Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A couple have welcomed their first child after seven years of trying - thanks to a surrogate who is now their best friend

***EXCLUSIVE*** John Michael, 37, and Natalie Holt, 40 from Leeds, Yorkshire, were desperate to become parents, but were devastatingly told in April 2017 that it would never happen naturally because Natalie doesn‚Äôt produce enough of the AMH hormone required to produce eggs. They started to look into surrogacy, and met Ashlea North, 30, and her husband, Lee, 35, in February 2019, with the help of Surrogacy UK - an organisation that facilitates the meeting of surrogates with intended parents. The two couples got on instantly and went on ‚Äėdouble dates‚Äô including a camping trip and country walks - before deciding to become a surrogacy team.

10K acne fail

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UK: This make-up artist cleared her acne with a simple no-cost diet change after spending over TEN-THOUSAND-POUNDS on treatments that didn't work. Professional make-up artist and entrepreneur, Ivana Kostova (24), from London, UK, has been battling acne for over half of her life. Like so many other pre-teens, Ivana started developing spots when she was 11 years-old but she soon noticed that her acne was worse than that of her classmates. It?s been both a long and expensive journey for Ivana to reach the stage she is at now. Aged 14 years-old, Ivana?s acne worsened with other children at school calling her, ?pimplehead.? Determined to help out, Ivana?s parents spent over Ł10,000 on acne treatments. Ivana attended weekly sessions with dermatologists and beauticians which could cost up to Ł50 each. She also tried chemical peels (Ł200), topical creams, antibiotics, and birth control ? in addition to spending thousands of pounds on skincare. Accutane ? an acne medication ? proved to be the worst solution for Ivana. Ivana saw a drastic change in 2014 when she adopted veganism and began intermittent fasting. Ivana went on to become a professional make-up artist but no longer uses make-up to hide. Despite trying an array of expensive treatments, Ivana?s skin started to change when she instead looked towards factors like her diet. Make-up has since become a way to express her new-found confidence.

Diamond & white gold handbag expected to sell for a world record price of more than £305k

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 'spectacular' diamond and white gold encrusted handbag is expected to sell for a world record price of more than £305,000. The Himalaya Birkin bag made by French fashion house Hermes is said to be the most desirable handbag in the world and the 'holy grail' for collectors. The market for the fashion accessory has taken off with some bags increasing in value by as much as 40 per cent in the space of a year.

Unlikely besties

***EXCLUSIVE*** JAPAN: This cat has found the purfect scratching post - which just so happens to be an iguana. In a wonderful video taken by the pair?s owner, Emi Chan from Nobeoka City, Japan, the three-year-old feline, Boukaja, can be seen rubbing itself against the scaly skin of his lizard companion; seven-year-old iguana, Igu Senpai. The lizard seems to have no real issue with the cat interfering in his personal space as he stands still, unmoved by what is going on, seeming like the perfect pet. With the reptiles being difficult to care for, it is a sad fact that 70% of iguanas die in captivity within the first year of ownership, or are sent to rescue shelters when the owner feels they can not or do not want to care for them. Some species of iguanas can grow over six feet in length, however most pet iguanas are much smaller and tend to reach roughly 20 inches and live for the same number of years if cared for properly. Whilst cats are known to rub up against all sorts of things for a quick scratch, this has to be the most unusual scratching post of all time.

A cow who was stranded and facing certain death after it fell down a waterfall was saved in a dramatic helicopter rescue operation “like something out of an action film”

***EXCLUSIVE*** Farmer Martin Smith, 27, noticed one of his 60 cattle went missing on Monday (July 6) and began looking for the wandering cow. To his surprise, he spotted her 150ft down a steep ravine at the Crammel Linn waterfall near Gilsland, between Cumbria and Northumberland. It had been raining heavily for the days prior which meant the 15-year-old Galloway was unable to climb back out to safety. Despite multiple attempts throughout the week to carry her out, their efforts were futile and hope was beginning to dwindle. But after the RAF were called to rescue the struggling cow and brought a towering Puma helicopter operated by the 28 Squadron who airlifted her back to the farm. Martin Smith, from Carlisle, said: “Basically, one of our cows got stuck in a ravine down a steep waterfall.

Love shack

***EXCLUSIVE*** DEVON, UK: We've found a little old place where YOU can get together with your partner post-lockdown - and it's sure to do the trick at just over Ł170 a night. The Beach Hut , located at Carswell Cove, is nestled away in the South Devon coast. The romantic hut boasts a double bed, a large table with bench seats for romantic dining, a shower room, WC, kitchen and two hammocks with a seaside view. If the personal beach on your doorstep isn?t enough, the hut also has its own wood-fired hot tub that looks out onto the beachfront. The Beach Hut is so secluded that there isn?t any internet access, 4G or mobile signal which allows couples to switch off and enjoy a romantic escape with each other. If you?ve had enough of social isolation already, South Devon?s attractions aren?t too far away. Newton Ferrers is just over a mile away and Salcombe is a 40-minute drive from the cove. The adults-only beach hut, which has a wood-burner inside to keep the guests warm, is a perfect escape for couples looking to rekindle their romance. The Beach Hut is advertised by HostUnusual, a company dedicated to finding the world's most extraordinary accommodation. One night at the beach hut starts at Ł347.50 a night, with a maximum two-night stay, or Ł173.75 if the cost is split between two lovebirds.

First production Mini Cooper S for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A vintage Mini, believed to be the first of its kind in the world, has emerged for sale online for an eye-watering Ł50,000. The timeless white classic dates back to 1963 when it was the first Cooper S to leave the production line. It's unbelievable past was only uncovered when current owner Robert Long tried to buy some new parts for his 57-year-old motor. Mr Long, 67, bought the car three years ago from its previous owners - a racing company who had owned it since new.

