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Meet the four-year-old girl who has a rare condition that means she's never eaten food -- and is the same size as her one-year-old baby brother

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bella Cole suffers from an undiagnosed genetic condition which makes vomit, so she has to be fed through a tube directly into her intestines for 16 hours overnight. The unusual condition also means she's so small she can share a wardrobe with her one-year-old brother Teddy. Bella is the average size of an 18-month child and weighs just under 24lb, she wears 12-18 month sized clothes - the exact same as her baby brother. Her parents Philippa Rabbitts, 31 and Matthew Cole, 35, Roofer, often have to correct strangers who assume the two are twins - despite their three year age gap. Bella's determined family have raised money for an operation to help her - but are now fundraising to get her to America for specialist treatment. Philippa, a full time mum, from Chelmsford, Essex, said: "Bella understands that she has a tube in her belly, she knows about it and she knows that other people don't have them.

Meet the superfit 73-year-old woman who lifts weights, performs planks and flips into handstands

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lauren Bruzzone works out six times a week with her personal trainer Wesley James, 32, proving that age really is just a number. The math professor, of Stamford, Connecticut, USA, said that the trick to staying fit in old age is to get through the first five minutes of a workout. „It’s a matter of getting past that first five minutes - whether it’s getting out of bed or starting a workout” Lauren said.


A businessman is bouncing back from lockdown by giving punters the chance to be landlords for a day in their own inflatable pub

***EXCLUSIVE*** Richard Martin set up his bouncy castle style pub hire business, The Social Bubble, during lockdown and is now already inundated with bookings into next year. Despite being a brand-new business, Richard has already had some memorable customers including a man called Phil Mitchell called his inflatable pub the Queen Vic. As pubs reopened across the country this weekend, The entrepreneur says he feels many people want the comfort of having a pub in their own back garden and the inflatable element certainly sets it aside. "A couple of us just had a Zoom call and got together and had a few beers and said we wished we had a pub in our gardens," Richard said. "I've worked in leisure for years and with lockdown it just sprung to our minds.” The business is operating in Kent, Essex and London but Richard says there's no reason why it could not expand further once he's able to buy more pubs.