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Street art group work

Jody Kelly, from Troon, who is part of a team of artists that have been assembled by street art group Art Pistol to produce new work for The Clutha Bar's famous mural in Glasgow.

Lavender farmer from Scotland

Lavender farmer Rory Irwin, from Scottish Lavender Oils, inspects the rows of folgate lavender ahead of this year's harvest at Tarhill Farm near Kinross, Fife.

Headstand Grandpa

Mr. Jiang, a man in his seventies, practices Yoga in a special way, standing upside down with his head while holding an umbrella with his foot on a rock at a park, and thus draws attention of passers-by, Shanghai, China, 11 July 2020. *** Local Caption *** fachaoshi

Artist paints with stain remover

Artist Fanny Gogh uses Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover removing red wine and creates a portrait of Her Majesty The Queen. See SWNS story SWBRart. A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II has been crafted – out of red wine spilled on a CARPET.As a tribute to the monarch’s ‘full-bodied’ response to the UK’s lockdown, artist Fanny Gough created the stunning likeness. The red wine was spilled onto the carpet, then using a stain remover brush head Fanny created the outline of Her Majesty’s crown. A fine paint brush dipped in the stain remover was then used to create the details of The Queen’s face.

Gurpareet Bains with his five a day cookie

Gurpareet Bains with his five a day cookie. See SWNS story SWBRcookie. A nutritionist whose superfood cookbooks are a hit with the A-list has created the world‚Äôs healthiest snack ‚Äd a cookie that contains all five of our recommended portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Gurpareet Bains, whose celebrity fans include Gwyneth Paltrow, Goldie Hawn and Chris Evans, spent three months developing the ‚ÄúChikitsa Crumble‚ÄE during the coronavirus lockdown. The blueberry-flavoured treats contain the nutritional equivalent of five whole bags of leafy greens and can help to lower cholesterol, manage Type 2 diabetes and boost heart health. They also pack nearly half the daily recommended intake of fibre and contain up to 50 per cent fewer calories than ‚Äediet-friendly‚Äô and ‚Äehealth‚Äô snacks currently on the market.

St Cuthbert's Cave

The St Cuthbert's Cave at Holywell Bay in Cornwall. See SWNS story SWPLcave. These stunning pictures show inside a rainbow-coloured 'forgotten' sea CAVE that is thought to have special healing powers. The multicoloured grotto was once one of Britain's most mysterious sites and attracted huge numbers of visitors during the 17th and 18th century. The area is named after the cave's healing waters where pilgrims, cripples and sick people would make their way to the cave to drink from the “holy well”. But in recent decades it has become largely secluded and unknown and most tourists now visiting Holywell, Cornwall, are unaware of its hidden wonders.

Stuck in MUD at seaside spot

This unfortunate beachgoer had to be rescued - after getting stuck in MUD at a notorious seaside spot. See SWNS story SWBRmud. The man was pictured wallowing in the sludge at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset yesterday (Sun). He could be seen scrambling and even rolling in the sludge in just a vest and shorts at the resort - nicknamed Weston-super-Mud. The anonymous man was said to be one of several people who decided to wade out over the mud towards the River Severn.

Live online safari experience

The UK‚Äôs first ever live online safari experience has been launched to a roaring start - allowing animal loving pupils to ‚Äúvisit‚ÄE over 550 acres of wildlife. See SWNS story SWLEsafari. Knowsley Safari, voted the number one safari park in the nation by Tripadvisor, will open its virtual doors to students as lockdown measures begin to ease. The Live Stream Safari School hopes to help pupils and schools who are unable to physically visit the wildlife park but still want to learn and engage with nature. The real-time, interactive experience will bring pupils closer to the action than ever before to see yapping baby yacks, meandering meerkats, and trawling tigers on its 550-acre site. Topics for the Safari School sessions could include African Animals, Classifications or Food and Feeding, from which schools can pick and choose according to their interests or curriculum needs. The stream is interactive, with pupils able to ask live questions during the sessions and receive an instant response from the animal experts on site, just as if they were there in person.

Britain's oldest tattooist is back at work

Doc Price back inking tattoos after lockdown. See SWNS copy SWCAtattoo: Britain's oldest tattooist is back at work again today (mon) as the nation's tattoo parlours are finally allowed to reopen. Doc Price, 87, works alongside son Bill at their studio Doc Price & Bill Price Tattooing in Plymouth, Devon. They were finally able to open their doors today after months of shutdown.

Cyclist kitten

***MANDATORY CREDIT:'manuandmagda.com/SWNS'*** These photos show the awesome journey German cyclists Magda May and Aline May took through Azerbaijan - accompanied by a stray kitten they found on the way. See SWNS story SWBRrescue. This is the heartwarming story of how two cycling girls saved the life of a BABY CAT in Azerbaijan. German traveller’s Madga May, 29 was in the midst of a round-the-world Bicycle trip with Aline May, 23 accompanying her through Azerbaijan. While passing through the Eurasian countryside the two found a tiny kitten abandoned in the street. Upon realising the poor baby was alone and scared they decided they could not in good concise leave her as the cat would surely die without help.

haunted bedroom

Video grab from footage showing a strange spectral being apparently floating around the room of a young couple’s baby. See SWNS story SWSYghost. A young couple from Norwich record a GHOST on their baby monitor, after tucking their 6-month old daughter into bed on Sunday evening. At a time when we are stringently socially-distancing, the paranormal clearly have different ideas. At first it seemed an ordinary Sunday night for Shannon Hayward, 18, and partner Robbie Beavis, 22. At 8pm, after putting 6-month old Savannah to bed for her first night sleeping in a bedroom alone, the couple settled down to watch TV.

Upside down Porsche

A driver faces court after he destroyed his £100k Porsche sports car when it crashed into a Mercedes. See SWNS story SWLEcrash. Officers were called to the scene after the red Porsche 911 GT3 crashed with a Mercedes car over the weekend. The collision caused the Porsche to flip into shrubbery next to the road in Ackworth near Pontefract, West Yorks., at around 3.20pm on Saturday (July 11). The 500 horsepower car can hit top speeds of about 200mph. PC 'Robbo' Robson, of the Roads Policing Unit, said the two occupants of the Porsche escaped with minor injuries.