Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Stars strut their stuff on the tennis court

As stars stick closer to home, one of the activities they seem to be picking up is tennis. As the world has quieted down amid closures, these stars are still causing a racket on the court. Yesterday Bella Hadid was spotted leaving her apartment with a tennis bat and wearing chic outfit… let’s see, who likes to play this game…

Bella Hadid leaves her New York City apartment carried a Louis Vuitton duffle bag with a tennis racket.

Kylie Jenner practices her swing on the tennis court in an all-Chanel outfit.

Gavin Rossdale plays tennis out in Los Angeles.

Busy Philipps plays tennis with his daughter.

Pete Wentz is spotted playing tennis at a local park in Los Angeles.

Kelly Gale practices her tennis swing on the court in Los Angeles.

Will Smith hits the tennis courts in Los Angeles with a personal trainer to practice for his new role.

Harrison Ford leaves a tennis match played with a friend's in Los Angeles.