Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A savvy couple completed this amazing transformation of a £800 caravan they picked up on Gumtree in just a week

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ellie Sharkey, 22, and Charlotte Tasker, 24, decided to buy the caravan on a whim after their holiday to Canada was cancelled due to coronavirus. The couple found an Ace Jubilee Diplomat on Gumtree for just £800 - and it came complete with a canoe, collapsible bike and cute awning.  They snapped it up and set about totally transforming it with pink chalk paint, Dalmatian spots, sparkly silver chairs, fairy lights and vinyl flooring.


A wacky UK dog groomer is now offering 'Asian fusion' style haircuts for pampered pooches - after spending a week in Malaysia learning to cut angel wings and hearts into fur

***EXCLUSIVE*** Helen Kirby, who works at Bone Idol grooming salon in Brighton, East Sussex, was inspired after seeing Instagram posts of 'teddy bear dogs' rocking out-of-this-world hair styles. Helen was keen to learn the art for herself - and packed up her bags for a week to jet over 6,500 miles to Kuala Lumpur to study an intensive course in Asian fusion dog grooming.

A mother-of-one has completed a marathon lockdown challenge by completing 100 runs in 100 days - wearing a different fancy dress outfit each time

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mary Taylor, 38, has ran a total of 700 miles during lockdown in a variety of costumes, including Toy Story characters, Wonder Woman and even in a wedding dress. The furloughed hairdresser, who returned to work this week, completed her final run last night. The fitness fanatic has become a celebrity in her hometown of Silsden, West Yorks., as she was spotted taking her familiar route by locals clad in her elaborate outfits. She has even been honoured with an unsung hero award by her local MP for spreading joy in the community after she visited schools and care homes in her costumes.

An animal lover has caused a stink in his hometown during lockdown as he has been going for a walk - with his pet SKUNK

***EXCLUSIVE*** Liam Tanner, 23, has taken Sniffler out for a walk every other day since the start of lockdown to keep him active and raise awareness of his exotic animal rescue centre. And the black-and-white furry friend has become a local celebrity in his hometown of Silloth, Cumbria, after attracting admirers during his exercise. Liam, a furloughed holiday park entertainment manager, said people stop and ask for selfies with Sniffler when they see him out and about on his lead.

This incredible footage shows the aggressive response of an owl taken by surprise

***EXCLUSIVE*** The video was taken near Moscow, Russia. Ornithologist Anna Evseeva was in the region researching owl breeding when she filmed herself sneaking up on a female long-eared owl. The owl is clearly surprised and not too happy with Anna‚Äôs stealthy approach and responds in an incredibly defensive and aggressive manner in a once in a life time moment Anna managed to capture of film. Anna, 25 from Moscow Russia said: ‚The video was shot in the Moscow region.  In the video a female long-eared owl is unhappy with my appearance.‚