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Wackiest celebrity wedding gowns

The wackiest celebrity wedding gowns include some of the tackiest, most colorful, eye-poppingly alarming wedding dresses ever worn. We all know that most celebrities crave attention, right? Well, on their big day, they clearly want to take things to a whole new level, with wacky wedding gowns that simply scream "Look at me! I'm so different! So controversial!" That's what this list is about: The most seriously screwed up, bizarre, and downright frightening celebrity wedding dresses ever. Celebs are nothing if not colorful, and these weird gowns certainly reflect that fact accurately. In fairness, some of these crazy wedding dresses were worn during second, third, or even fifth weddings (i.e. Elizabeth Taylor, who wore green to her 4th and 6th weddings and yellow to her 5th and 8th), so it would hardly be appropriate for the bride to wear white... but still. Vote for the odd gowns you think are the nuttiest.

Pamela Anderson -

Kid Rock, 2006.

Emma Thompson -

Kenneth Branagh, 1989.

Celine Dion -

Rene Angelil, 1994 (and vow renewal 2000).

Rita Wilson -

Tom Hanks, 1988.

Elizabeth Taylor -

Richard Burton, 1964.

Nicole Kidman -

Keith Urban, 2006.

Julianne Moore -

Bart Freundlich, 2003.

Sarah Jessica Parker -

Matthew Broderick, 1997.

Gwen Stefani -

Gavin Rossdale, 2002.

Mariah Carey -

Tommy Mottola, 1993.

Sofia Coppola -

Thomas Mars, 2011.

Marilyn Monroe -

Joe DiMaggio, 1954.

Lily Allen -

Sam Cooper, 2011.

Reese Witherspoon -

Jim Toth, 2011.