Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A 99-year-old woman who survived a Nazi assassination attempt, a horror plane crash and breast cancer over the course of her life has now defeated coronavirus too

***EXCLUSIVE*** Joy Andrew was struck down with the deadly disease at her care home in May and, just two weeks later, nurses feared she was on her way out and placed Joy on end of life care. Her condition was so grave that daughter Michele Andrew, 57, visited to say her "final farewell". But care home staff watched on in disbelief over the subsequent weeks and months as Joy recalled the wartime spirit to "miraculously defeat" Covid-19.

New solar material cleans and purifies drinking water

Rochester, New York, United States: A new solar material that could clean drinking water - and even wick water uphill against gravity - has been developed. Researchers at New York’s University of Rochester, with funding from the U.S. Army Research Office (ARO), have developed a new aluminium panel that more efficiently concentrates solar energy to evaporate and purify contaminated water. Providing clean water to Soldiers in the field and citizens around the world is essential, and yet one of the world's greatest challenges. Now a new super-wicking and super-light-absorbing aluminium material developed with Army funding, as well as funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Science Foundation, could change that. The researchers developed a laser processing technology that turns regular aluminium pitch black, making it highly absorptive, as well as super-wicking (it wicks water uphill against gravity).

Teenager rescued by firefighters after she got stuck in a baby swing while filming a TikTok video

***EXCLUSIVE*** Layani Maclean, 14, was at the local park with her pals and was filming a clip for the social media platform. Each of them were taking it in turns getting in and out of the swing, when Layani got stuck and was unable to move. She was left trying to escape for over an hour before her mum, Charlie Maclean, 40, was forced to call for the assistance of local firefighters.

Workers making soy sauce

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers pour tens of thousands of soybeans into large clay jugs as they create soy sauce. Aerial photographs of the soy sauce factory show hundreds of the jugs laid out in rows and factory workers can be seen filling them with golden-coloured soybeans after a roasting process. Amateur photographer Nghiem Dinh Chinh, who captured these shots in Hung Yen, Vietnam, said: "Soybean seeds are soaked in water and then dried.

Happy hare smiling

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 'smiling' brown hare was spotted in a field in Tysoe, Warwickshire by Events Manager Richard Ellis. Richard said, "These guys really love fresh grass, she may have picked up the scent of other hares. While she smelt the grass it looked like it seems to make her smile. It almost felt like she was posing for me as she certainly knew I was there, I was only about eight feet away."

Puffin flies in with beak filled with fish

***EXCLUSIVE*** A puffin stuffs its beak full of fish and flies back to land. The bird can be seen transporting the freshly caught sand eels back from sea in Scotland. It managed to carry five fish back to the breeding colonies at Dunnet Head, the most northerly point of mainland Britain, to feed young puffins.