Rare Chinese bowl which was discovered by chance in a kitchen cabinet is tipped to sell for £40,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The valuable porcelain was found stashed amongst everyday crockery at a townhouse in West Norwood, south London. The middle aged British female vendor had invited antiques expert Bill Forrest to her property to look at a Chinese hardwood desk. While chatting in the kitchen afterwards, he glanced through the glazed window of the cabinet and spotted the bowl. He asked to take a look and soon identified it was a 'fine example' of Doucai porcelain carrying the mark of the Jianqing Emperor who ruled from 1796 to 1820. The 6ins diameter bowl is now going under the hammer with auctioneers Roseberys, of Norwood, south east London.

World's first floating ocean hybrid platform harvests wind, solar and wave energy

A German company has created the world's first floating Ocean Hybrid Platform. SINN Power's platform can be used „as a complete off-grid energy solution” generating renewable energy from waves, wind and the sun. It's conceived as a modular system that can be specified with any or all of these features, depending on where it's being deployed and what your power needs are. Designed to handle waves up to six meters (19.6 ft) in height, it can harvest energy from waves up to 2 m (6.5 ft) high without the platform itself moving much at all, thanks to a series of floats that move 10-ft (3-m) pushrods up and down in response to wave activity. Each of these can generate up to 24 kW in ideal conditions, and there's one at each corner of each 12 x 12-m (39.3 x 39.3-ft) floating unit. 12x12 is the smallest floating unit. Arrays can be customized to power demands up to 120x120m. On top of that, you can place 10 kWp wind turbines at each junction point, and cover the entire top surface with solar panels, which could contribute up to a total of 20 kW to the final output of the unit. Every unit can be equipped with approx. 20kWp, depending on the PV modules used. Wave Energy converters can bes substituted by small wind turbines with a maximum power of 10kWp.

Fearless sharks

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOUTH AFRICA: This fearless diver gets up close and personal with two-thousand-pound great whites and says there is nothing to fear as 'most people' will survive an attack. Close-up snaps captured a great white shark as it flew towards the camera with its mouth menacingly wide open and another 15-foot beast as it breached from the ocean. Other images showed the terrifying sharks? bloodied gums and impressive seven-inch gnashers. The shots were taken at Western Cape, South Africa by photographer and conservationist Dickie Chivell (27) from Gansbaai, South Africa. Dickie used a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with a 14mm wide angle fish eye lens from a distance of just 10-feet away.

Pineapples being carried on bikes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers balance hundreds of pineapples on their bikes as they take them to sell at market.  The men, pushing their stacked bicycles, have collected the pineapples directly from a nearby forest. The passages of the forest are so narrow that this method of transport is the only way locals can carry the fruit to the market two hours away.  Photographer Abdul Momin pictured the traditional technique in Madhupur, Bangladesh.

Bloody zebra crossing

***EXCLUSIVE*** MARA TRIANGLE, KENYA: Gruesome pictures have captured the moment blood appeared to explode from a five-hundred-pound crocodile's jaws after it gobbled down one unlucky zebra. The incredible sequence showed a herd of zebra cautiously debating making a river crossing before plunging into the water where a hungry 16-foot long crocodile was lurking. We then see the 440-pound zebra fall victim to the reptile as it was flung into the air before the jaws of death dealt their final blow, leaving a splatter of blood in their wake. One final image captured the greedy croc as it swallowed the zebra whole, leaving just a glimpse of a hoof visible from its mouth. The images were taken by financial consultant, Dennis Stogsdill (50) from Chappaqua, New York, USA, on a trip to the Mara Triangle, Kenya.

Speedy gon-gazelle

***EXCLUSIVE*** NABOISHO CONSERVANCY, KENYA: This might be the fastest baby gazelle alive after it outran a hungry four-hundred-pound lioness. In one image, the lioness is captured kicking up some dust as it ran full speed towards the tiny 11-pound gazelle. In another, the dejected lioness stood alone after its dinner made its escape and disappeared towards the horizon. Photographer, NJ Wight, from Montreal, Canada, was in Naboisho Conservancy, Kenya, when she came across this unbelievable sight. Defying the odds, a two-foot tall gazelle was able to outrun a lioness just several feet away from NJ?s vehicle ? one of the most deadly predators on the African plains. Lions can reach speeds of up to 50 miles-per-hour compared to the humble gazelle who can only run at 40 miles-per-hour - making it a favourite-prey of many predators. Gazelles must rely on their agility to survive. Predators like lions can only maintain their speed in short bursts. If the gazelle can outlast this initial attack, they stand a chance of escaping.

Lock of hair from the mane of the Duke of Wellington's war horse at Waterloo has emerged for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** The lengthy dark strands of hair which are tied together in green ribbon belonged to his favourite steed Copenhagen. He carried Wellington into battle on that momentous day in 1815 when Napoleon Bonaparte was finally vanquished. Wellington was so attached to his horse that he gave him a burial with full military honours. The lock of hair, which has been kept in an embossed envelope for the past 205 years, is now going under the hammer with International Autograph Auction, of Malaga, Spain.

Swimmer passes drying fishing nets

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young man swims next to huge fishing nets hung out to dry in the sun to keep them clean from alage and sludge build up. The man in his early 20s was swimming past the nets hung from a bridge in a canal in Sahjahanpur Upazila, Bangladesh. Photographer, Abdul Momin, 29, said "These are huge fishing nets. Local fishermen of the area sew multiple nets together to make a huge one.  The nets are hung from a bridge which crossed the Canal. After fishing, fishermen wash and hang their nets to dry in sunlight so that mud doesn't damage the net."