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A family’s miracle baby - who they were told would '100 per cent no survive' - came back from the brink of death, after doctors suggested they turn off his life-support SIX times

***EXCLUSIVE*** Distraught parents Michaela Lugton, 21, and her partner, Barry McLachlan, 37, watched as their little boy, Noah, took what should have been his final breaths in March 2019 at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Scotland.  Their son had been rushed straight into the neonatal intensive care unit and placed on a ventilator as soon as he was born as he was so tiny he wasn't able to breathe properly after arriving 13 weeks prematurely - at 22 weeks - on 3rd March 2019 weighing a tiny 1lb.  During his nine-month stay in hospital, Noah suffered from collapsed lungs, a grade two bleed on the brain, multiple bouts of sepsis, chronic lung disease and endured 12 operations including eye surgery.  Doctors suggested the couple turn off Noah's life support SIX times to let him slip away naturally, but they refused, praying their little boy would fight his way to full health.  Miraculously, Noah pulled through and in December 2019, he was discharged and he is now at home in Edinburgh, Scotland - on oxygen and a feeding tube, but in his proud parent's arms.  After a recovery which stunned both his parents and medics, Noah has been declared a healthy little boy.

A single mum who fell in love with a convicted killer has married the inmate in an intimate prison ceremony - with her children as witnesses

***EXCLUSIVE*** Monique Stallworth, 33, first met Arthur Alexander Mccall through a mutual friend in February 2019 and was not put off by his brutal crime or the fact he was behind bars.  Mccall is serving a total of 60 years minimum at Kern Valley State Prison, Delano, California, US, after being convicted of first-degree murder and jailed for life for shooting a man to death in 2008.  But Monique - who is mum to Rodney, 13, and Malaysia, six, from a previous relationship - says she never expected to fall in love with Mccall, but couldn‚Äôt help developing feelings for the imprisoned murderer after he swooned her with his charm and willingness to reform.  The couple - who have been dating for 10 months - spent four months speaking on the phone after being introduced by a mutual friend - Arthur‚Äôs half-sister Shaundra Mccall, 31 - before meeting in person for the first time during a prison visit in June 2019.

Walkcar: Portable vehicle that looks like a laptop with wheels

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 'portable car' the size of a 13-inch laptop is so light it can be carried in a backpack. Japanese engineers have invented the slender WalkCar - weighing less than three bags of sugar - so commuters don't have to worry about public transport or finding a parking space ever again. The four-wheeled electric ride, which costs just under £1,500, reaches top speeds of almost 10 mph for distances just over three miles after 60 minutes of charging in 'sport' mode. Taking it a slower pace of about 6 mph, users can travel for four miles on the electric transporter - which resembles a skateboard.

A man left 'locked-in' his own body after suffering a stroke has painstakingly written an entire book - by WINKING

***EXCLUSIVE*** Paul Allen, 64, was fit and healthy before a stroke left him paralysed and speechless with locked-in syndrome.  The former IT manager was robbed of all his voluntary movements - apart from the use of his left eyelid.  It took him six years to wink out the words of his first book - an autobiography written letter by letter with the help of his wife and scribe, Liz, 67.  She runs through the alphabet letter by letter, and Paul winks when she reaches the one he wants to choose.  She spent two hours a day helping Paul produce the book in hospital - increasing to three hours when he was finally discharged.

Incredible shot of leaping wildebeest during the great migration in Kenya wins the top prize in an international wildlife photography competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** This incredible shot of a leaping wildebeest during the great migration has bagged a British snapper top prize in an international wildlife photography competition. Andy Howe's picture won the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers Nature in Action contest. Other runners-up and highly commended snaps include eagles scrapping over a fox carcass in Norway a cheetah about to leap on a baby gazelle and a hare leaping through a field in Cambridgeshire.  Andy, from Suffolk, said of his winning shot: "The image was taken during the Great Migration in Kenya's Masai Mara Reserve at a crossing point known as the Cup-de-sac.

