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Boy, five, with prosthetic legs walks SIX MILES in 30 days and raises £1m for hospital that saved his life

***EXCLUSIVE*** A five-year-old boy with two prosthetic legs has completed a heroic walking challenge and raised more than £1 million for the NHS hospital that saved his life. Tony Hudgell had to have both his legs amputated in 2017 as a result of abuse suffered at the hands of his birth parents. He set out to raise £500 for the hospital that saved his life by walking 10km in 30 days. But his incredible efforts captured the hearts of tens of thousands of people, with a staggering £1,073,121 raised for Evelina London Children's Hospital in just a month. Tony has had to relearn how to walk on his new prosthetic legs but was determined to follow in the footsteps of his hero Captain Tom Moore. He hugged his adoptive parents Paula and Mark Hudgell as he crossed the finish line in his home town of West Malling in Kent on Tuesday afternoon after completing his challenge. They were joined by friends, family and hospital staff to celebrate Tony's achievement.

NASA combats Covid-19 with a necklace that vibrates when you touch your face

NASA has set out to invent a solution to stop touching our faces amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Jet Propulsion Lab has designed a 3D printable necklace that vibrates when the wearer’s hands are too close to their face. Called PULSE, the device uses an infrared proximity sensory with up to 12 inches of range and once motion is detected, a small vibration motor inside is activated. ''Designed to be reproduced by anyone with simple maker skills, this low-cost, wearable device can help stop the spread of infection and keep us healthy,' states a press release. The group also notes that this device is not made to take the place of masks or respirators, but is toe be used „side-by-side with existing efforts”. PULSE is a small device work around the neck, equip with an infrared sensor to determine where the person’s hands are positioned. A coin-sized vibration motor is placed in the plastic casing, along with a 3V battery and holder. The pendant is worn six to 12 inches below the chin and attached to an 18 to 24 inch necklace.

Grandfather, 57, makes 'miracle' recovery after he battled coronavirus for 65 days and spent six weeks in a coma as his weight plummeted to just NINE stone

***EXCLUSIVE*** A grandfather who was just hours from death when his weight plummeted to nine stone during a 65 day battle with coronavirus has defied medics to make a 'miracle' recovery. Victor McCleary, 57, spent six weeks in a coma after being struck down with the killer virus which left him unable to eat or breathe for himself. His family were told to say their final goodbyes after being told it was unlikely he would survive the disease as he 'literally withered away' in hospital. The 15 stone construction worker was left just 'skin and bone' after he dropped six stone during his 11 week stint in hospital as nurses fed him through a tube. During this time, his fiancée Helen Madden, 55, also lost her father, John, to the disease and feared the worst for her partner as he lay in intensive care. But incredibly, Mr McCleary's condition miraculously improved thanks to the tireless efforts of NHS staff at Worcestershire Royal Hospital who cared for him around the clock. After a total of 65 days in hospital - during which time he had to learn how to sit, stand and walk again - he was finally discharged and sent home on June 9.

Drummer without arms

***EXCLUSIVE*** This awesome drummer is proving that his disability won't hold him back after learning to master the drums - despite being born without arms and only one leg. Despite being born with no lower arms and a right leg that required amputation, 28-year-old Cornel Munn is certainly making no excuses when it comes to realising his potential. Playing both the drums and the bass guitar for over fifteen years, he has adapted remarkably well to perform at a level many budding musicians could only dream of. Yet his path to success has been far from a straightforward one. Born in Romania in 1991, Cornel was placed into an orphanage by doctors at a very young age as he was not expected to live past infancy. However, his fortunes changed when he was brought to the UK by British aid workers, Doreen and Ken Munn. Originally arriving in England for life-changing surgery on his leg, the kind-hearted couple ended up adopting Cornel, with the blessing of his biological parents who desperately wanted the best for their son. Settling in his hometown of Worcester, Cornel has gone from strength to strength, earning a place at Oxford University in 2010 to study Philosophy and Theology and more recently getting married to his wife Jasmine in 2017. His talent behind the kit has seen him play in the house band for the Channel 4 show The Last Leg as well as spending time as a touring musician across Europe, something he is eager to pursue further when it is safe again to do so. Outside of music, he also works as a disability access professional for the local government. But Cornel wants to make sure that his achievements are recognised on their own merit and not as a result of his disabilities.

