Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Granddad has spent retirement creating more than 50 stunning Tudor model dolls houses made of more 3000 pieces each

***EXCLUSIVE*** A granddad has created more than 50 stunningly detailed Tudor dolls houses that are being snapped up by collectors around the world. Talented Kevin Jackson, 60, started creating the intricate models after he retired with each consisting of more than 3,000 individual handmade pieces. They include tiled roofs and wooden gables, and some even have lights, and speaker systems to play period music. Others have working chimneys and all are created by hand by Kevin at his home in Instow, Devon. He started his hobby-turned-business KJ Dolls Houses nine years ago after a 25-year career building full size show houses for the Ideal Home Show.

A toddler born prematurely after a traumatic birth which only two per cent of women worldwide experience has finally learnt to walk - after doctors feared she never would

***EXCLUSIVE*** Clara Healy took her first steps in December last year, three months before her third birthday - but the lockdown meant the tot, who is shielding due to suffering chronic lung disease, was cooped up inside for months. Now she is able to be out and about a bit more with parents Sophie Cameron, 26, and Corey Healy, 27, Clara is raising money for the hospital which helped her when she was facing a fight for life - by walking, something her parents feared she would never be able to do.

GoPro for beetles: Researchers create a tiny robotic camera backpack that can be strapped onto insects and provide a 'bug's eye' view

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tiny robotic camera backpack has been created by scientists that can be strapped on the back of insects - similar to the movie Ant-Man. Researchers made the wireless "GoPro for beetles" to get an Ant-Man's view of the world. In the film Ant-Man, the title character can shrink in size and travel by soaring on the back of an insect.  Now researchers at the University of Washington have developed the tiny wireless steerable camera that can also ride aboard an insect. The camera, which streams video to a smartphone at one to five frames per second, sits on a mechanical arm that can pivot 60 degrees.

Hilarious moment that bride and groom took a tumble into the river while posing for their wedding snaps

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the hilarious moment a bride and groom took a dip on their big day.  Lora Wendorf, 35, and her new husband Jordan Devries, 35, were posing for wedding pictures on a dock when they tumbled into the river together. The couple was attempting to recreate a romantic dance move Lora had seen on Dancing With The Stars, when things went very wrong.  Lora, a social worker, said: “I was just so in the moment and so happy that I said to Jordan: ‘Babe give me a dip’.

Incredible pictures show 50 bolts of lightning flashing in just 5 minutes in Mexico’s ‘Night of a Thousand Forks’

***EXCLUSIVE*** The amazing, panoramic photos over the valley shows the whole sky light up as the forks of lightning strike at different points along the length of the city's 165 square miles. The intense electrical storm even saw a number of the lightning bolts cracking over the 12,000-foot tall Colima Volcano - the most active volcano in Mexico.

A pet cat has baffled its owner by bringing home piles of -- swimming GOGGLES

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sally Louise, 52, is used to cat Avery, four, returning home with dead mice and birds over the years but was confused when it returned with a pair of swimming goggles. Since bringing home the first pair three weeks ago, Avery has brought now gathered an impressive collection of EIGHT pairs of goggles. The moggy has even taken a set to the family's neighbours.

The tallest echiums in the UK

***EXCLUSIVE***Phil Webb reckons he may have grown the tallest echiums in the county. The huge plants, measuring more than 14ft 4.5ins are in the front garden of his home in Downs View, Bradford on Avon. The 70-year-old 70, said: “The last time I measured them, they were 14ft 4.5 inches high. “They’re in full flower and are absolutely covered by bees. They are swarming all over them.”

The 1944 Willys-Overland Military Jeep gifted to former US President General Dwight Eisenhower which is up at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Jeep gifted to former US President General Dwight Eisenhower after he secured Allied victory in World War Two - is expected to fetch up to £150,000 at auction. General Eisenhower was given the Jeep by the National Trust for Scotland in October 1946, in recognition of his strategic brilliance as Supreme Allied Commander during the war. He later drove the vehicle, a 1944 Willys-Overland Military Jeep, during his two terms as the 34th President of the United States, from 1953 to 1961.

Red kite shows off plumage as it sunbathes

***EXCLUSIVE*** A red kite shows off its impressive plumage as it basks in sunlight breaking through the clouds. The bird of prey opened its wings wide while perched on a thin branch high above the ground. The photographs were captured near the village of Compton Bassett, in north Wiltshire.

Reflected in flooded paddy fields

***EXCLUSIVE*** A worker is perfectly reflected in the clear water of flooded paddy fields. Equipped with spades, workers stand atop banks which are made to retain the water so rice can grow, flourishing in the flooded soils. Amateur photographer Ali Acar took pictures of them over a five year period near his home in Tosya, Turkey.

Rare model of legendary boy racer favourite Ford Sierra Cosworth goes on sale for eye-watering £50,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredibly rare pre-production model of the legendary Ford Sierra RS Cosworth has emerged for sale at auction for a whopping Ł60,000. The Fast Ford was one of just ten motors to be built before the line was put into mass production in 1985. Of that ten, only three were made as road cars with the example currently up for sale the only one of the trio known to have survived. It is therefore one of the most-sought after Fords on the planet at a time when the market for their 1980s racers is at an all-time high. The motor has been listed for sale with online auctioneers, The Market who have given it a guide price of between Ł39,000 and Ł59,000.

Four hungry chicks being fed

***EXCLUSIVE*** Four young hungry swallows are perched on a bush with their beaks wide open as they eagerly await to be fed. The photographs were taken by factory worker Brian Davies in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire. The 49 year old said “It was quite an amazing sight when I saw these four beaks wide open on these young swallows. They were waiting for their parents to return to be fed!” “I was so pleased when I caught this moment.”