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This adorable TikTok-famous doggy is using lockdown to catch up on all her favourite shows

***EXCLUSIVE*** JAPAN: Hilarious footage shows the Toy Poodle sitting on a bean bag enjoying the very appropriate Life Of Pets movie without a care in the world. At one point, she even gives a sideways glance to the camera as if to ask why she is being interrupted during the film. The immaculately manicured dog named Panna is an internet sensation in her native Japan, amassing over four million followers on TikTok and 110,000 followers on Instagram - it is certainly not hard to see why this is the case. Dressed in a wonderful red sweater reading „Dentist’s Appointment”, this youngster is the epitome of cuteness and is quite possibly the most photogenic dog on the planet.

€1bn of ISIS-made drugs used to fund terror seized in Italy in world’s biggest ever amphetamine bust

Italian cops have seized €1bn worth of drugs believed to have been produced by ISIS to help fund terror attacks across the globe. Military police discovered 14 tonnes of amphetamines destined for Europe's streets stashed inside cylinders in three shipping containers. Police Colonel Domenico Napolitano called the discovery of 85 million pills, in the southern port of Salerno, the biggest amphetamine seizure ever.

World's first transparent face mask features self sanitisation technology

A company has made the world’s first UV powered „smart” face mask that can clean itself. Featuring an aerospace grade HEPA filter, 100% reusable and recyclable materials, and a minimal transparent design, the LEAF Mask offers high performance filtration against dangerous airborne viruses and pollutants. In addition to the N99+ HEPA filter, which means it blocks 99.99997% 0.3 micron particles, the LEAF Mask also features self-sanitising technology to destroy bacteria and viruses at the push of a button using clinically proven UV-C sterilising technology.  This destroys bacteria and viruses, making it safer than paper and fabric masks. The active UV sterilisation of the filters also allows them to be used for up to one month, resulting in less waste and damage to our environment. The exterior of the mask is also treated with a hydrophobic and anti-microbial nanocoating that destroys 99.99% of microbes it comes into contact with and means water droplets slide right off.

Glamping helipod

***EXCLUSIVE*** SKEGNESS, UK: This helicopter has been renovated into a glamping pod and you can stay the night for just Ł25. The 20-foot long Lynx military helipod was formerly a British multi-purpose twin-engined military helicopter and has been completely transformed into a glamping spot. The helipod is located at RAF Wainfleet in Friskney near Skegness, UK, where the Dambusters trained during the Second World War. Inside the military glamping pod is a soft bed, a TV with a DVD player and a mini fridge. The helipod also has underfloor heating for the colder evenings as well as a furnished garden with a firepit to relax in. A communal games room with darts, pool and table tennis is onsite. The camouflaged campsite is close to East Kirkby Aviation Heritage Centre and RAF Coningsby. Skegness, the British seaside town, is a short 10mile drive away from RAF Wainfleet as well as the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park and Skegness Aquarium. This helipod is as close as we can get to flying at the moment with travel restrictions still imposed in most countries due to coronavirus. Glamping Helipod is advertised by HostUnusual, a company dedicated to finding the most extraordinary accommodation across the world. For Ł50 a night, a couple could stay for just Ł25 each.

A tricky engagement

***EXCLUSIVE*** USA: Incredible footage has captured the moment a man lands an impossible trick shot before popping the big question. Sitting blindfolded on a chair, 28-year-old Samuel Grubbs managed to land a seemingly impossible trick shot, firstly catching a ball of paper blindly over his shoulder before throwing a second ball over his head into a bin some 30-feet across the room. But that wasn’t all he landed, as he then rushed over to his unsuspecting girlfriend, also blindfolded, asking her to marry him. Luckily she said yes, to the delight of their friends crowded around. With almost five million fans on TikTok alone, we can certainly expect a whole load more tricks from Sam, but it is safe to say that none of them will be as special as this one.

Stunning Icelandic landscapes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aerial photos showcase the stunning landscape conjured up by Iceland's glaciers. When viewed from the air, the patterns and textures make the land look, in turn, as if it has been painted by a master or is a molecule being viewed under a microscope. Amateur photographer Michal Zielinski captured the images by flying a drone over the ice-scape, taking in rivers near his home town of Hofn, frozen sand dunes, and glaciers at Svinafellsjokull and Kviarjokull. The 31 year old, whose day job is as a hotel receptionist, said: "Iceland has vast and raw landscapes that are really beautiful but only when you gain perspective.”

