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Too hot to work

***EXCLUSIVE*** BUDAPEST, HUNGARY: Life In Plastic: Woman whose ex-husband spent over Ł75K on her surgery says she can't get a regular job because men can't behave around a 'hot girl' like her. Web model, Barbara Luna Sipos (22) from Budapest, Hungary, loved playing with Barbie dolls as a child and soon fell in love with the toy doll’s pretty look, dreaming of becoming a fantasy human doll one day. Barbara underwent her first cosmetic procedure, a breast augmentation when she was 17 and was instantly hooked on the results. Since then, she has undergone 10 surgeries, going from a breast size 34B to a 34F and she is much happier than before her surgery, admitting that she was never ugly but did not feel complete with her look previously. Barbara, who now works as a web model, used to be a receptionist but had to quit her job because her aura and charisma drove men „crazy”, despite never dressing in a provocative way, shortly after quitting, she met her ex-husband in August 2016. Luckily for Barbara, her ex loved the doll look just as much as her and paid for most of her cosmetic surgeries which included; two breast augmentations for Ł10,810 (?12,000), two rhinoplasties for Ł9,009 (?10,000), v-line chin and jaw reduction for Ł9,009 (?10,000), Barbie forehead surgery for Ł9,009 (?10,000), a browlift for Ł3,604 (?4,000), a lip lift for Ł1,802 (?2,000), lip filler treatments for Ł4,505 (?5,000), a Brazilian butt lift for Ł5,406 (?6,000) and Barbie vagina surgery for Ł4,054 (?4,500) - a total cost of Ł75,227 (?83,500). Barbara and her ex-husband were divorced in November 2019 and she is now hoping to find her „forever husband”. Thanks to her doll look, she has no problem attracting men despite currently not dating anyone. Downsides of her plastic look means that it’s sometimes hard for people to take her seriously but Barbara hopes by sharing her story she can show the world that she is not dumb.

The Royal Mint has announced that Elton John, one of the most successful and enduring artists of all time will be celebrated on a new commemorative coin

***EXCLUSIVE*** Available from today, the design is the latest addition to The Royal Mint’s new Music Legends series. With a career spanning more than 50 years, the new coin to celebrate Elton John’s legacy has been designed by artist Bradley Morgan Johnson. Featuring unmistakable Elton John iconography, Bradley has used musical notes to create an image of glasses and a straw boater's hat, inspired by one of Elton John’s most iconic looks, and a Union Jack flag background punctuates the design.

Meet the gran who renovated a 19th century chapel using DIY skills she was taught by her late husband

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jayne Fowler, 59, decided to buy the £155,000 property after walking past an estate agents window while house-sitting for a friend two years ago. Within a week the former teacher set to work and project managed the entire project for the next 12 months.   She was able to draw on her carpentry skills having been taught everything from how to work a drill, to mixing cement when she and late husband Harry built a house from scratch in 1999.

A pub landlord gave his customers a treat when they returned for their pints last weekend after building a life-size SPITFIRE

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pub landlord gave his customers a treat when they returned for their pints last weekend after building a life-size SPITFIRE. Publican Kenny Easton, 55, who runs the Selsey Arms at Coolham in West Sussex with partner Belinda Grover, modelled the replica on a toy he bought from eBay.  With a wingspan of over 10m, the Spitfire made of scrap wood, metal and fibreglass is in pride of place next to the World War II memorial already in the pub garden. The pub neighbours the Coolham Airfield, in which 15 airmen lost their lives during the Second World War.

An American businessman has returned to the states on July 4 after spending the coronavirus lockdown stuck in the UK - after visiting to buy FLAT CAPS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Christopher Poe, 48, flew to Atlanta, GA, from Heathrow with his British wife Christina on the same day his homeland celebrated independence from English rule. The pair were able to enjoy freedom for the first time in three months after being forced to spend lockdown in a countryside bed and breakfast in Skipton, North Yorks. They were in the to visit suppliers to buy flat caps for their business and became trapped when the Covid pandemic gripped the world and all flights were cancelled.

A loving mother has taken supporting her teenage drag queen son to the next level - by transforming with him

***EXCLUSIVE*** Claire Elliott, 49, enjoys letting her son, Matti, 17, practise make-up techniques on her so that he can hone his skills- in the hope of one day becoming a professional. Claire says that her teen was into women's clothes from a young age - as he was obsessed with Disney princess dresses and would always choose the dressing up box over other toys. The mum-of-two now regularly enjoys throwing herself into the world of drag alongside her boy.