House that was once home to Lord Byron’s only legitimate child and comes with a working mill could be yours for just £3.5m

***EXCLUSIVE*** SURREY, UK: This beautiful house that was once home to Lord Byron’s only legitimate child and comes with a working mill could be yours for just Ł3.5m. Ockham Mill, in Ripley, Surrey, is a grade II listed former mill house that has been lovingly renovated and modernised. The former mill house lies on the River Wey and once formed part of the Ockham Estate of William King, 8th Lord King, who inherited the family home. He married Ada Byron, the only legitimate child of the British poet Lord Byron, who moved into Ockham Estate with King. Byron wrote a poem about his daughter Ada after he moved abroad and left Ada’s mother. Ada became known in her own right as one of the first people to recognise the full potential of computers and has been regarded as one of the first computer programmers. The mill house comprises six bedrooms, two of which are suites, three additional shower rooms, an entrance hall, study/home office, mill room, wheel room, sitting room, dining room, sun room, kitchen, pantry, utility room and cellar. The outbuildings include the garage, carport, studio, wood store, summer house, tea house and tool shed. The water wheel operated until the 1920s and the original water wheel can still be seen in the wheel room. Set in 2.5 acres, Ockham Mill is surrounded by beautiful gardens, grounds, a lake and five islands that are accessible by bridge. It is currently on the market with House Partnership for Ł3.5m.

Black Photographers Matter

***EXCLUSIVE*** USA: Over eighty black photographers have shared their work in a bid to support Black Lives Matter - and they've already raised over two-hundred-thousand pounds. Striking photos showed a placard amongst a group of protestors that said 'stop killing black people' and a beautiful matriarch mourning her dead husband. Another eye-catching photo captured a man with his hands up casting a shadow over a New York Police Department door, which is locked shut with some rubbish tied to the handle. The See in Black Collective was formed in June 2020 to celebrate black photographers and their subjects, all money going to black causes. So far, they have raised over Ł203,000 ($250,000 dollars). All proceeds from their two-week print sale, which started on Friday 19 June, 2020, will go towards supporting civil rights, community building, criminal justice reform, education and the arts, and intersectionality.

Cuckoo wasps that lived alongside dinosaurs 99 million years ago were metallic green just like they are today, extremely well-preserved insects trapped in amber reveal

***EXCLUSIVE*** The true colour of insects who lived along dinosaurs 100 million years ago has been revealed. Researchers discovered a „treasure trove” of fossilised insects that were preserved in amber for 99 million years - and have kept their true colours. Most fossils lose their colour over time and any structural clues are not preserved, which is why most reconstructions are based on artists’ imagination.

A young pioneer in the fight against plastic pollution on beaches has been honoured - with a Diana Award

***EXCLUSIVE*** Emily Stevenson, 23, has organised more than 100 community beach cleans along the North Cornwall coastline, engaging with around 6,500 volunteers. She co-founded the group Beach Guardian with her dad Rob in 2017 and has visited more than 70 primary schools around the UK, raising awareness of the impacts of plastic pollution with more than 10,000 school children. The award also recognised the impact Emily has made as a campaigner. When she graduated as a marine biologist, she wore a dress made entirely of discarded Walkers Crisp packets. The company eventually pledged to make all packaging environmentally friendly by 2025.

Bear cub appears to boogie

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bear cub shows off his paw-fect moves by getting up on his hind legs to do a woodland dance. The brown bear wowed a wildlife photographer by emerging from the undergrowth, rearing up and starting to shimmy and hand jive.

Flyboarding face plant

***EXCLUSIVE*** DUBAI, UAE: Footage has captured the hilarious moment a woman body slammed face-first into the water after attempting to flyboard.  In the video taken at the Dubai Marina, 40-year-old Greek lifestyle Instagram star, Gianna Papadopoulou, can be seen quickly ascending to a height of over 25-feet before crashing face-first into the water below, narrowly missing the tow boat. In fact, the driver of the boat can be seen diving into the water at the sight of her hurtling towards him. For many that would be enough to keep their feet firmly on dry ground. But Gianna has no intentions to do that.

This eight-hundred-pound crocodile was filmed smashing a huge watermelon

***EXCLUSIVE*** FLORIDA, USA: Croc-Stopper: This eight-hundred-pound crocodile was filmed smashing a huge watermelon between it's jaws as an onlooker compared it to a human head. A video shows a leucistic alligator as it growled and split a watermelon into pieces with the sheer force of its mouth. Seconds later, the footage captured an onlooker as he joked 'do you think he could do that to my head?' The encounter was shot in Orlando, Florida, by crocodile enrichment co-ordinator, Savannah Boan (48), also from Orlando. Feros (33), the male 11-foot-long crocodile, has leucism, which means it lacks complete pigmentation, and looked very pale next to the six-inch wide watermelon.