Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A woman who makes exquisite miniature furniture for dollhouses says business QUADRUPLED during the COVID-19 lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jessica Coffee, 41, quit her job as an art designer in January and created a miniature-making business that took off, as homebound people looked for a hobby. With the help of her husband, Robb, 39, a videographer who lost work during the pandemic, Jessica creates minuscule replicas of everyday items including iPhones, house plants and bathtubs. The couple receive on average six orders a day from enthusiasts desperate to get their hands on Jessica’s tiny furniture.  The mum-of-three, from Walla Walla, Washington, credits the popularity to people wanting something creative to do during quarantine which also gives them a sense of control.

A man who was rescued from a house fire as a baby 18 years ago has been reunited with the firefighters who saved his life

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brian Mottram was 18-months-old when a fire broke out at his home in Edmonton, north London, in 2002 that left him with 44 per cent burns and just a five per cent chance of survival. His father Clive Mottram tried to get back inside to rescue his son but could not get near enough due to the thick smoke that had engulfed the building. When fire crews arrived at the scene, firefighters Simon Cullen and Billy Merrifield entered the property wearing breathing apparatus and after a search, rescued Brian from a first floor bedroom. Brian, now 19, was rushed to a specialist burns hospital but miraculously he pulled through. He finally visited Edmonton Fire Station along with his partner Jessica, who is expecting their first child, and dad Clive.

U.S. hotels use robots to deliver room service, towels and snacks to avoid human contact

California, United States: Seven California hotels are using adorable three-foot robots to provide room service to guests while avoiding human contact. With hotels beginning to reopen around the world, some people are still unsure about the human contact that comes with room service. These Social Distancing Robot Ambassadors provide contactless deliveries and peace of mind to guests. The robotic ambassadors are able to cater to the needs of guests but in a totally touch-free manner. All of these hotels have had the robots for years, but they transitioned in March from beloved amenities to vital necessities. The helpful robots can effortlessly glide onto elevators and find rooms, without human interference.

A dyslexic harpist who struggled to read music has invented a new harp with rainbow strings and matching coloured sheet music to help her play

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dyslexic harpist who struggled to read music has invented a new harp with rainbow strings and matching coloured sheet music to help her play.  Morwenna Louttit-Vermaat, 34, struggled to learn to read music when she was younger - but discovered it was easier if she put colour coded stickers on her harp. Now she and husband Creag, 35, the couple have have created a multi-coloured harp so that people with learning difficulties can play. Craeg, from Stroud, Gloucestershire, said: ''It was my wife's idea.

Mountaineers from the first British team to reach the summit of Mount Everest are celebrating 45 years since the incredible feat - by climbing the stairs in their homes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sir Chris Bonington, 85, Doug Scott, 79, and Paul ’Tut’ Braithwaite, 74, were among the first Brits to reach the summit after climbing the notorious south-west face in 1975. But 45 years on, the group are recreating the Everest triumph by scaling the stairs in their homes 20 times - the equivalent height of 8,848m. The charity event is in aid of Community Action Nepal (CAN), which aims to raise cash for projects in the remote Himalayan regions.

A beachgoer has been left bemused after her daughter photographed a mysterious face - on her bum

***EXCLUSIVE*** A beachgoer has been left bemused after her daughter photographed a mysterious face - on her bum. Hollie Abraham was at Porthoustock beach near St Keverne in the Lizard on Sunday (July 12) with her daughters, aged 10 and 11, when one of them was messing around with the camera and captured the bizarre and creepy face. The face appears to have eyes, nose and mouth and can be seen on Hollie’s left leg/bottom area of her playsuit. Hollie, 32, from Helston, said: “I just can’t work it out. At first I thought it may have been a reflection but it can’t be as the camera was forward facing with my daughter taking the picture from behind me.

An ex professional motorcross rider has no regrets over his career - despite a failed trick leaving him paralysed from the chest down for life

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cal Werner, 28, worked as a freestyle motorcross rider for four years before a horrific accident forced him to retire at just 27. He missed the landing ramp during a jump for the closing act of a circus show in June 2019, and fell 30ft - breaking three vertebrae. Cal insists he has no regrets regarding his short lived career despite being left paralysed from the chest down for the rest of his life.

Video grab from footage showing Ashim Baruah performing yoga moves - while suspended fom his hair

***EXCLUSIVE*** This video shows the world's most extreme yoga - a man who performs 'relaxing' positions while suspended by his HAIR.  Ashim Baruah, 32, displays his remarkable stunt by hanging in the air just using the support of his hairs tied to a rope, with its fulcrum on the ceiling of the roof.  In the video he demonstrates the anti-gravity Yoga asana by hanging by his hair as he continues to display his yoga skills. He transforms his body into a number of different positions, defying gravity whilst demonstrating complete control.

An osprey plucks a huge trout from a lake

***EXCLUSIVE*** These impressive photos show the moment that a bird of prey swooped down and caught a fish so big - that it struggled to fly off with it. The large osprey caused quite a splash as it entered the water, and wrapped its talons around the fish. But the bird clearly didn't bargain on pulling out a creature almost as big as itself - and photos show the osprey clearly struggling with the weight of the rainbow trout.

Aboriginies settled in parts of Australia tens of thousands of years earlier than previously thought, reveals new research

***EXCLUSIVE*** The known timeline of the Aboriginal occupation of South Australia's Riverland region has been vastly extended by the findings. Radiocarbon dating of shell middens - remnants of food eaten long ago - capture a record of Aboriginal occupation that extends to around 29,000 years, confirming the location as the oldest River Murray Indigenous site in South Australia. The first comprehensive survey of the region was led by Flinders University in collaboration with the River Murray and Mallee Aboriginal Corporation (RMMAC).