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A Tom Hanks superfan has hilariously replicated scenes from the hit film Forrest Gump as he travelled around the country for work

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lee Floyd, 43, donned a red cap, blue shirt and grey trousers and filmed himself running in front of landmarks around the UK in homage to the title character in the 1994 smash hit. Project Manager Lee first filmed himself running off his street while he was on Furlough leave with the caption "Boris Johnson said we can go to the pub". But when he travelled across the British Isles as he returned to work, he stopped off at local landmarks to film himself running past them dressed in character. He captured himself running in front of landmarks such as the Angel of the North, the Forth Rail Bridge and the Titanic Shipyard in Belfast.

The world’s most expensive peperami has been unveiled costing £1,500

Forget diamonds - the world’s most expensive Peperami has been unveiled, worth an eye-watering £1,500. The luxury item takes inspiration from the snack’s Original wrapper, replicating the same shape and design the nation know and love - but in 18ct yellow gold. Appraised by an independent valuator, the one-of-a-kind piece sees the Peperami detachable wrapper dangle from a 34inch heavy chain. Weighing in at a whopping 295g, the custom necklace has been specifically designed so fans can refill the gold-plated pendant with their beloved Peperami stick, allowing them to hang the snack-storing chain around their neck until hunger strikes. Hoping to spark a gold rush, the sparkler is perfect for those who aren’t afraid to make a fashion statement. The gold bling has been created to honor superfans of the salami stick. Developed with Engravers Guild of London, the necklace took a staggering 56 hours to make, using traditional methods.

Pigs rival dogs... as man's best friend, according to new research

***EXCLUSIVE*** They mimic Britain's favourite pet in the way they turn to us for support, say scientists at Researchers of the MTA-ELTE 'Lendulet' Neuroethology of Communication Research Group at the Department of Ethology at the Faculty of Science, Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest (ELTE). Paula Perez Fraga, an animal behaviour expert, said: "The similarities we found between the two species point to their similar capacities for engaging in communicative interactions with humans." Pigs are as trainable as our canine companions. Now a Hungarian team has shown they see us as dogs do - unless they have a problem to solve.

A woman who got a lion's head tattoo because she is a Leo is gutted after Nasa announced star signs had shifted - and she's now cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lauren Sandford, 24, was over the moon when she got a massive lion's head inked on her leg in tribute to the star sign of Leo. NASA have since announced they have found a 13th star sign, shifting the dates for the other star signs to accommodate their new discovery. According to the new calendar, Lauren's birthday of 4 August now means that her star sign is technially Cancer, not Leo as she had believed for her entire life. The change has left her devastated and with the wrong star sign tattooed on her body.

A mum-of-two posed topless showing off the scars from her double mastectomy to inspire other cancer sufferers to embrace their post-surgery bodies

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kelly Garrison, 46, was happy to lose her breasts if it gave her a chance to live. The former Starbucks manager said: “I’d rather lose my boobs if I know it gives me an extra day to live.” She was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer - the most aggressive and rapidly spreading type of breast cancer - in August 2019. Kelly underwent a double mastectomy, an operation where both breasts are surgically removed, in a Florida hospital at the height of the coronavirus pandemic and is now on another course of chemotherapy. She shared pictures of her scars on social media to help her love her new body after treatment left her feeling that she had lost her femininity. The mother, from Kissimmee, Florida, said: “With the chemo I did, I lost my hair, my nails turned black, I gained weight and I had sores in my nose.

An 11-year-old boy was left fighting for his life in hospital after his finger got infected - from BITING his nails

***EXCLUSIVE*** Young Dylan Holliday was taken to his GP last month after his worried mum Kay Mitchell suspected he had an insignificant finger infection from gnawing on his nails. But just hours after his GP visit, Dylan had to be rushed to hospital in an ambulance as his condition had deteriorated rapidly and he was struggling to stand. While in hospital, Dylan was left was left screaming in pain and having episodes where he was delusional - and even began to hallucinate. The boy was losing consciousness and the mum began to fear her son may be suffering with deadly sepsis. But the family were given the shock of their lives when doctors revealed Dylan's health issues were caused due to him being Type 1 diabetic.

