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A 6'1" woman has overcome her self-consciousness about dating shorter men after falling for her 5'9" boyfriend

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jess Kay, 22, started going out with boyfriend Matthew Brown-King, 24, in November last year after they hit it off at work. She said: "My friends were a little bit shocked by it because I've never gone out with someone smaller than me. "I was completely self conscious about being taller than my partner because I didn’t really want people to look at me, I didn’t want to draw more attention than I already was. "At first I was really anxious about it, I didn’t really want to hold his hand. "But he was really proud of holding my hand." Miss Kay is a freelance content writer, and after kissing Matthew, a video editor, on a night out the Newcastle couple have never looked back.

A mum has transformed herself into a Reese Witherspoon 'lookalike' during lockdown - recreating iconic snaps of the Hollywood actress for fun

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rebecca Rickman-Jenkins, 40, has been told for many years that she is a doppelganger of 44-year-old Hollywood A-lister Witherspoon, known for 2001 chick-flick Legally Blonde. But when the mum-of-one spotted a photo of the actress sat in a cupboard, scrolling through her phone, and mistook it for herself, she decided to have a bit of fun.

Britain's poshest takeaway is delivering Scottish lobster and crab with Champagne - with some customers spending £500 on a meal

***EXCLUSIVE*** Chef Dean Banks, 32, was forced to close his restaurant, Haar, in St Andrews, Fife, due to the lockdown. But the Masterchef finalist was having an Indian takeaway at home which cost £40 when it occurred to him that for not much more, he could provide customers with restaurant meals they could eat at home. The dad-of-one came up with the idea of doing home deliveries using a logistics company, which have proved so successful they will continue after the lockdown.

The uninhabited island, Inchconnachan, is only accessible by boat and no-one has lived there for 20 years - and has gone on sale for the price of a one-bedroom flat in London

***EXCLUSIVE*** A private island in the middle of Loch Lomond has gone on sale - for the price of a one-bedroom flat in London. The uninhabited island, Inchconnachan, is only accessible by boat and no-one has lived there for 20 years. The ruins of a timber bungalow built in Colonial style in the 1920s can still be seen. It was once the holiday home of thrill-seeking aristocrat Fiona Gore, Countess of Arran who was at one-time the fastest woman on the water, after setting record speeds of 102mph in a powerboat in 1980.

Fashion magazine British Vogue is featuring beautiful Plymouth two-year-old girl

***EXCLUSIVE*** A family-run Plymouth children's boutique is set to be featured in the September edition of Vogue after being approached by an editor. Gigi Vi Boutique will be showing off their adorable clothes in three separate editions of Vogue, with two year old Gigi Hobbs taking centre stage. The boutique was started by businesswoman Sophie Howard, after the mum of three struggled to find clothes she liked for her daughter Gigi.

A vampire slaying kit complete with crucifixes, a pistol and a bible is set to fetch up to £3,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 19th century kit, which was made from a metal lockable box, was discovered in a house in the Midlands.  It contains rosary beads, an oval picture of Jesus, several crucifixes, a copy of the New Testament, glass bottles containing holy water and garlic paste, pliers and a pistol.  One larger bottle even contains what appears to be shark‚Äôs teeth.  The owner is selling the creepy kit next Thursday (16/7) where it is expected to spark a bidding war.  The West Midlands owner, who did not wish to be named said, said: ‚ÄúI know very little of its history.

Meet the adorable duo of Mudge and Flash, a miniature pony and an elderly tortoise who have become an unlikely pair of best friends

***EXCLUSIVE*** Emily Lewis, 40, runs a small farm behind her home in the small rural town of Bolivar, Ohio that is home to goats, horses and hilariously, an elderly tortoise called Flash. Despite being slightly different to his cohabitants, Flash has had no trouble getting along with the other animals and is obsessed with his best friend, a miniature pony called Mudge. The pair first met late last year and have been inseperable ever since, providing much laughter to science teacher Emily.

A deli is offering up a monstrous 8,000 calorie pizza which has left even the most prolific competitive eaters struggling to gobble the 1 METRE long pie up

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alex Lawlor, who runs Yorkshire Deli, in Wakefield, West Yorks., says the ¬£40 pizza is usually shared between six people as it is so massive. But the deli recently had competitive eater Adam Moran in their shop who tried to tackle the beast - but ultimately his hopes to finish it were sliced up.  Pizza lovers can have a mix of their favourite toppings separated into multiple tranches of the 3.3 ft-long pizza. The cheesy creation is not for the faint of heart as you‚Äôll have to gobble up nearly a week of your typical calorie intake in one sitting.

Nail biting footage shows the moment a pro Slackliner filmed himself pulling off some fancy footwork on a slackline suspended over a sheer drop

***EXCLUSIVE*** The amazing video shows Tlaloc Moctezuma Buen balancing precariously on a 60m long highlife suspended across a cavern in the mountain region of Golden, Colorado. Tlaloc performs a trick known as a „back Han Solo” which involves him swinging his body all the way around the line and back to a standing position. Tlaloc, a 22-year-old farmer from Yucatan, Mexico said: This video was taken in June on a 60m long highline in the mountains around Golden, Colorado. The line was next to a road which made it easy to access but didn't take away from its natural beauty.

First village museum of Modern Art MoMA

Staro Zhelezare, Bulgaria - The first official department of New York's MoMA opened in the village of Staro Zhelezare in Bulgaria. Phenomenon on a global scale as all the greatest works of art from the MoMA collection are now available for permanent viewing to the village audience, in the open gallery in the rural space. Responsible for the ambitious project is the artistic duo Piriankov Art - Katarzyna and Ventsislav Piriankov and 8 of their best students from the University of arts in Poznan, Poland. For just 2 weeks, they made about 60 pieces - recreating famous paintings adding a pinch of their own imagination to them. Like a crocodile going out of the calm waters of Claude Monet's Lillies, or the pigs flying around rural paintings of Chagall. Now, in the village of Staro Zhelezare, the well known pieces of art will gain a new life, extracted from closed spaces and the museum's archive. For the first time in history, the Museum's collection will not only be made available to the poorest, but also least mobile due to biological or economic conditions as well.