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Woman says girls should hunt

***EXCLUSIVE*** TENNESSEE, USA: This huntress picked up her first rifle when she was just SIX-YEARS-OLD and made her first kill at nine after spending her childhood watching gory hunting videos with her dad - and now she hopes to inspire other young girls to do the same. Delivery manager, Nina Rogers (24) from Tennessee, USA, has been hunting since she was nine-years-old. Nina’s father, John (55), spent eight years working as a pathfinder and sniper in the US military and was keen to pass some of his skills along. From her very first lesson, Nina proved herself to be handy with a rifle. In what is a male-dominated sport, Nina holds her own and even took down a 900-pound bull elk alone. Hunting is not without its controversy. Online trolls have made reference to the villainous hunter in Bambi, or prayed that Nina gets hunted instead. However, Nina is passionate about promoting the sustainable elements of hunting to her 35,000 followers. Nina’s efforts to promote sustainability in hunting have been a success - particularly with a family friend she met in Colorado.

These underground converted missile bases, able to withstand a nuclear strike and protect against Covid-19, could be the ultimate survivalist's dream - but a full sized one will cost you over £2M

***EXCLUSIVE*** USA: Stunning pictures show two intricate but beautiful former government missile silos that are now 2720 sq. ft of lavish living spaces. Hi-tech images show 14 floors of the state-of-the-art homes, which date back to 1960 when the underground facility was built to protect the SM-65 Atlas intercontinental ballistic missiles. The 75-foot-tall missiles weighed 260,000 lbs and were launched 24 times during the Cold War. The epoxy-hardened concrete walls of the shelters are up to nine feet thick, and able to withstand critical, natural or manmade conditions including a direct nuclear strike and winds in excess of 500mph. The steel and concrete door weighs a whopping eight tons. The secretive site has two offerings to buy. A smaller two bedroom with a bathroom offering, for Ł1,191,900 ($1.5 million USD), while the larger Full-Floor Unit will set you back Ł2,385,060 ($3 million USD).

A massive Hollywood auction could fetch up to $6million from its 850 iconic items

A huge auction featuring Hollywood memorabilia is set to take place in late August making some of La La Land's most famous props in the history of filmmaking available to the public for the first time. Iconic items such as Hitchcock's camera, Tom Cruise's helmet from 'Top Gun' and the 11-foot model spaceship from 'Alien' are included in the 850 items that are being sold from the famous Prop Store which houses a treasure trove of collectibles. However, the items won't come cheap to prospective buyers, with the memorabilia having the potential to rake in $6 million dollars in total, based on the valuation done on each piece beforehand.

A furloughed hotel executive has used her spare time in lockdown to create stunning portraits of celebrities out of thousands of blocks of Lego

***EXCLUSIVE*** Charlotte Tyrer, of Nottingham, was working as an events sales executive before she was placed on furlough because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The fine art graduate has created more than a dozen portraits of celebrities, including Billie Eilish, Joe Exotic, Amy Winehouse, David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. Each piece takes around a week or two to make and uses on average 2,500 Lego bricks. Her artwork has since gone viral after being uploaded to social media channels such as Tik-Tok, where they have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

Teen loves spending five hours a DAY cleaning - and even spends her pocket money on products

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the 16-year-old 'Mrs Hinch' who loves spending five hours a DAY cleaning - and even spends her pocket money on products.  Hannah Rhodes started helping her mum clean their home two years ago - and it became a 'hobby' when she quickly realised she loved doing it. Now she likes nothing more than polishing the bath taps and scrubbing the kitchen floor, and even spends her pocket money on cleaning products. Hard working Hannah spends up to five hours a day scrubbing, mopping and wiping.

'Campfires' on the Sun: Solar Orbiter captures the 'closest ever pictures' of the sun from 47 million miles away

***EXCLUSIVE*** The closest images ever taken of the Sun, captured by the UK-built Solar Orbiter spacecraft, have been released today (Thursday 16 July). Built in Stevenage by Airbus, backed by the UK Space Agency and launched in February 2020, Solar Orbiter will provide images of the Sun from inside the orbit of its nearest planet, Mercury, closer than ever before. This week‚Äôs images and data come from its first close pass of the Sun in mid-June and early operations of the instruments. Recorded at a distance of just over 77 million kilometres, they have revealed omnipresent miniature solar flares, dubbed ‚Äúcampfires‚ÄĚ, near the surface of the Sun. The close pass, known as a perihelion, puts the probe between the orbits of Venus and Mercury, the closest planets to the Sun.

Lego made a 2,600-piece replica of playing Mario on the NES

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nintendo and LEGO have unveiled the latest installment in their ongoing collaboration, which follows the introduction of a Super Mario pack — and subsequent expansion sets — earlier this year. For the latest release, LEGO has recreated the classic NES console, allowing fans to build their own model with LEGO bricks. As well as the model console, the kit also includes a controller with cable and plug, a lockable opening slot for the Game Pak and a retro-style TV complete with a flat 8-bit Mario figure on the scrolling screen. Price: 265 Dollars.