These eye-catching images of a smiley face were projected onto the British Houses of Parliament to spread an uplifting message of positivity

***EXCLUSIVE*** A smile – especially one which is 25 meters wide - can go a long way to cheering people up, which is more important than ever at the moment. The lipstick-wearing smiley was beamed onto the famous structure last night, the eve of World Emoji Day, by Ciaté London to remind people of the importance of a smile. The positive image reminded passers-by to stay upbeat and to spread an uplifting message.

Chinese metro card ink painting are inspired by Peking Opera artists

Artist Zhu Gang works on the Themed Commemorative Metro Card Ink Painting with portrits of Chinese Opera artist. Zhu Gang’s obsession with opera painting goes back about 40 years ago to when he was an art designer and editor at Shanghai Audiovisual Press. His job was to design and paint the covers of tape cassettes of pop music, English lessons, children’s songs and traditional operas. He also paints real-life portraits for star performers of Peking Opera, and they go tot he metro cards.

Polar bear cub waves as post-lockdown visitors return to Svalbard

Svalbard, Norway: Wildlife photographer Roy Mangersnes captured these stunning shots of a seemingly friendly polar bear family. His pictures show a cub appearing to stand on its hind legs and wave at the camera. They were shot at Svalbard in northern Norway on one of the first expeditions after lockdown to the region this year. „All of a sudden, only a few meters away from our expedition vessel one of the cubs got up on its hind legs and waved at us, almost like it was welcoming us back to their frozen home” says Roy.

Gianni Agnelli’s 55-knot custom speedboat going up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** If you're an avid seafarer, you'll be delighted to learn that a one-of-a-kind dayboat designed by Renato “Sonny” Levi himself is now up for auction. For those unfamiliar, Levi is a renowned boat designer most famous for his work for Richard Branson and Aga Khan, the Shah of Iran. This particular dayboat currently available was specifically commissioned by and designed for the Italian industrialist Gianni Agnelli, who was once the head of Fiat, Alfa Romo, Lancia, and even Ferrari. For Agnelli, Levi created the G. Cinquanta, or G50, which is powered by four massive 8.0-liter V8 Vulcano engines that push out a combined 1,280 horsepower. G. Cinquanta is now up for auction over at RM Sotheby's, where the starting price is at 225 000 EUROS.

Holidaymakers taking a post-lockdown 'staycation' have been warned to avoid 'cheap and nasty' plastic bodyboards - with thousands getting dumped each year

***EXCLUSIVE*** There are fears that the number of people taking breaks in the UK could result in a large spike in the number of Chinese-made boards breaking up across the coastline. Neil Hembridge, of Keep Britain Tidy, says they pick three beaches each year and tally up the total every summer. Last year they found in excess of 600 of them - with more than half of that total at Croyde Beach in Devon. But Neil said that barely scratched the surface with the total number of discarded boards that get dumped estimated to be around 14,000.

60kg giant puppy is looking for his forever home

Bath, United Kingdom: A gentle giant is looking for a loving new home with space for him. Eleven-month-old St Bernard Odin weighs more 62kg - the same as a cougar! - and stands at 1m tall, towering over his friends at RSPCA Bath Cats and Dogs Home in the UK. Despite his size and stature, he’s a very shy boy who can be nervous around new people and finds men particularly scary. Bath Cats and Dogs Home chief executive Rachel Jones said: „Odin is a beautiful, big boy but he finds new people quite frightening and needs new owners who can help him grow in confidence and give him time to settle. Once he gets to know you he’s a real gentle giant. He is very affectionate and loves nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa - he seems to think he’s a lap dog! He can be a little nervous, especially around new men, and he’ll need experienced owners who can give him time and space to settle and help him as he grows up.”

Production of skull themed face shields and masks amid coronavirus pandemic

Mexico City, Mexico: A general view of face masks and shields being produced. The Taller El Volador factory produces 300 face shields and 200 face masks daily as an attempt to prevent COVID-19. Taller el Volador for 30 years have been engaged in the manufacture of motley and allegorical characters, but due to the coronavirus pandemic they had to start the manufacture of protective masks.

Firefighters rescue dog from tunnel

Santa Barbara County, California, United States: Santa Barbara County Fire (SBC) rescued a young dog from a tunnel. They explain: „It took SBC about 20 minutes to rescue Sophie, a 2 yr old mix, that had been in a 18’ drainpipe for three days on the UC Santa Barbara campus. FF’s used a hose line to coax the dog to another awaiting FF and was brought to the surface.”