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Woman uses her period blood as facemask and it leaves her skin ‘glowing’

***EXCLUSIVE*** CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA: Meet the woman who uses her period blood to paint, do facials and water the plants – and itt leaves her skin GLOWING. Like most women, intuitive and feminine embodiment coach, Mary Miranda (36) from Chicago, USA, was horrified when she had her first period aged 12. Throughout her teens and twenties Mary suffered with painful irregular and heavy periods which sometimes lasted up to eight days at a time which left her feeling ashamed, embarrassed and disgusted by her monthly bleed. The irregularity of Mary’s monthly cycle meant that sometimes she’d only have a period three or four times a year – something she didn’t realise at the timme was abnormal. Even on birth control, Mary’s period pain didn’t ease noticeably and in 2006 she was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst after she suddenly collapsed five times in pain she had initially dismissed as trapped gas or digestion problems. She had an emergency salpingo-oophorectomy to remove her right ovary. After this, Mary was advised to continue with her birth control pill to prevent the same happening to her left ovary but after two years, in 2008, she stopped her pill as she didn’t want to be pumping her body with synthetic hormones. Mary’s excruciating periods continued which left her with side effects so severe, she’d vomit, experience low blood pressure and profusely sweat. Mary visited A&E twice and on her second trip she had a transvaginal ultrasound scan which discovered a small uterine fibroid tumour, a non-cancerous growth, in her uterus. By December 2017, the fibroid had grown to three-and-a-half inches, which left her looking visibly bloated, and she had another cyst on her left ovary. In February 2018, Mary underwent myomectomy surgery to remove her uterine fibroid and ovarian cyst and save her reproductive system. Worried that she would have to have a hysterectomy one day if her problems persisted, Mary started to research how to take control of her reproductive health holistically after never being offered the alternative before. Mary discovered Moon Blood rituals, the act of cherishing, welcoming and honouring menstruation and hasn’t looked back since. Each month Mary gives herself a facial using her period blood which she leaves on for up to 30 minutes, paints with it, dances to it and offers her blood back to the earth by „watering” plants and trees with it. Now she is keen to break the taboo surrounding periods by sharing her journey publicly online and wants to encourage other women to welcome instead of fear their monthly cycle.


Underground ‘doomsday’ bunker complete with a helipad and its own water supply for super rich to flee the apocalypse

When the apocalypse comes, you may as well bunker down in style. Called Plan B, this new underground bunker concept has been created by Sergey Makhno Architects, who say their task was to „create a cosy and safe home in the depths of the earth”. The massive concrete structure is equipped with three entrances and a helipad on the roof. Set at a depth of 15 metres, it would cover an area of 2,280 square meters and can be placed either near a main residence or in a remote location. The dwelling is set out in layers: a living space, a floor with a water treatment system and generator, a layer of electrical equipment, and at the very bottom - a well. „Of course, all systems in the Plan B underground building are autonomous” say the architects. „Water supply, sewerage, closed ventilation system with recuperation, intake, and air purification. Whatever happens on the Earth's surface, life in Plan B will continue.” The Ukrainian design company explain: „From the outside, Plan B resembles the entrance to a museum of modern art, or even to a military base. We tried to create a simple and concise form, which in all its perspective would speak of reliability, but also be aesthetically attractive, it would not intimidate and lets you in from both the ground and from the air.” The project proposal provides comfortable living for two or three families with children and staff with their families.


Girl strikes back at cancer 16 months after dying from disease aged 5

***EXCLUSIVE*** Scientists have made a major breakthrough in the treatment of a common childhood bone cancer - partly thanks to a tragic little girl they knew as 'Super Strong Sophie.' Little Sophie Taylor died aged just five after being diagnosed with primary bone cancer Osteosarcoma which had already spread to her lungs. Samples of her tumour and her DNA were analysed by scientists seeking better and 'kinder' treatments for the cancer, which typically affects those under the age of 25. Now 18 months after Sophie's death, researchers have announced their first major breakthrough in the field in 40 years.

Dad-of-six survives coronavirus after wife was told to 'start preparing funeral'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dad-of-six who made a ‚Äúmiraculous‚ÄĚ recovery from Covid-19 after being told he had a five percent chance of survival has returned home in a heartwarming scene. Christopher Lazar, 44, spent eight weeks in hospital after showing symptoms of the killer virus - and spent five in ICU while hooked on a ventilator to save his life. The quality control inspector has suffered with mild asthma for most of his life but said he never thought he would inch so close to death. His condition had gotten so severe that his wife Sarah began to brace for the worst and prepare his funeral. He was struggling to breathe while on the ventilator and was placed in a medically induced coma after just days in hospital in May. The virus had attacked Chris‚Äô immune system and he was struggling to fight it as his body shut down. Doctors told him during those five weeks he suffered multiple heart failure, renal failure, pneumonia, sepsis, a pulmonary embolism and a necrotic left foot - which will likely result in it being chopped off.

