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Adventure lovers can enjoy travelling across land AND sea with £8,000 electric houseboat tricycle fitted with kitchen, dining table and a bedroom

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredible new electric powered house-boat-tricycle allows you to travel across land and water in comfort. The designers say the floating £8,000 home would be perfect for weekends away in the wild and expeditions around the world. The 'house' part of the bright blue creation has a kitchen, lights, a fan and a charging station. Inside the kitchen there are 6 shelves integrated in interior for storing food and necessary items. There is also a folding dining table.

A first-time mum was so desperate to have a child with her female partner that she used a sperm donor - that she found on FACEBOOK

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shannon, 20, turned to the social networking site in the hope of finding an affordable way to fall pregnant with her partner Katie, 25. The pair, from Manchester, began to research their options, but didn't like the idea of picking an anonymous donor from a list and couldn't afford the £3,000 fertility clinic price tag. Instead, they joined a Facebook group with other hopeful mums and willing donors.

Motorised British wheelbarrow aims to set world speed record

***EXCLUSIVE*** The creator of the world’s fastest shed has turned his hand to another niche mode of transport: a motorised wheelbarrow built on a zero budget during the coronavirus lockdown in Britain. Kevin Nicks, a 57-year-old former gardener from Oxfordshire, said he was aiming to set a Guinness world speed record on the “Barrow of Speed” once the pandemic had passed. More immediately, however, he said the wheelbarrow showed what was possible with limited access to materials, a positive attitude and some creativity. Nicks, who rides the barrow standing on a rear platform, said he would contact Guinness World Records about an attempt to set a speed record when the pandemic was over.

Jealous penguin chick tries to get affection from it's parents

***EXCLUSIVE*** A jealous penguin chick demands attention from its parents by wedging itself between them. The chick extended its neck to try to get noticed in the hope of a feed but the parents seemed unperturbed by their youngster's pleas. As a result, the hungry chick changed tack and became animated, raising its wings and opening its mouth. Amateur photographer Roger Clark pictured the Emperor penguins in Gould Bay, Antarctica, as the temperatures plunged to -16 degrees Celsius. The 75-year-old, from Chandler's Ford, near Southampton, Hants, said: "The chick was trying to get food - you can see it with its mouth open but the parents seem to be indifferent to its plea.