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A pet owner has made dozens of miniature real-life sets including Hogwarts and Coronation Street - for her HAMSTER

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pet owner has made dozens of miniature real-life sets including Hogwarts and Coronation Street - for her HAMSTER. Lisa Murray-Lang, 44, used cardboard boxes and dolls furniture to recreate iconic scenes for her Syrian Hamster, Spud, to explore.  She hand-crafted every element - including tiny bar stools and hamster-themed artwork on the walls.  Lisa - who used to be a graphic designer - also used her computing skills to tweak the logos - turning the pub from Coronation Street The Rovers Return into the ‘Rodent’s Return’ and Hogwarts into ‘Hamwarts’.

Vase spotted under a table sells for THOUSANDS at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A vase spotted under a table by an antiques expert soared to a five-figure sum at auction – much to the amazement of its seller. The colourful vase was seen languishing on the landing at a house in Richmond, London, by Chris Kirkham, associate director of auction house Hansons London. He’d been called in to see if any house clearance items might be of value - and immediately recognised the object was by celebrated 19 th century French art potter Théodore Deck. It sparked a bidding war when it went under the hammer at Hansons London (June 27), finally selling to a private European buyer for a hammer price of £10,000. With the addition of buyer’s premium and VAT, the total price paid was £13,000.

A super-fit university graduate chose to have his own leg amputated after a suspected sporting injury turned out to be a rare form of bone cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jamie Hancock, 23, thought the pain in his lower left leg was due to overworking in the gym, but went for an x-ray when it got worse during a strenous hiking trip. Tests revealed Jamie had a 12cm tumour - the size of a grapefruit - in his lower leg. He started chemotherapy in a bid to shrink the tumour - but was told to decide between a fused ankle and 18 months in plaster, or an amputation below the knee.

Finalists of 2020 competition to make prom attire out of Duck Brand Duct Tape

United States: These amazing prom outfits have been made from - sticky tape. Despite the coronavirus lockdown putting a halt to traditional end of school year dances, the Duck Brand's 20th Annual Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest is going ahead, and these are among the finalists. The company is giving away $20,000 in cash scholarships to high school students who make the best prom attire out of Duck Brand Duct Tape. While many teens missed out on the opportunity to attend their prom in person this year, it didn't stop them from getting their creative juices flowing to enter the contest. Duck Brand say: „In fact, despite the unusual circumstances surrounding this year's contest, the company received a near record high of 355 dress and tux entries, which were all reviewed by a panel of judges to determine the top 10 finalists - five dresses and five tuxes.”

A pristine 1958 Austin A-35 that has not been driven in nearly 50 years is set to bring thousands at auction - after it was unearthed during a "time warp" house clearance

***EXCLUSIVE*** The stunning two-door classic car - which does not even have a seatbelt as it was made before they became compulsory - is expected bring at least £3-5,000. Around 280,000 of the A35s were made by Austin between 1956 and 1968 and the two door saloon version had a top speed of 72 mph. It is believed to have sat with the keys in the ignition since 1973 and is in "mint condition", auctioneers said. The motor was unearthed by Carl Vince, owner of Prestige Auctions, during a house clearance and will go under the hammer this weekend. It was among a "treasure trove" of rare items which will also be up for auction over Saturday and Sunday in Grimsby, Lincs.

A student ran 30 marathons in 30 days - raising nearly £20,000 in memory of his best friend who died from heart disease aged just 20 years old

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mark McGuire, 22, finished his mammoth challenge on Tuesday afternoon. The sports science student, who studies at the University of Stirling, vowed to complete the 1,266km total during June. He finished the day before the two-year anniversary of his best friend, Ben Forsyth, who died on July 1 2018, from heart disease.

An insane troop of skydivers who free fall in the fading light leaving a trail of sparks in their wake in the skies over Texas

***EXCLUSIVE*** This stunning footage shows an insane troop of skydivers who free fall in the fading light leaving a trail of sparks in their wake. The beautiful footage was captured at Skydive Spaceland in Rosharon Texas in June 2020. Mark Wallace, a skydive instructor and 16 of his close friends, took off with LED’s equipped to their bodies and Pyrotechnics on their feet. Ascending to 10,000 feet shortly after dusk the video shows the group leaping from the aircraft as the fiery sparks erupt from their feet, the colour pops against the fading light leading to one of the most visually stunning Skydives ever captured on film.

Children were left "screaming in pain" after being stung by toxic caterpillars while playing in a park

***EXCLUSIVE*** Children were left "screaming in pain" after being stung by toxic caterpillars while playing in a park. Mum-of-two Caroline Berry and her two children developed a painful rash after they came into contact with the poisonous tiny hairs which cover the bug's' bodies.  The Council has told residents to stay on the lookout for the insects, the juvenile form of oak processionary moths, on Tugmutton Common, near Bromley, south London. The species, not native to the UK, was accidentally introduced in 2005. The government has since been trying to stop the spread.

NASA‘s Human Landing System (HLS) Program recently launched a contest to help it design a toilet that can be used on the moon

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ahead of the space agency's goal of sending astronauts back to the moon by 2024, it has launched “NASA's Lunar Loo Challenge”. The guidelines note that a toilet should be able to support a crew of two astronauts for 14 days with a turnaround time of five minutes or less between uses, be easy to clean and allow for the transfer of the collected waste to storage or for disposal outside the vehicle. NASA also notes that it must use less than 70 watts of power, make less noise than an average bathroom fan and weigh less than 33 pounds on Earth while less than 12 cubic meters in volume. The deadline for submissions on HeroX will be August 17 and winners will be announced sometime in October.

The first underwater Aboriginal sites have been discovered off Australia, dating back thousands of years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aboriginal artefacts discovered off the Pilbara coast in Western Australia represent Australia's oldest known underwater archaeology.  The sites date back to when the current seabed was dry land.  They were discovered through a series of surveys in the Dampier Archipelago.

Dancing in lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Somerset based photographer Len Copland took the pictures of many of the young dancers who have been prevented from going to classes over the 100 days of lockdown - but have kept up their practice in their gardens and homes.

Ineos Grenadier has been revealed — the spirit of Defender reborn

***EXCLUSIVE*** You’re one of the richest people in England and a fan of the no-frills nature of the original Land Rover Defender. So much so that when Jaguar Land Rover killed it off you tried to buy the rights to build it. They said no. Fear not, you’ve got £12.5bn hanging around and you're sat in London's Grenadier pub coming up with a plan to create your own vehicle and a car company to build it. That’s exactly what Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the fifth richest man in England has done with the Ineos Grenadier and these are the very first pictures of it. Ratcliffe, who is the chairman of the multinational Ineos Group chemicals company, expected Land Rover to make the new Defender more upmarket and decided he wanted to build a vehicle that would be a no-nonsense 4x4 that can be sold around the world, much like the original Defender was.He even took Land Rover to court when they tried to trademark the original design. Ratcliffe won.