Biggest ever ocean cleanup hauls 103 tons of plastic

July 13, 2020: A record amount of plastic has been recovered from the largest ever ocean clean-up. Over the course of 48 days, an expedition to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch managed to haul an astonishing 103 tons of plastic from the ocean. The mission was run by Ocean Voyages Institute, a non-profit founded in 1979 to help preserve the world’s oceans. The Institute’s cleanup is the largest to date at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This remote area of the Pacific Ocean, located between California and Hawaii, is a swirling vortex that corrals and traps an astonishing amount of trash. The items that Ocean Voyages Institute managed to pluck from the ocean is quite representative of what’s left behind - an overwhelming amount of fishing gear and consumer plastics. Commercial fishing equipment and „ghost nets” which are fishing nets cast overboard instead of being properly disposed of, accounted for the majority of the 103 tons retrieved. Sadly, the crew found numerous turtle skeletons tangled in the nets, which shows the real-life consequences of these careless actions.

Vertigo inducing pictures reveal the world's TALLEST climbing wall, measuring in at almost three-hundred-feet - and it's built down the side of a POWER PLANT

***EXCLUSIVE*** DENMARK: Images show the 278-foot high climbing wall with almost 1,000 grips being tested by builders in preparation of its big opening later this year. Another picture captures steam as it is pumped out from the power plant at the wall's peak. Part of a leisure complex, sitting atop the energy facility, the unique slanted design compliments the ruggedness of mountains, and also the unique blocky design of the pre-existing building. The record-breaking wall, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. was created by architects Bjarke Ingels Group and designers Walltopia. It scales Amager Bakke, which is known as the world’s cleanest waste to energy facility. The wall was built with 55 tons of stainless steel, and a mixture of 24 tons of fiberglass and plexiglass, as to not cover the building’s windows from natural light. The 32-foot wide wall is split into four sections, for climbers of various difficulties. It spans 12,916 sq. ft. Thrill-lovers will be able to enjoy the 300 pine and willow trees on top of the building to unwind after the climb, to which you can ascend at the end of 2020.

A never before played 35 year old video game is expected to fetch a new world record when it goes under the hammer

***EXCLUSIVE*** An early Super Mario Bros video game that is still in its sealed case has sold for a world record sum of £90,000. The extremely rare copy of the classic Nintendo game was for the Mega Man version and was bought by a gamer upon its release in 1985. For an unknown reason he never opened the game and kept hold of it.

Severely colorblind man, 44, breaks down in tears as he sees a rainbow of vivid colors for the very first time while wearing special $350 glasses given to him by his sons

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: Footage captures the emotional moment a dad sees colour for the first time in his life. Dan Brogger (44) from Stockton, California, USA, had his world changed as he put on the pair of special EnChroma glasses gifted to him by his three sons Peter (17), Ben (16) and Sam (14) for Father’s Day. The glasses which cost around Ł280 ($350) allow people like Dan who are colourblind to be able to see colours vividly. Having never been able to identify colour before he is suddenly able to list off the shades of every balloon in front of him, as well as see the beautiful flowers in his garden and couldn’t help but shed a few tears of joy in the process. Dan’s wife, Adrianna admitted it was an emotional moment for the whole family. And the novelty of colour certainly hasn’t worn off for Dan, who has worn the glasses every day since he received them.

Furry unlikely friends: fox and hound

***EXCLUSIVE*** CZECH REPUBLIC: This fox and hound have formed one of the most unlikely friendships after being caught snuggling together. Despite foxes and dogs typically having less than friendly relationships with one another, these two have certainly broken convention by becoming best friends. Foxy, the tiny little red fox, can be seen nuzzling up to his big sister - a three-year-old Siberian husky called Cloe. The pooch’s wagging tail suggests that she doesn’t appear to mind the company of her miniature companion at all. Their owner, Aneta Jordova (26), from Czech Republic, saved Foxy from hunters when he was just five weeks old. Whilst huskies are not historically hunting dogs, they do have a strong prey drive and have been known to attack and kill cats and even other small dogs, making this friendship all the more remarkable.

Mini Monks: a photographer has captured the elusive child monks of Myanmar who begin training at just eight-years-old

***EXCLUSIVE*** MYANMAR: In one image, a young monk is captured with his hands clasped in prayer as rays of light shine in through an ancient stone window and surround him. In another, a boy meditates in front of an ornate carving in the stone of the centuries-old monastery. Photographer, Jan Skwara (38), from Pruszkow, Poland, spent one month travelling around Myanmar visiting monasteries in Yangon, Nyaungshwe, and Bagan. Buddhism plays a key role in Myanmar’s history and some of these buildings date back to the 11th century. Children can join monasteries aged just eight years old. This period of learning is known as the noviciate as the children do not become monks until they are 20 years old. They are guided by an elder who then discerns if they are worthy of taking a vow. Monks play an integral role in Myanmar’s history. In 2007, they lead a national protest nicknamed the Saffron Revolution campaigning against the rise in fuel prices set directly by the ruling militia. Protesting monks refused donations from the country’s leaders and law enforcement which threw the legitimacy of the religion’s peaceful aims into question.