The owner of the 'world's oldest cat' has paid tribute to him after revealing he has died - aged 31

***EXCLUSIVE*** Geriatric moggy Rubble had been with owner Michele Heritage since she got him as a kitten on her 20th birthday. The pair had been inseparable ever since and Rubble because the oldest feline in the world after reaching 31 years old in May last year. But Michele, 52, of Exeter, Devon, who put his incredible longevity down to the fact she never had her own children and pampered him like her child, has revealed he died before turning 32.

Waterpark disinfection tunnels to greet holidaymakers

***EXCLUSIVE*** British holidaymakers heading to Europe's water parks will see massive changes when they re-open - running the gauntlet of high-tech disinfection tunnels and sterilisation boxes. The popular tourist destinations are set to look very different in the post-pandemic era with a host of clever new measures to keep people safe, including on-site isolation cabins. While British theme parks can open again under strict guidelines from Saturday, water parks in holiday destinations such as Spain, France and Greece are faced with greater problems to solve. Fasouri Watermania in Limmasol, Cyprus, Waterworld in Ayia Napa, Aquapark Biscarosse, in France are among those likely to unveil groundbreaking plans for greeting sunseekers.

Rare 1909 photo of the 'Lost Prince': Picture showing King George V's son Prince John aged four - nine years before he died from epileptic fit - goes up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A historic signed photograph of the Royal children which includes the tragic 'lost prince' has emerged for sale for £3,000. The image, which is thought to date from circa 1909, captures all six children of King George V and Queen Mary in a group portrait. It is notable for featuring their youngest child Prince John who was kept out of the public gaze because he suffered from epilepsy and autism. He died aged 13 in 1919 from a severe seizure, having spent his final years separated from his siblings in a house on the Sandringham estate. The children have all signed the photo in their handwriting, although it is possible someone signed John's name on his behalf given his young age. The 4.5ins by 3.75ins photo is being sold by a private collector with International Autograph Auction, of Malaga, Spain.

These incredible pictures appear to show a 'person' in the sky riding a cloud as part of a unique formation - drawing comparisons with a comic book hero

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gemma Dillon, 21, spotted the stunning sight in Clevedon, Somerset. She then uploaded several images to a community group on social media - where several people posted replies in amazement. The photos seem to show a 'person' standing on the cloud like they are surfing - almost like Marvel Comics' Silver Surfer.

A family dog needed a life-saving operation after he swallowed a staggering 26 golf balls while out on walks with his owner

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dad-of-two Neil Taylor, 50 regularly walks Alfie, his 10-year-old giant schnauzer through a golf course near their home. But unbeknown to him, Alfie had been gobbling up stray golf balls during their recent walks. They only found out after Alfie became poorly at his doggy day car - and then proceeded to vomit up four golf balls in Mr Taylor's back garden.

Charming vintage photographs show Independence Day / Fourth of July celebrations

These fascinating vintage photographs show people celebrating America's Independence Day throughout the years. The Fourth of July images feature upbeat parades, picnics, and dressing up in patriotic outfits. Scenes range from a well-attended 1887 Fourth of July picnic in Custer County, Colorado, to a 1941 flag-waving parade in Watertown, Wisconsin. An interesting selection of pictures from 1919 show Washington D.C.'s Ellipse park, located near the White House fence. Here costumes on display include 'Liberty' and 'Columbia'. Images of the Statue of Liberty largely displaced Columbia as the female symbol of the U.S. by around 1920. The photographs come from the Library of Congress collection and have been restored by Cover Images. The federal holiday in the United States commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago on July 4, 1776. The Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies regarded themselves as a new nation, the United States of America, and were no longer part of the British Empire.

Kingfisher dives for his tea

***EXCLUSIVE*** A brightly coloured kingfisher bursts clear from the water with a tiny silver fish in its beak.  The bird dived from a branch almost a metre above the clear pool to catch the small roach. After catching it, the kingfisher withdrew into the shadow to watch for its next meal. Amateur photographer and architect Albert Beukhof captured the scene in Rijssen, in the Netherlands.

Transformers meets Back To The Future with a robot DeLorean

***EXCLUSIVE*** In one of the most unexpected toy collaborations of the year, Transformers and Back To the Future have teamed up for a shape-shifting Gigawatt/DeLorean figure. Celebrating Back To the Future‘s 35th anniversary, the transforming toy seamlessly shifts between battle-ready robot and classic car. Will be on sale on October 2020.

Fisherman works beneath golden nets

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fisherman toils away beneath a large, square yellow net.  Balanced on the edge of his small boat he uses a stick to propel it while looking to see what he has caught. The photographs were captured on the shallow waters of the Truong Giang River in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam, where the old man works daily.