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Mini motor marvels – A fleet of 125 little cars sell for big money

***EXCLUSIVE*** A huge collection of microcars has sold for £1m. Leading the fleet of the 125 little cars was a British Peel P50 - the smallest production vehicle ever made. The 1963 car, that measures just 4ft 5ins long and 3ft 3ins wide, sold for £76,000. It formed part of an impressive European collection of tiny transport amassed by two friends over a 40 year period.

These backyard office pods are the future of working from home

***EXCLUSIVE*** LIVIT introduces a new concept for those looking to work in solitude while being close to home. The Studypod concept takes a weatherproof W2.15 x L1.8 x H2.1 meter cube structure (wheels optional) with a single large black-tint hardened window at the front. Meant to be placed near your garden, backyard, or any place on your property with a view, the Studypod comes in three configurations — one for yoga, one that houses just a bed, and the main setup, an office with a detachable desk. Price: 13 378 Dollars.

Spread your wings (and wallet) - iconic Mercedes set to sell for an incredible £1.25m

***EXCLUSIVE*** An iconic Mercedes sports car dubbed 'one of the best in existence' is set to sell at auction for an incredible £1.25. The 300 SL Gullwing dates back more than half a century to 1955 but remains in spectacular original condition. It has covered just 38,000 miles from new and has been lovingly cared for down the years by a string of esteemed collectors.

Yuri kidding? - watch presented to the first man in space has emerged for sale for £35,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A wristwatch which belonged to the first man in space has emerged for sale for £35,000. Soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin was just 27 years old when he achieved the remarkable feat in the space capsule Vostock I on April 12, 1961. He completed one orbit of the earth in 108 minutes before parachuting back to earth after ejecting at 22,000ft. To commemorate this achievement, Gagarin was presented with a timepiece by the Commander of the Airforces Marshal Vershinin. The Rodina stainless steel wristwatch is adorned with 22 jewels and carries an engraved inscription on the reverse. It is going under the hammer with London based auctioneers Spink & Son.

Louis Vuitton debuts cloud and mirror monogrammed trunk backpacks inside own luxury tent

***EXCLUSIVE*** Louis Vuitton showcased two showstopping trunk backpacks at its Fall/Winter 2020 Paris Fashion Week show, and now the pair of monogrammed bags have released alongside a tent. Upon Abloh's appointment as artistic director of Louis Vuitton, the designer repurposed the house's signature trunk and luggage history into new personal bags. We've seen plenty of small iterations, but now the designer presents something that's as true to the original trunks as can be, albeit with his contemporary twist. Price on request.

Luscious Lambo – Grab an ultra-rare Lamborghini Miura SV supercar for an eye-watering £2.4m

***EXCLUSIVE*** An ultra-rare Lamborghini supercar that is one of eleven in the world has emerged for sale at auction for an eye-watering £2.4m. The Miura SV was one of the most desirable cars on the planet when it was built in 1972 with just 147 leaving the Italian firm's factory. Of those, only 11 cars built in right-hand-drive, making this one even more sought-after among collectors. The classic supercar is on the market with Silverstone Auctions of Ashorne, Warwicks who have given it an estimate of between £1.8m and £2.4m. The red thoroughbred was bought from new by an Australian collector who had them specially converted to right hand drive.

This aerospace aluminum ice ball maker is for the tech-savvy whiskey lover

***EXCLUSIVE*** A premium ice ball maker has just landed on Uncrate Supply. The ornate contraption is made from aerospace-grade aluminum and finished with a black coating. A popular ice shape for whiskey drinkers, the single sphere exposes less surface area to the drink and melts slower to mix less water into the drink. The ice press takes a larger mold and uses gravity and the thermal conductivity of aluminum to shape 2.75-inch ice balls. Price: 300 Dollars at UNCRATE store.

You must be yoking - pet chicken called Corona has stunned her owners by laying a triple yolked egg

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Silver Sussex breed, that acquired her name as her owners bought her during lockdown, defied odds of 25,000,000-1 to produce the incredible egg. Guadalupe Acevedo-Moncada bought the chicken in May as a present for her daughters Sofia, 11, and Diandra, 10, during lockdown. The triple yolk was revealed when they cracked open the egg while baking a rhubarb and ginger cake together.