A vet has become the first woman to conquer a gruelling 326-mile challenge - which included an incredible 214 fells - in just over SIX DAYS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sabrina Verjee, 39, crossed the finish line on the exhausting Wainwright's Round on Sunday, July 12 after six days, 17 hours and 51 minutes and is now the third fastest person to do so.  The Wainwright's Round comprises 214 summits described by British fellwalker, Alfred Wainwright, in his Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells.  The course was split into 26 legs, all within the Lake District National Park, Cumbria, and Sabrina completed them by covering over 75km each day and ascending 36,000 metres overall.  The legs varied between three and ten hours, with small two to three-minute breaks.  Initially, Sabrina had set out to break the current record, which was set by Paul Tierney at six days and six hours in 2019; however, she suffered an injury to her knee on the route and was not able to take the title.

Bride, 25, who married in hospital dies of cancer just a month later

***EXCLUSIVE*** A terminally ill bride passed away just a month after she married her husband in a stunning hospital wedding arranged in four days. Tash Young, 25, had a rare spindle cell sarcoma which doctors initially thought was a rib strain caused by moving heavy boxes. Her boyfriend Simon, 33, proposed minutes after they found out she was not responding to cancer treatment and was given weeks to live. In just four days her loved ones arranged a stunning wedding at Southampton General Hospital, which was given special licence to conduct the ceremony during lockdown.

An 11-year-old diver and Lego fanatic has become the first person EVER to build a model UNDERWATER

***EXCLUSIVE*** Daring Sophie O'Dea descended 40ft and spent nearly an hour constructing the model.  Interestingly, the model she built was of a plane, which she then placed on top of a real plane wreckage in the water.  The toy is made for children aged six to 12 and comprises 500 pieces.  The instruction manual, which Sophie had to laminate so she could read underwater, spans a whopping 74 pages.  Each Lego brick was stuck to a board before she descended, to prevent them from just floating away.

With its long antennae and big, cheeky grin, there's a hungry caterpillar that has crawled its way into the hearts of a neighbourhood in Shrewsbury

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ashley, the Ashley Street caterpillar, was lovingly carved into a hedge by Adam Shipp and has become a popular mini tourist attraction among local families.  Adam and his family often decorate and dress up their big, green friend for special occasions such as Halloween.  During the coronavirus lockdown, some local children put old wellies along the bottom for its feet.

A black cab driver has transformed his taxi into a lavish modern day masterpiece equipping it with state of the art technology for his customers to enjoy

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mark Bates, 55 from Swindon, made the decision in January 2019 to install  a TV into his black cab.  18 months on, Mark now owns a stylish share taxi which he has completely renovated inside and out.  His original plan was to buy the larger vehicle to complete a scheduled bus route in Swindon, however he changed his mind after having a vivid dream about a new business venture.  The taxi comes equipped with a PlayStation 4, 17 inch TV with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Channels, free WiFi and even a virtual reality head set.  It cost £38,000 to buy plus another £6,000 in upgrades and renovations, and is the first step in his new business called 'The Virtual Taxi'.

A never before heard demo by music legend David Bowie is being sold - recorded years prior to his first big hit

***EXCLUSIVE*** A never before heard demo by music legend David Bowie is being sold - recorded years prior to his first big hit. The unique acetate recording is expected to fetch up to £5,000 at auction and has only been played to a select few people - until now. The song, titled 'I Do Believe I Love You', was recorded in 1966 and showcases a rare style of music for the star - who was known for his diversity. The singer-songwriter shot into the public consciousness with 'Space Oddity' three years later and went on to become an icon.

A missing cat has been reunited with its owner after disappearing six years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gizmo vanished from Zoe Foster’s home on May 28, 2014.   Zoe, 44, of Hucknall, Notts., always believed he’d come back and kept searching for her beloved moggy. The mum of two thought it was a prank call when a vet rang to say the black tabby, now nine, was alive and well. He’d turned up eight and half miles away after six years and two months.  The delighted cat lover got the call on Monday (13/7) and picked him up two days later.

