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Woman’s inspirational Scoliosis Warrior message set to help fellow sufferers

***EXCLUSIVE*** DUBLIN, IRELAND: Scoliosis stunted this woman's growth at just FOUR-FOOT-TEN-INCHES but she hasn't let it stop her competing as a professional bodybuilder. Personal trainer, Eva Butterly (28) from Dublin, Ireland, was diagnosed with severe adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, a condition where the spine twists or curves to the side, when she was 12 years old after a teacher noticed her shoulders were slumped to one side. Eva had never experienced any symptoms of back pain up until her diagnosis but seemingly overnight she developed what looked like a hump on the right side of her upper back. Growing up, Eva didn’t know anyone else with the same condition as her which was sometimes difficult to deal with but at 13, she had a partial spinal fusion surgery to fuse some of her vertebrae. The surgery helped her to move more freely but she would still have some degree of curvature in her spine. Less than a year after surgery, the rods in Eva’s spine were removed due to infection which meant she had to wear a body cast for a year to hold her spine in place and she had to learn how to walk again. Before her surgeries, Eva’s spine was curved at 100 degrees in the thoracic spine and 88 degrees in the lumbar region of the spine. Spinal fusion surgery meant that Eva’s growth was stunted in her upper body, leaving her with long legs and a shorter torso than usual and whilst Eva struggled to come to terms with this when she was younger, she is now proud of her 4ft 10in „mini human frame” – and it’s all thanks to discovering fitness and weight lifting. Doctors advised Eva to avoid contact sports and intense physical activity but she fell in love with fitness at 18 and can now deadlift an impressive 120kg and she trains five times a week; three times in the gym and two mountain runs. Weightlifting has enabled Eva to grow in self-confidence and helped her defy the odds to sculpt a body she is proud of – she’s even competed in bikini athlete bodybuilding competitions and has attended powerlifting meets, placing fourth in bodybuilding.


Chronic fatigue cost this woman her job and left her paralysed in bed for SEVEN-MONTHS - only able to eat baby food spoon fed by her mum

***EXCLUSIVE*** STAFFORDSHIRE, UK: Freelance content creator, Emma Franklin (27), from Staffordshire, UK, was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome when she was 19 years old. Emma would come home from school and go straight to bed. It wasn’t until mum, Patricia (63) encouraged her to seek medical advice that Emma realised something was wrong. During her worst seven months, Emma was left unable to stand, talk, feed herself, or even sit as her body wasn’t generating enough energy. Other symptoms included joint and muscle pain, a sore throat, and memory loss. Emma’s mum became her full-time carer. Chronic fatigue syndrome has no set treatment plan but it is possible to recover given time. For Emma, she spent seven years of her life debilitated by the condition before things started to turn around in 2016. In the past year, Emma has been able to find a new normal - working part-time from home. Chronic fatigue still limits her energy levels but it’s something Emma is learning to navigate and balance.

Say cheese! Photographer captures the adorable moment three raccoons poke their heads out of a tree to form a perfect family portrait

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the adorable moment three little raccoons poked their heads out of the den to create a perfect family portrait. Photographer Kevin Biskaborn, 34, caught the picture-perfect moment on camera in the South Western region of Ontario, Canada. The three animals poke their heads out of a tree at different heights, all clambering to take a look at Kevin who was lining up his camera for the photo. Digital media producer Kevin said: 'This moment was fleeting and certainly not one you have the opportunity to photograph every day.

This dog and puppet don't quite see eye to eye in this hilarious skit

***EXCLUSIVE*** Footage revealed a female one-year-old English bulldog puppy called Lola, as it pounced on a puppet called Clem whilst he tried to film a video. The punched-in puppet came close to swearing „Holy ****” but is cut off just as the funny family-friendly clip ends. The two pretend to present their own show to their Instagram followers, but the dog keeps interrupting with licks, growls, punches and kicks. The clip was filmed to shout out a family friend. The laptop-recorded footage starring Lola and her toy fiend was shot and performed by puppeteer Scott Challe (32) from Brantford, Ontario, Canada. 

Hunger rage croc

***EXCLUSIVE*** MASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE, KENYA: A photographer has captured the moment a massive twelve-thousand-pound crocodile clamped down on an unfortunate wildebeest and swung its body through the air in a hungry rage. An unbelievable snap captured the Nile crocodile tossing a 280-pound wildebeest through the air before its head was ripped from the rest of its body. Another picture showed two legs hanging out of the mouth of the greedy croc who made sure to swallow every last morsel of its meal. Photographer, Tony Crocetta (59), from Paris, France, was in the Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, when he encountered a herd of wildebeests embarking on their annual river crossing. The great migration is one of the longest mammal migrations on earth. Between July and October, over two million animals - wildebeests included - make their way across the African savannah in search of new land to graze on. Having taken note of this annual event, crocodiles are able to control their heart rate and metabolism allowing them to enter a hibernation-like state when the herds aren’t in migration. During this time, they may only need to feed once or twice a year. This prepares them for their river crossing feast.

Albino turtle discovered in India

***EXCLUSIVE*** These pictures show a rare - ALBINO turtle The yellow-coloured reptile was found in a village near Balasore, India - causing a stir among locals. But, despite its interesting appearance, the albinism could actually be a curse for the turtle. Experts have said previously that the lack of natural camouflage typically provided by a turtle's shell and skin means albinos could be more vulnerable to predators. Resident wildlife warden Prakash Mardaraj confirmed that such a find was highly uncommon.