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Brazilian cowboy nears end of epic horse ride in Calgary

Filipe Masetti Leite stops for a break from another long day in the saddle on his year-long trek encountering bugs, bears, buffalo and bad weather. The Brazilian cowboy, 33, who grew up in Canada and wants to become a Canadian citizen, is to finish his 3,400-kilometre journey by horse from Alaska to Calgary on Friday. The 2020 Calgary Stampede, set to start the same day, was cancelled due to COVID-19. Despite the cancellation, Masetti Leite was named the event's official parade marshal. He is to be greeted by an escort of Stampede officials and Mounties on horseback, who will then ride with him to a small ceremony at the city's Stampede grounds. It's not his first journey as a long rider, a term used for an equestrian who has gone more than 1,600 continuous kilometres in a single journey. He covered about 16,000 kilometres riding from Calgary to his parents' home of Espirito Santo do Pinhal, Sao Paulo between 2012 and 2014. In 2016, he rode 7,350 kilometres from Brazil to Patagonia.

NASA's 'Eau de Space' perfume smells like outer space

NASA have created a new perfume that smells like outer space. NASA has worked alongside expert perfumers to create Eau de Space, a new scent that is currently running a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to bring that outer space smell down to earth. Developed by Steve Pearce - chemist and founder of Omega Ingredients - the scent was originally created to help astronauts train before launching into space. Decades ago, NASA asked scent specialists to develop the smell of space to help train astronauts before launch into orbit. The goal of this was to simulate space during training and like that, eliminate any surprises astronauts might experience in outer space. The formula of the scent was kept secret for many years until the Eau de Space team were able to get their hands on it. Now, years later, a team has picked that scent back up with the aim of bringing the perfume to the masses.

Super Mario game could break world record £60k at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A never before played 35 year old video game is expected to fetch a new world record when it goes under the hammer. The copy of the classic 1985 Nintendo's game Super Mario Bros, which is still sealed in its case, is tipped to exceed the current record of £61,000 ($75,000) when it is sold with US based Heritage Auctions. This belongs to a rare copy of the 1987 Mega Man that was auctioned off in the US in November 2019. It is sparking huge interest because it has 'vintage' cardboard packaging used before games were sealed with plastic wrapping.

World War One tunnel system that was buried by artillery fire killing up to 300 troops is uncovered 103 years after battle that killed nearly 60,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Archaeologists have uncovered a huge tunnel system where the remains of dozens of First World War soldiers are believed to be entombed. The underground bunker is located on a hill in Flanders in Belgium where the infamous Battle of Messines took place in 1917. During the battle the British pummelled the German fortifications on the ridge on the edge of the village of Wijtschate with millions of shells. The bunker, that would have accommodated up to 300 troops, is believed to been dug over 20ft below the ground which would have made it shell proof.

A bar opening on Saturday could be the first place in world to have a special 'gate' pod - which sterilises visitors upon entry

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bar opening on Saturday could be the first place in world to have a special 'gate' pod - which sterilises visitors upon entry. The owner of Butlers #Bar103 said he is "seriously considering" investing in a Sterigate - which claims to be able to combat coronavirus. Boss Justin Hudson said the popular spot in Gloucester, Glos., was looking at the safety option - but would be asking for the view of customers first. It is claimed that the 'gate', which sells for £8,195 plus VAT, can disinfect people for up to 24 hours by spraying them with a mist.

World's largest mango market

***EXCLUSIVE*** A set of aerial photos show the hustle and bustle of the world's largest mango market.  Buyers and sellers mingle together as they haggle to get the best price for the bright green fruit. The images show Kansat Mango Market in Shibganj Upazila, 15 miles from Chapainawabganj, in Bangladesh.

Cap worn by the founder of the German empire, Otto Von Bismarck, has sold for over £113K

***EXCLUSIVE*** A military cap worn by the founder of the German empire, Otto Von Bismarck, has sold for over £113,000. The first German chancellor donned the white cloth cap with a black visor and silk lining in his role as chief of the Cuirassier Regiment of Old Prussia. It is slightly stained and has some moth damage but that didn't prevent a bidding war when it was auctioned off by Hermann Historica in Munich.

Pre-war car that is one of only eight left of its kind sells for £105K

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare pre-World War Two car that is one of only eight survivors of its kind has sold at auction for nearly £105,000. The 1934 Alvis Speed 20 SB Vanden Plas was built to rival to the likes of Rolls-Royce and Bentley. But only 34 were ever made so it was even then among the most exclusive motors on the road. Now however, just eight are known to exist and it is among the most sought-after cars on the planet.

Turkey vulture chicks being puppet fed

***EXCLUSIVE*** After closing its doors in March following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the conservation centre plans to reopen to the public on Saturday 4th July. Meanwhile, falconer Jayson Bridges at the centre has been working behind closed doors caring for Libertyís newest feathery friends, feeding them using puppets of the adult bird from the species. During lockdown the centre has seen a number of hatchlings including turkey vultures, hooded vulture, peregrine falcons, European kestrels as well as ferruginous hawks and a black vulture.

Pretty Peak District cottage with a past as a former plague graveyard on the market for £725K

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Grade II listed home is in the Derbyshire village of Eyam, where three quarters of the village succumbed to the disease in the 17th century. In the 18th century the tombstones were removed and a coaching inn was built, so the four-bedroom home has lots of period features. But there is a plaque on the cottage commemorating its former tragic purpose. Eyam, which is in the Peak District National Park, is world-famous for being the village that selflessly quarantined itself for a year in September 1665, so that it wouldnít risk spreading the deadly plague.