First online minerals auction at Summers Place Auctions

***EXCLUSIVE*** Summers Place Auctions who have turned to online auctions for the first time in their history due to the coronavirus lockdown restrictions hope to return to the auction house once again in September. The minerals auction includes obelisks, boxes and freeform minerals made from lapis lazuli as well a variety of other minerals and is currently online for bidders to place their bids up until 8pm, Sunday 19th July.

'They scavenged scraps': the Britons rounded up by the Nazis in occupied France

***EXCLUSIVE*** Descendants of the 3,000 British internees and their families recount one of the war’s forgotten episodes. When the Germans invaded France, in 1939, the first French roundup (rafle in French) concerned people of British nationality, who were arrested, and shipped to POW camps in eastern-Germany. Some 3000 British nationals living in northern France, many of whom had stayed behind after the first-world war, were imprisoned. Frederic Turner - the grandson of a British infantryman, Frederick Turner, stationed in France in 1914-18, and who stayed behind after the war, married a Frenchwoman, and fathered a child, also called Frederic (b1921) - has written a book, Les Oublie?s de 1939-45 [The Forgotten of 1939-45] compiling the oral histories, photographs and documents of many of the 3000 British nationals rounded up in the first French rafle of WWII.

Gold leaf

Forging gold foil, a traditional craft in Nanjing, has a long history. The making has to go through a dozen of procedures. The gold foil produced here is famous for its pure color and luster, smooth and filmy thickness and has been exported to about 20 countries and regions. Wang Bisheng, 68 years old, was born in Nanjing. He began to work at Nanjing Goldthread & Goldfoil General Factory in 1973 and learned from the elder master Tan Zhushi. Studying hard and being modest, Wang soon grasped the craft. In 1991, the large gold foil he made won the copper prize during the third Beijing International Expo. He was recognized as the national intangible cultural inheritor of the craft in 2009. The work Wang did in the making procedure was to beat the gold brick into a thin piece of about 0.1 micrometer, which needed about tens of thousands of hammering. Thus the gold foil he made can be as thin as the cicada's wing. Nowadays, at Nanjing Goldthread & Goldfoil General Factory, the traditional forging ways of gold foil are resumed and a master studio is also set to pass down the traditional craft. Wang, although retired, is re-employed to teach the youngsters the hand-made craft, which can makes softer and perfect gold foil compared with those made by machine.

Evidence continues to mount that the Neanderthals, who lived in Europe and Asia until about 40,000 years ago, were more sophisticated people than once thought

***EXCLUSIVE*** A new study from UC Davis shows that Neandertals chose to use bones from specific animals to make a tool for specific purpose: working hides into leather. Neanderthals who lived in Europe and Asia until 40,000 years ago used bones from specific animals to make tools for specific purposes. Researchers suggest that this proves that Neanderthals were more sophisticated than once thought. Dr Naomi Martisius of University of California studied Neanderthal tools from sites in southern France, their tools were called lissoir and were made of animal rib with a smoothed tip used to rub animal hides to make them into leather.

Hawk has snake as tongue

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hawk looks like it has a very long tongue while swallowing a snake for its lunch. The Swainson's Hawk took about 20 minutes to eat the the two foot long Garter Snake in Loveland, Colorado, USA. Hilary Bralove, 59, a professional musician, who also works as a photographer inbetween times said, " It captured the snake in a wetland area behind my house and picked it up and flew onto the fence post to eat it. It actually flew right over me, and that’s when I first saw it had caught a snake." "At first it bit the snake in the head to kill it, then it proceeded to tear it apart to eat it in pieces, but then to my utter shock, with half the snake left, it started to eat it whole, it just began swallowing the entire tail. It was completely unexpected."

Dough drying

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers delicately lay out vibrantly coloured pieces of dough on bamboo stands to dry in the sun. The colourful dough is then shredded and mixed together before being dried again. The workers soak the small pieces of dough in water before using it to make sweet soup, a traditional Vietnamese dessert. Amateur photographer Khanh Phan pictured the traditional process at a factory in Tay Ninh, Vietnam.