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Girl paralysed for five months by rare illness she ‘thought was a hangover’

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rachael Bailey, 25, had her world turned upside down when a suspected hangover left her paralysed from the head down and unable to speak or breathe. She had been on a night out during freshers in October 2014 when she began to feel a tingling sensation in her legs and her ‚Äúnightmare‚ÄĚ year began. The following morning, the then 19-year-old woke up and was unable to move her legs and rang 111 in a panicked state. She was airlifted to hospital where she was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare neurological disorder affecting just one or two in every 100,000 people. It is caused when the immune system begins to attack parts of the nervous system leaving sufferers paralysed and with pain in their limbs. Her condition declined rapidly and after just three days she was placed on a ventilator to save her life and eventually fell into a medically induced coma.

Girl loses arm in horror trampoline fall

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 12-year-old girl is making an "incredible" recovery just weeks after a freak trampolining accident led to her right hand being AMPUTATED. Vienna Hayers suffered a life-changing injury on June 10, when she performed a flip on the trampoline at her home and landed badly, with her right arm taking the full impact. Her mum, Michelle Hayers, 46, rushed Vienna to the A&E department at Bedford Hospital in Beds., where she had several operations to try and save her hand.

One of Britain's most pampered dogs - that has over 21K followers on Instagram

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lola is a social media star and has even collaborated with businesses to promote their brands - almost like a full-time job. The tiny Maltipoo - a cross between a Maltese and a Poodle - lives with Leah Mcknight and her partner near Thame, Oxon.

Starbucks opens first signing store in Japan for the deaf and hard of hearing

Continuing the company’s commitment to equity, inclusion and diversity, Starbucks has opened its first signing store in Japan. Situated in Kunitachi City, Tokyo, the new coffee shop celebrates deaf culture and sign language through clever design tools and vibrant artwork. The location of the new signing store has been chosen due to the area’s long history as part of the deaf and hard of hearing community. In addition to providing local coffee lovers with a welcoming and inclusive space, the opening of the store also means career opportunities for 19 new and existing deaf and hard of hearing Starbucks employees.

Lamborghini releases a $3.4MILLION 4,000hp yacht with a huge V12 engine inspired by its sports cars

***EXCLUSIVE*** Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini has teamed up with The Italian Sea Group to produce a new super-yacht, dubbed the Technomar for Lamborghini ‘63. It was built by both Lamborghini's Centro Stile design studio and The Italian Sea Group and draws inspiration from the brands' heritage, hence the name as it started building cars in 1963. Some of the cars that influence the new yacht include the hybrid Sián FKP 37 hypercar, as well as the classics such as the Countach and the Miura. Lamborghini ‘63 yacht is expected to release in the beginning of 2021.

Seinfeld LEGO set

***EXCLUSIVE*** LEGO IDEAS continues to tap into the world of sitcoms for its latest spark of inspiration. With the success of LEGO‘s past Friends Central Perk set, Brent Waller has taken it upon himself to pitch a Seinfeld — the show about nothing — LEGO set. The teaser shows Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Elaine Benes, Cosmo Kramer and Newman in one of the show's most recognizable set locations: Jerry's Upper West Side Manhattan apartment.

The surreal march of Marvel characters to keep morale up duriong lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** These 'surreal' scenes show a parade of superheroes and cartoon characters cheering up a town during the lockdown. Marvel characters Superman, Spiderman and Thor have been turning heads along with rival comic book character Batman, entertaining crowds of 1,000 people, social distancing. They were accompanied by Pokemon character Pikachu, as well as Disney characters Buzz Lightyear, Tinkerbell, and Elsa, from Frozen - and led by bagpiper Dean Saunders, 29. The procession of 25 life-size characters has gone through the town centre in Dunfermline, Fife, for two Saturdays running - with hopes it will continue.

Man was struggling to reel in a smaller fish when his flailing catch attracted the attention of a 11ft long shark

***EXCLUSIVE*** Joe Bonavita struggled to reel in a fish when his catch attracted the attention of a 11ft long mako shark. The enormous creature surged out of the water and came within feet of Joe, 38, a chef, as the boat passengers whooped in excitement. The exhilarating footage was shot by Mark Quartiano - better known as Mark The Shark - a shark hunter who organises 450 trips a year and claims to catch a shark most days. But Mark, 66, admitted that he had never seen a shark leap out of the water and towards his boat. He said: "This was a normal fishing trip and Joe had a sailfish on the line. "A big shark can tell if a sailfish is in trouble - he was trying to eat the sailfish that Joe was trying to catch. "Everybody was going crazy.

The first Ford GT40 Roadster prototype is going up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A one-of-five 1965 Ford GT Competition Prototype Roadster that is the only one to ever race at the 24 Hours of Le Mans is being put to auction. The extremely rare classic race car was built by Ford Advanced Vehicles in England and is just one of two surviving examples today. It was raced by Maurice Trintignant and Guy Ligier in 1965 but only completed 11 laps after its gearbox failed. Listed by Mecum Auctions and is expected to fetch between 7,5 and 10 millions Dollars.

The new parfume Eau de Space developed by NASA

***EXCLUSIVE*** If you have ever wondered what going to space smells like, look no further. Steve Pearce, the creator/chemist of Omega Ingredients, has just released “Eau de Space.” The fragrance uses Pearce's knowledge of out-of-this-world scents that he honed while working with NASA in 2008 on replicating the smell of the Mir Space Station. The scent was used for training purposes to recreate an environment similar to space — many astronauts have described the smell similar to “ozone, hot metal and fried steak” with hints of “raspberries and rum.”