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'Comper' woman won £50k in prizes entering free competitions

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rebecca Beesley has won prizes worth over £50,000 and a string of amazing money-can't-buy experiences, but the mum-of-three said the highs have been matched with desperate lows. Sometimes, the 41-year-old found herself skipping showers and meals - glued to her computer for hours on end, scouring the internet for chances to win. But after realising her life-ruining habit had its roots in unresolved grief, she has pulled herself up from the depths, found balance, and written two books about her experiences.

Ancient Chinese farmer makes pure-wooden bicycle

Jilin, China: Farmer Li Jingyang, 70, tries to ride a homemade solid wood bicycle in Dagangzi Village, Xiyang Town, Yongji County, Jilin Province. It is reported that Li Jingyang, a farmer, was born in the suburb of Tangshan. He has only ever been a primary school student, but he has been interested in mechanical physics since he was a child. He has always been thinking and thinking. In recent years, he successively developed made four with actual bike 1:1 high simulation of real wood the bike, the top three are handicraft, only this year by about 50 days free time to build a fourth to have new breakthrough, in addition to the front and rear axle bearing used, other parts are elm wood, even the axis, front fork, pedal and other components, are made of solid wood, need to rotate with oil injection hole, riding up relatively which. After repeated trial rides by himself and his neighbors, he said, the axle and conveyor belt need to be improved to make the fourth-generation solid wood bike not only beautiful and enjoyable, but also useful for good riding. In his studio, full of the kinds of tools, in recent years, he not only invention made four generations wooden bike in this room, there are two wheeled spend big iron car, pulling the three high simulation can ''MuNiu LiuMa'': a younger one electric cattle and a large electric horses and a large a little hung carriage, massage chairs and other equipment, and received two national patents. These works are his agricultural leisure time research and development results, won the eyes of the villagers, a go out to attract villagers onlookers, but also by some media attention.

A glimpse of the mini pig cafe in Chengdu

Chengdu, Sichuan, China: Customers play with cute mini pigs at a coffee shop in Chengdu, southwest China's Sichuan Province. Having pets around while enjoying coffee is becoming a trend in urban China thanks to the belief that they help to reduce stress and pressure. After a stressful day at work, customers can relax with a cup of coffee while playing with mini pigs.

Ocean Flower Island in China to open as scheduled

After 8 years construction, Ocean Flower Island, the artificial archipelago off the north coast of Danzhou in Hainan is to open as scheduled. Ocean Flower Island, or Sea Flower Island, is an under-construction, artificial archipelago located off the north coast of Danzhou, Hainan, China, west of the Yangpu Peninsula. The project, being built by the Evergrande Group, will consist of three independent islets with a total area of 381 hectares (940 acres). The project has received an investment of 160 billion RMB (US$24 billion) and is scheduled for completion in 2020.

A medieval castle where Robert the Bruce once stayed has gone on the market - for the same price as a one-bedroom flat in London

***EXCLUSIVE*** Castle of Park, which sits on the Park Estate, in Cornhill, Aberdeenshire has foundations dating back to the 13th Century, and comes with its own historic chapel and labyrinth. The A-listed castle is on the marker for £1.5million - the same price as a one bed flat in Mayfair, London. Robert the Bruce is said to have stayed at the harled mansion when he travelled north during turbulent times.

NASA reveals the mission facts of Mars helicopter

NASA has revealed Wednesday (15 June), six things to know about the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter: the first helicopter attempting to fly on another planet. Described as a „marvel of engineering”, the small craft will join NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance rover when it launches from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida later this summer. An innovative experiment will ride along: the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter. Ingenuity may weigh only about 4 pounds (1.8 kilograms), but it has some outsize ambitions. ''The Wright Brothers showed that powered flight in Earth's atmosphere was possible, using an experimental aircraft,'' said HÃ¥vard Grip, Ingenuity’s chief pilot at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California. ''With Ingenuity, we're trying to do the same for Mars.''

Photographer captures stunning humpback whale pictures after leaving lockdown

June 7, 2020, Off Sydney Coast, Australia: Photographer Buddhilini de Soyza captured these stunning pictures of a humpback whale breaching in June 2020. The jaw-dropping shots were taken as lockdown eased and whale watching resumed off the coast of Sydney, Australia. Buddhilini explains: „We saw a blow in the distance and headed that way. Just off South Head we caught up with a whale. Before we could get into position, he breached and we were like „oh no!”. A breach is rare and we were disappointed to have missed it. The whale watching boats only sees breaching whales around 30% of the time. But with this boy, we needn’t have worried. For the next 90 minutes he put on a show like we’d never seen in our 8 years of whale watching in Australia! Mid May heralds the start of winter in Sydney.

Adorable moment a dog reacts n to seeing dolphins for the first

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adorable video captures a dog’ s priceless reaction to seeing dolphins for the first time. Professional Fisherman Brian Evans, 32 and his partner Natalia Smith, 31 filmed themselves on their fishing boat with their Australian Shepherd Darla, 1 when the incredible sighting took place. As the boat glides through the waters of Anacapa island, off the coast of Ventura, CA the dolphins begin to swim alongside the boat prompting a curious and heart warming reaction from Darla. The couple from Ventura, CA, USA love the water and take their boat out regularly and always bring the adorable Darla with them.

Photographer captures hilarious pictures of little owl yawning

Netherlands: A photographer has captured hilarious pictures of a Little Owl yawning. Gladys Klip spotted the bird still feeling sleepy at dawn in the Netherlands. She explains: „As the little owls are early birds I was already waiting for them to appear at 5.30 am. It took only a few minutes before the owl appeared. After a while it was obviously not only early for me but for the Little owl as well as she was yawning several times and took a little nap in the morning sunshine.”