These stunning pictures show inside a rainbow-coloured 'forgotten' sea CAVE that is thought to have special healing powers

***EXCLUSIVE*** The multicoloured grotto was once one of Britain's most mysterious sites and attracted huge numbers of visitors during the 17th and 18th century. The area is named after the cave's healing waters where pilgrims, cripples and sick people would make their way to the cave to drink from the “holy well”. But in recent decades it has become largely secluded and unknown and most tourists now visiting Holywell, Cornwall, are unaware of its hidden wonders.

This house comes with an award-winning vineyard and a bar with wine on tap - and it could be yours for Ł15M

***EXCLUSIVE*** MONMOUTH, UK: Ancre Hill Estates is situated in the Wye Valley in Monmouthshire, Wales, and comes with a state of the art, fully equipped winery and vineyard. The 19th century country house that sits on the estate comprises of six bedrooms, six bathrooms, drawing rooms, snooker room, morning room, study, living area, kitchen, dressing room and orangery over three storeys. Also included in the sale is the additional outbuildings including a four-bedroom, three-bedroom and two-bedroom cottage, a winery with a bar area and other outbuildings. There is also an outdoor pool, tennis court, garage, office, tractor shed and green house. Ancre Hill Estates produces 100,000 bottles of wine per year and is recognised far and wide with international stockists including Raymond Blanc’s Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons in Oxford. In 2012, Ancre Hill’s 2008 sparkling wine was voted the best White Sparkling Wine in the world and won the Bollicine del Mondo. The estate has about 30,000 vines planted in 30 of its total 137 acres. The vines include Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The estate has an organic and bio-dynamic status which means that no pesticides are used and the vineyard is harvested sustainably. Ancre Hill and its established, award-winning wine estate is currently on the market with Savills and could be all yours for a sweet Ł15M.

Photographer spent four years finding Japan's cutest baby monkeys

***EXCLUSIVE*** KYOTO, JAPAN: In one image, a two-pound baby Japanese macaque was captured holding its hand up towards its face as it glanced to the side in shock. In another, an adorable macaque dabbled in a spot of yoga as he stood on one leg with the help of a nearby branch. Photographer, Shigemoto Masanori (34), from Hyogo, Japan, has been travelling around the country for four years in search of the cutest Japanese macaque monkey. Shigemoto’s search came to an end when he visited the Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama in Kyoto. There, he stumbled across these adorable two-month old fellows. In addition to their striking facial resemblance, Japanese macaque monkeys have a number of other traits in common with humans. They are the only animal known to wash their food before they eat it. Japanese macaques play an important role in Buddhism and Hinduism as it’s believed that they may have descended from the Hindu figure, Rama. Although there are macaque hunters, the species has a stable population in Japan thanks to several protected national reserves.

Terrifying footage captures the moment this four inch tarantula sheds its skin

***EXCLUSIVE*** HAMBURG, GERMANY: In the quite literally skin-crawling video, the 11-year-old Brachypelma Smithi tarantula, called Chantal, can be seen lying on its back. In the time-lapse footage, the spider then begins to shuffle from side to side before pulling the old skin away from its body revealing a vibrant orange skin underneath. However owner Rico Schumann (23) from Hamburg, Germany certainly doesn’t find this crawly creature at all creepy, having been fascinated by them from a young age. To the relief of many, the Brachypelma Smithi tarantula is native to Mexico and sheds its skin every one to two years on average. And despite its scary appearance they are in fact docile creatures who do not pose much of a threat to humans. According to the 23 year-old, the moulting process is not scary, but is instead a sight to behold. For those who suffer from arachnophobia, watching childbirth may well be the preferable option.

A tiny bat has found itself a long way from home after hitching a car ride from France and being carried on a 500 mile journey to the UK

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tiny bat has found itself a long way from home after hitching a car ride from France and being carried on a 500 mile journey to the UK. A car salesman was stunned when he found the tiny bat hiding in the boot of a brand new £23,000 Vauxhall Grandland X after it arrived in Hartlepool, County Durham. The 10cm pipistrelle bat hid in the boot of the vehicle all the way in France where it was manufactured, and winged the trip across the channel to the dealership.  An RSPCA staffer went to collect the little stowaway from the „bat-mobile” on Wednesday morning (July 8).

This official Pokémon-licensed Pikachu face hat is $500

***EXCLUSIVE*** Japanese headwear label CA4LA has teamed up with Pokémon on a bright yellow Pikachu hat. The „Pikachu Face Hat” is made from delicate fleece often found on traditional gentlemen's hats, like a Trilby or Bowler, embellished with bold colors and intricate embroidery. Starting at the top of the hat are a pair of pointy black-tip ears that extend out towards the sides. Pikachu's round eyes are positioned near the lower half of the hat, complemented by a tiny nose, a buoyant smile and red circles around its cheeks. As a final note, the hat comes with a smooth satin lining decorated with a colorful array of Pokémon prints all around. Only 50 hats have been made. Price: 515 Dollars.