Brawling bears

***EXCLUSIVE*** KAMCHATKA, RUSSIA: A photographer has caught two seven-hundred-pound bears in a brutal battle over territory. In one image, the two brown bears were captured lunging for each other with their mouths open wide and their claws out as water sprayed up around them. In another, the eight-foot bears stood nose-to-nose as they warned each other to back-off. Photographer, Lawrence Blau from New York, USA, was in Kamchatka, Russia, when he spotted this epic fight. Just 10-yards away from Lawrence, two male brown bears engaged in a territorial war on Kuril Lake. Eventually, the weaker bear backed down and made a swift exit. Brown bears are very solitary animals - particularly males - who only congregate during the summer at popular feeding spots to stock up on food before going into hibernation. During this time, a brown bear can eat up to 90-pounds of food a day and weigh twice as much as it will when it comes out of hibernation. Brown bears can also run at speeds of up to 30 miles-per-hour. Despite being such powerful predators, brown bears largely feed on nuts, berries, and fruit - although they do feed on rodents and moose too.

Fantasy abodes

***EXCLUSIVE*** This photographer spent FIVE years tracking down the world’s most jaw-dropping places to stay. In one image taken in the United Arab Emirates, we see a remote desert retreat complete with a swimming pool that's only accessible by trekking across the sand. In another image taken in The Netherlands, we see several houses situated on individual narrow islands all surrounded by water. Aerial photographer, Sebastien Nagy (33) from Brussels, Belgium, has been travelling the globe for five years finding and capturing the best places to live. From skyscrapers to isolated hideaways, Sebastien has travelled to over 20 countries spanning across six continents. Sebastien has photographed several interesting skyscrapers - many of which are in Singapore. The 27-story Oasia hotel is famed for its rooftop infinity pool, whilst at the Park Royal Hotel, lush greenery surrounds the building creating a tropical oasis in the city centre. In Bali, Indonesia, Sebastien captured the eco-friendly Aura House - a five-star bamboo retreat located in the jungle - and a nearby villa on the Munduk Moding Plantation. A one night stay at both luxury abodes could cost you several hundred pounds.

New Kentucky whisky distillery will be powered by 100% renewable electricity

Lebanon, Kentucky, United States: Global beverage leader Diageo has announced that its new Kentucky whiskey distillery will be the firm’s first carbon-neutral distillery in the US. Reinforcing Diageo's global commitment to reducing its carbon emissions and addressing climate change, the site will be powered by 100% renewable electricity, with a capacity to produce up to 10 million proof gallons per year. The new distillery, which is currently under construction in Lebanon, Kentucky, reflects Diageo's commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions and moves the company closer to its goal of sourcing 100% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. Employing electrode boilers, the site will utilise a mix of renewable electricity sources to power a 72,000 square-foot distillery, dry house, and warehousing facilities.'' The Diageo Lebanon Distillery will have the capability to distil a variety of bourbon and American whiskey brands. Bulleit will be the first and lead brand produced at the new distillery - supplementing existing production at The Bulleit Distilling Co. in Shelbyville, Kentucky.

Foggy peaks

***EXCLUSIVE*** PEAK DISTRICT, UK: This British photographer has captured stunning images of MISTY mornings in the Peak District. Beautiful images show a lone tree surrounded by a dense white fog, a man standing on an outcrop as the morning mist rolls across the valley below and golden trees silhouetted by the hazy golden hour light. Photographer, Daniel Casson (30) from Sheffield, UK, captured these stunning images in the Peak District. Frequenting the beauty spot several times a year, Daniel gets up before sunrise in order to photograph these early morning scenes. Due to the ongoing UK lockdown, Daniel’s photography offers an exclusive glimpse into one of Britain’s most stunning beauty spots - many of us are unable to currently visit.

Man helps friend move house, falls down 30ft well

Guilford, Connecticut, United States: A man was helping a friend move into a new home when he fell through the floor and into a 30ft well. Responding to the call on 28 June, Guilford Fire Department in Connecticut said they found a male „who had fallen through the first floor into a cistern type well which was over twenty feet deep and five feet wide”. The victim was unable to touch bottom and had to tread water and holding onto the stone wall for nearly 25 minutes. Luckily, the man only suffered minor injuries but was transferred to the hospital to be checked.

Plucky coot attacks duck

***EXCLUSIVE*** The coot attacking the duck and ducklings A bird causes a manic scene as it attacks a duck protecting her ducklings. The coot, which is very territorial, launches at the duck who was looking for food with her young family. But the protective mother strikes back and chases the coot away. Amateur photographer and architect Albert Beukhof captured the scene near his home in Arnhem, Netherlands.