Stunning photographs have captured the world’s LARGEST land mammal enjoying an evening walk during golden hour

***EXCLUSIVE*** SAVUTI, BOTSWANA: In one image, a lone 13,000-pound elephant walked across the savannah as the evening sun set against a pink-hued picturesque sky. In another, several elephants gathered under a stark tree as the fading light silhouetted the elephants amidst the oncoming twilight. Photographer, Jackie Badenhorst (39), from Pretoria, South Africa, was in Savuti, Botswana, when she captured these epic photographs. Jackie readied herself five-hours before the sunrise in preparation to capture the 13-foot creatures, which at times, stood just 11-foot away from her vehicle during the fleeting golden hour. Thanks to their size, elephants rarely make easy prey, but that’s only true for the adults. At night, the herd form a circle around the young to protect them from leopards, lions, and jaguars. African bush elephants typically walk around 15 miles a day - although they can walk up to 120 if need be. Their large ears allow them to radiate heat absorbed from the baking sun back out to keep them cool.

Anniversary (17 July 1975): Cold War rivals met in space

On July 17, 1975, something momentous happened: two Cold War-rivals met in space. When their respective spacecraft rendezvoused and docked, a new era of cooperative ventures in space began. For more than a decade, American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts have been regularly living and working together in Earth orbit, first in the Shuttle-Mir program, and now on the International Space Station. But, before the two Cold War-rivals first met in orbit in 1975, such a partnership seemed unlikely. Since Sputnik bleeped into orbit in 1957, there had been a Space Race, with the U.S. and then-Soviet Union driven more by competition than cooperation. When President Kennedy called for a crewed Moon landing in 1961, he spoke of ''battle that is now going on around the world between freedom and tyranny'' and referred to the ''head start obtained by the Soviets with their large rocket engines.'' But by the mid-70s things had changed. The U.S. had ''won'' the race to the moon, with six Apollo landings between 1969 and 1972. Both nations had launched space stations, the Russian Salyut and American Skylab. With the space shuttle still a few years off and the diplomatic chill thawing, the time was right for a joint mission.

Twin Andean Bear cubs born at zoo

Chester, United Kingdom: The first set of Andean bear twins ever to be born in the UK have emerged from their den at Chester Zoo. The playful cubs were born in January, but have only now started to venture out and explore, having spent their first six months cuddled up by the protective side of their mum, Lima (8). Revealed as one boy and one girl, the rare cubs were spotted enjoying a bit of „friendly rough and tumble” and attempting to climb trees, before following mum back to their den for a well-deserved nap. Bear conservationists at the zoo - which recently reopened after three months of closure - have named the adorable duo Pacha (female) and Mateo (male), and have hailed the birth of the cubs as „very, very special”. Experts estimate that fewer than 10,000 Andean bears remain in the wild.

Floods in Bangladesh ruinis crops

***EXCLUSIVE*** Crop fields are submerged in water after a deadly flood devastated the area. Photos how workers trying to salvage as much as they can from fields destroyed by the annual disaster. Thousands of hectares of rice, corn, jute and vegetable fields were swamped by the flood in Sariakandi, Bogura, Bangladesh. Photographer Azim Khan Ronnie said farmers lost their cattle and hundreds of homes were wrecked.

These two one-pound harrier birds have been caught in an epic clash over dominance

***EXCLUSIVE*** SPAIN: Thrilling images showed the pair of Western marsh harriers, who have a wingspan of up to 55 inches, facing off mid-air. In one picture the birds are captured linking claws as one struggles to push the other to the ground. The feathery fight was photographed by professional wildlife photographer José Antonio Hurtado (53), from Encinas Reales, Spain. He shot the brawling birdies at the Laguna de El Taray, Spain.

Eagle turns its head upside down

***EXCLUSIVE*** An eagle shows it would be a dab hand as a contortionist as it bends it's head backwards to see what is happening behind it. The incredible moment was captured along the banks of the Chobe River in Botswana by business manager Neal Cooper. Neal, 54, from Pretoria, South Africa said “This African Fish Eagle was calling out and to do this they throw their heads backwards. I just happened to be in the perfect position to catch him!” “It’s not initially clear what you’re seeing, as it’s not often you see an eagle like this! But this must have been the laziest eagle in the world to throw his head back like this”.

75th Anniversary of the first Nuclear Explosion

Today (16 July) marks the chilling anniversary of the detonation of the first ever nuclear bomb. „Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”. J. Robert Oppenheimer, speaking at the detonation of his invention, the first atomic bomb. On 16 July 1945, the „Trinity” nuclear test plunged humanity into the so-called Atomic Age. The first-ever nuclear bomb was detonated in New Mexico, at the Alamogordo Test Range. Nicknamed the „gadget”, the plutonium-based implosion-type device yielded 19 kilotons, creating a crater over 300 metres wide. Three weeks after the test, on 6 and 9 August 1945, nuclear bombs - one of them based on the Trinity design - were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing tens of thousands civilians immediately and many more from radiation exposure later.

Baby Gharial after spike in breeding during lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** GREAT SNAPS: A sea of young crocodiles look like a tiny army as they congregate on a shoreline. The 20 day old gharials, unique to South Asia, make the banking look black. Wildlife photographer Shivang Mehta pictured the critically endangered species on the banks of the Chambal river in Rajasthan, India.