamber of the Discovery ship leading to the „brain room” and logic center to „kill”.

A man quests to bring the pub to him during lockdown, complete with an incredible Jack Daniels water feature

***EXCLUSIVE*** Steve Sweet, 55 has been working on creating his own personal pub for a while now but has utilised his time in lockdown to finally finish his dream of his own personal boozer at his home in Uxbridge, West London. The converted shed takes on the appearance of a bar complete with beer on draft, bar snacks, music and a dart board. The stand out feature of Steve’s bar is the stunning fountain that is made of Jack Daniels bottles and features a functioning WATERFALL.

Doctors in India reattached a truck driver’s hand which had got severed in an accident

***EXCLUSIVE*** Truck driver Tanmay Das (24), was driving at Salboni village in Medinapur district of West Bengal, India, on June 1, when another truck came from the side and struck his vehicle, severing his hand a couple of inches below the wrist.  Fortunately, one of the villagers picked up the severed hand and placed in a bag of crushed ice, and along with his family rushed him to Kalinga Hospital, Bhuabaneshwar in neighbouring state of Odisha, around 360 kilometers away., where doctors worked to re-attach the hand.  The surgery was a success, and the patient is now able to do mild physiotherapy by himself like squeezing a ball.

An extremely rare 12th century coin found by a metal detectorist is set to be auctioned off with a valuation of £6,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The silver penny unearthed in Yorkshire is from a forgotten period of British history known as 'the Anarchy', during in-fighting between the grandchildren of William the Conqueror. It was discovered in a Yorkshire field on March 12, dating from around AD 1148 to 1152 when a civil war raged over the right to rule England.During this time of turmoil, a brief window in crown authority allowed local noblemen to start issuing coins in their own likeness, rather than the king. As a result of this time of chaos, the coin was minted depicting an obscure Yorkshire Baron rather than the ruling King Stephen.

Woman reunited with pet cat 12 years after he went missing thanks to microchipping

***EXCLUSIVE*** Vicky Swainson had long since up hope of being reunited with her pet cat Gucci who went missing during a house move 12-years ago. Vicky was aged 19 when her beloved pet disappeared on the day her family was moving from Gildersome to Morley in July 2008. On Friday June 19 - almost 12 years after he disappeared - the microchip led to Gucci being reunited with Vicky.

This awesome footage shows a stuntman and his dog performing a mind boggling routine

***EXCLUSIVE*** The video shows Christian Stoninev and his 2-year -old dog Milo practicing an intricately choreographed routine in their back garden in Las Vegas, Nevada. The video shows the tiny puppy balancing on his owners feet mid-hand stand, walking across basketballs and even performing a spinning trick shot in a tiny basketball net. Christian Stoinev is known for his NBA halftime routines where he performs choreographed routines with his talented dog Percy, 7. Based on this footage it may well be time for tiny Milo’s turn in the spotlight.

Astronomers may have seen light from two smaller black holes that merged to form new Black Hole

In a first, astronomers may have seen light from two smaller black holes that may have merged together to form a new black hole. Announced 25 June, astronomers believe the merger could provide opportunities to learn about these mysterious dark objects. When two black holes spiral around each other and ultimately collide, they send out gravitational waves - ripples in space and time that can be detected with extremely sensitive instruments on Earth. Since black holes and black hole mergers are completely dark, these events are invisible to telescopes and other light-detecting instruments used by astronomers. However, theorists have come up with ideas about how a black hole merger could produce a light signal by causing nearby material to radiate. Now, scientists using Caltech's Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF) located at Palomar Observatory near San Diego may have spotted what could be just such a scenario. If confirmed, it would be the first known light flare from a pair of colliding black holes. The merger was identified on May 21, 2019, by two gravitational wave detectors - the National Science Foundation's Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory.

360º immersive experience pays homage to Claude Monet

A new 360º display that pays homage to Claude Monet is set to open to the public in France. Berlin artist Yadegar Asisi's new cylindrical artwork is an immersive experience suffused with colour, light and shadow. „The Cathedral of Monet - The Hope of Modernity” will be the highlight of this year’s Normandy Impressionism, and can be viewed at the Panorama XXL exhibition centre until late 2021. Its premiere takes place in Rouen, France on 4 July 2020. At 32 metres in height and more than 100 metres in circumference, this artwork is Yadegar Asisi’s depiction of the advances made in painting during the Impressionist era. He drew inspiration from Claude Monet’s Rouen Cathedral series, which was painted between 1892 and 1894. For this piece, Asisi started by painting the cathedral square and its surrounding houses as they looked during the Belle poque period based on historical photographs. He then created the Impressioniststyle panorama. Made entirely using oil painting techniques, Asisi explores the effect of light on the architecture and its surroundings.