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Where dead babies bring luck

Thailand: A Kuman Thong figurine said to contain ashes with human remains. Originally, dead fetuses or parts of dead babies were mixed into the figures. However, a law from the 1970s forbids the desecration of corpses and thus this method of production. In the meantime, other parts of dead people are also used for the production - also of dead adults.

Truffle farmer who spent a decade nurturing prized spores is now giving away his luxury crop for FREE because he can't sell to Covid-hit restaurants

***EXCLUSIVE*** A truffle farmer who spent a decade nurturing his prized spores is now giving away his luxury crop for free because he cannot sell to Covid-hit restaurants. Mike Collison from Stapleton, Shropshire, is handing out his costly yield to locals so it doesn't go to waste, as restaurants are still reeling from the virus outbreak. He said £30,000 worth of the underground fungus is 'rotting in the ground', as it turns 'totally unsaleable and worthless'. 

Incestuous Royal House

***EXCLUSIVE*** DORSET, UK: The home of King George III’s illegitimate grandson who was Queen Victoria’s cousin and was rumoured to be the product of INCEST could be yours for Ł3.95M. The Grade II listed Old Manor House boasts nine bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a drawing room, sitting room, three wine cellars, a games room, gym, garden room, library, two kitchens, a main hall and a study. There is a staff wing located on the western end of the manor house that has three bedrooms and bathrooms. It has a separate entrance and could be used as guest accommodation. As well as the outbuilding, there is a heated garage block attached to the main house with space for five cars as well as a maintenance room and gardener’s room with kitchen services.  The house, in the 17th century, was owned by Robert Walpole, the son of England’s first Prime Minister. He rented the house out to General Thomas Garth who served as the principal equerry to King George III. During Garth’s time at the manor house, several royals visited it including, Princess Charlotte of Wales and Princesses Mary, Sophia and Emilia. General Thomas Garth adopted and raised King George III’s illegitimate grandson, Thomas Garth of the 15th Hussars in the 18th century.  There is debate around the paternity of Princess Sophia’s son as she had a secret relationship with General Thomas Garth and an alleged incestuous relationship with her fifth brother, Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland. Garth would’ve been Queen Victoria’s cousin as they share the same grandfather, King George III. The house recently had a complete renovation in 2000 and was presented with a „Dorset Architectural Heritage Award”. It is currently on the market with Savills for Ł3.95m.

Fights break out between different birds over food

***EXCLUSIVE*** Birds repeatedly battle in the air, screeching and clawing at each other as they fight over food. The air above a small bird feeder in a British garden is almost a constant scene of war as jackdaws, magpies, rooks, and starlings conduct a series of aerial duels. The battling birds were pictured over the back garden of computer programmer Alex Appleby's home in Hatfield Peverel, Essex.

Workers mending fish nets

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of workers sift through a sea of blue nets to find and repair small tears. After using sewing machines and sewing the large fishing nets, which reach 500 metres in length, back onto floats they are used to catch anchovies in the sea. Amateur photographer Nghiem Dinh Chinh pictured the workers mending the nets at Hon Ro port in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

Hangry cheetah tease

***EXCLUSIVE*** The only thing keeping this one-hundred-pound cheetah from its antelope dinner is a thin fence - and it isn't happy about it. Heart-stopping video shows a 70-pound three-legged springbok as it grazed on some grass, and crept closer to ten-foot-tall metal fence, which was the only thing keeping it safe from a hungry female cheetah. The five-foot-long big cat slyly watched on before it leapt at Cara the antelope (4), at one point even pushing its head between the holes in the fence in the hope of getting just a lick of its would be dinner. The near miss, which was all over in a minute was captured by teacher and safari volunteer Sarah E Bush (23), of New York, USA. Diva the cheetah (11) wasn’t left hungry however, as she is looked after at the Zanchieta Lodge and Wild Cat Reserve, South Africa, where the footage was shot.