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Meet the mum who has got creative at home during the pandemic and learnt to make soap out of her BREAST MILK - which her entire family use

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ashley White, 31, decided to get creative with her breast milk after giving birth to her daughter Mia back in April 2020. The cafe worker had seen other mothers making soap out of their breast milk and after giving it a go, the young mum has fallen in love with making soap in her kitchen. Ashley, her husband Paul and their daughters Mylee, 10, and Mia, eight-weeks-old, have all been using the soap during lockdown and have loved how it makes their skin feel.


Daredevil doing a cube puzzle while freefalling off a mountain

***EXCLUSIVE*** This incredible footage shows a daredevil solving a cube puzzle while doing a front flip in FREEFALL. The footage shot in Enguiso, Italy in June 2020 shows Filippo Guenzani launching himself into a front summersault from the top of a cliff. As he plummets towards the ground at the scenic location he amazingly begins solving a cube puzzle before popping his parachute. The puzzle is known as ‚ÄėCubezo‚Äô and is one of Filippo‚Äôs project that he is working on at his day job as a mechatronics engineer.

A team of divers have found a student's lost ring after they searched the bottom of a lake, with the priceless family heirloom once belonging to his late grandfather

***EXCLUSIVE*** University of Nottingham student Joe Templeton, 21, was playing football in the lake at Colwick Country Park with friends when the ring slipped off his finger.  He was told by his grandma to always look after the ring, which had been in the family for decades.  His late grandfather got the ring when he was 21, with it, unfortunately, falling into the undergrowth on Saturday (27/06).  Worried about breaking the news to his family, he enlisted the help of local scuba diving group Underwater Hunters who search for lost objects lost in the water.  Divers Warren Palmer, 45, from Long Eaton, Notts, and his stepson Anthony Hanstock, 25, were happy to help and got stuck in trying to find the ring on Sunday (28/06).  Mr Palmer said: ‚ÄúJoe was over the moon, he couldn't believe it. He was very emotional.  ‚ÄúWe were nearly at the stage of giving up, thinking he had trod it in or it is just gone. We had one more go near the end of the day.  ‚ÄúHe was just ecstatic because he was scared to tell his mom and dad. He is a lovely guy, a very nice kid so I'm glad we could help him find it.

A dad-of-two who is raising funds for the NHS has been running the length of a marathon around his coffee table each morning for 71 DAYS straight

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sporty Asif Amirat, 34, has already clocked over 2,000 miles in the last two and a half months and has completed a mind boggling 800,000 laps in his living room. The passionate runner says he plans to run for 29 more days to reach his target of 100 marathons in 100 days to raise funds for the NHS. His wife Chaimae Eddahmany, 23, spent two months in hospital earlier this year after she had twins prematurely. Inspired by the work done by the doctors and nurses who took care of his wife and his first two children he decided to do his bit and has raised over £5,000 so far. Asif, from Manchester, Grt Mcr, said: “My girls were in the hospital and they were looked after with such amazing care.

UK's biggest ever crackdown on organised crime

***EXCLUSIVE*** Entire criminal gangs have been smashed by police who made hundreds of arrests, seized millions of pounds in cash and over two tonnes of drugs in the UK's biggest ever crackdown on organised crime. Raids across the country saw 746 suspects taken into custody, with £54 million in illicit money and 77 firearms seized after a secret communication network used by criminals was discovered. bIn London, police foiled murder plots, seized more than £13 million in cash and arrested some of the city's longest-standing and most dangerous criminals after the encrypted commutation platform, EncroChat, was infiltrated by cops. A total of 171 suspects were arrested in the capital on charges such as conspiracy to murder, possession of guns, money laundering and conspiracy to supply class A and B drugs.

Man has created a unique way to cut your hair during the lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** A savvy inventor has come up with a bonkers way of cutting your own hair - by using a VACUUM CLEANER. Dr Phil Green, 54, has previously been nominated for a European award - and has now put his expertise to use during lockdown. He was attempting to give his own locks a trim at home when he realised he could make use of a household item. Phil grabbed his hoover and began using it pull hair away from his head to cut it - before getting even more creative.

Amateur photographer takes amazing pictures of airplanes seemingly flying close to moon and sun

CréPy-En-Valois, France: These mind-boggling photographs are a very clever perspective trick captured by amateur astronomer and photographer Sebastien Lebrigand, who lives outside Paris in Crépy-en-Valois. The 45-year-old electrician’s backyard position 30kms from Charles de Gaulle airport allows him to patiently wait for aircraft to perfectly line up with the moon and sun. It can take hours for a perfect photo opportunity to happen, but by using a telescope with his camera he is able to shoot amazing close-ups. A special filter allows him to capture the Sun without damaging his eyesight. Sebastien explains: ''My pictures show what you would find it hard to see with the eye. I enjoy the rare conjunction of the planes passing by the sun and the moon. I live 30kms from the airport and so am able to photograph all possible crossings with the Moon or the Sun, at 1,000 metres or 13,000 metres. I use and astronomical refractor of 660mm focal length with a Canon 60D camera.”

After 2001 Space Odyssey auction announcement we look at official govt. Space Colony Concepts

With Monday’s (29 June) announcement that an iconic space suit from sci-fi masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey is to be auctioned; these jaw-dropping concepts show how the U.S. government pictured a life in space. NASA Ames and Stanford University conducted three space colony summer studies in the 1970s, and a number of eye-popping artistic renderings of the concepts were made. A design study as part of a 10 week program in engineering systems design, held in the summer of 1975, included professors, technical directors and students in a variety of disciplines from physical science and architecture to engineering and social science. The goal was to construct a vision of how people might sustain life in space in a large colony. Similar to Stanley Kubrick’s film, humans are envisaged to live in huge circular structures, complete with gravity. Seemingly wanting to replicate life on Earth, there are vistas of greenery, trees and lakes.

After teased on Star Wars Day, General Mills has now released its The Mandalorian Cereal

***EXCLUSIVE*** Celebrating The Child, the new breakfast option delivers a taste inspired by Galaxy's Edge. The special cereal features fruity flavored sweetened corn puffs with marshmallow pieces shaped like Baby Yoda offering a textural treat to the sweet release. Carrying The Mandalorian partnership is the special box centered around The Child and a big bowl of the cereal. General Mills' Star Wars The Mandalorian Cereal is available now exclusively at Sam's Club with a follow-up release at Walmart.

A mother elephant was seen helping its calf scale a concrete barrier while crossing the road

***EXCLUSIVE*** The incident took place in Gudalur of Niligirs district on July 1.  The video shows, the mother elephant crossing the road with its calves, while a relatively young calf manages to get over the concrete, the youngest member in the herd found the height of the obstruction too high.  Seeing the calf struggling, the mother gets down to the other side and helps it with its trunk.

A damselfly smiles and looks into the camera on the

***EXCLUSIVE*** This amazing close-up photo shows the moment a damselfly appears to look happy as it stares straight into the camera - almost seeming to smile for the shot. The striking photo shows the tiny insect's vivid blue eyes popping out of its head, and its fine hairs standing on end, as it rests on a blade of grass in the early morning on Wednesday. The macro picture was captured on Wednesday on the riverbanks of the Po River in Pomponesco, northern Italy, by Italian photographer Alberto Ghizzi Panizza, 45.