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A woman who struggled to become a mum due to having two wombs has finally welcomed her miracle baby boy

***EXCLUSIVE*** Louise Campbell, 28, had always dreamt of becoming a mother and started trying for a baby with her husband Nick, 37, just one year after they started dating. After suffering three miscarriages, health care worker Louise was finally diagnosed with uterus didelphys - a rare condition that means she has two uteruses and two cervixes. It was another two and half years and sadly one more miscarriage before Louise from Driffield, East Yorkshire finally fell pregnant with her miracle baby boy.

World's first smart contact lens brings augmented reality to your eyes

A California startup has developed the „world’s first true smart contact lens” that puts a screen against your eye to display a range of information. Mojo Lens is a contact lens with a built-in display that gives people the useful and timely information they want without forcing them to look down at a screen or losing focus on the people and the world around them. Mojo calls this eyes-up experience Invisible Computing, a platform that enables information to be instantaneous, unobtrusive and available hands-free, and will allow people to interact with each other more freely and genuinely. The company has been researching and developing its groundbreaking technology and holds patents critical to the development of an augmented reality (AR) smart contact lens dating back over 10 years. The company is currently demonstrating a working prototype of the device. Mojo is conducting feasibility clinical studies for R&D iteration purposes under an Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. The Mojo Lens is currently in the research and development phase and is not available for sale anywhere in the world.

Incredible robot builds show house

Dayton, Western Australia, Australia: This robot just built a house. Robotic technology company FBR Limited announced that on Saturday, 11 July 2020, the Hadrian X finished building the structural walls of its first display home in Dayton, Western Australia. The Hadrian X was deployed to the Dayton site on the afternoon of Tuesday, 7 July 2020 in preparation for commencement of building activities the following morning, and completed the structure in three and a half standard shifts, demobilising back to FBR’s facilities on Saturday afternoon. FBR’s Chief Executive Officer, Mike Pivac: „Digital construction has taken a significant step forward with the completion of this structure using the Hadrian X, the world’s first and only mobile autonomous bricklaying robot. FBR is proudly at the forefront of construction robotics globally. Over the coming months, the builder of the display home, Archistruct Builders & Designers, will complete the display home, including applying face brick to the exterior of the structure. Once complete FBR intends to open the display home to the public and to current and potential collaborators, suppliers and customers from international markets to demonstrate and promote the use of the Hadrian X in residential home construction.

Chilling early photographs of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels inspecting Luftwaffe and air crew at the start of World War Two have been unearthed

***EXCLUSIVE*** The previously unseen images taken by an unknown Luftwaffe pilot show Hitler and his right-hand man days after the Nazis invaded Poland. The 23 photos were taken by an unknown Luftwaffe pilot on September 14, 1939, when Hitler flew into „Airfield Yellow” - a temporary airstrip possibly in Poland. Days earlier the Allies had declared war on Germany yet the photographs show Hitler and Goebbels laughing and posing with the air crews. The visit was a closely guarded secret and no exact records exist of Hitler‚Äôs movements in the early days of the war. The grainy black-and-white snaps show Hitler and Goebbels in full uniform chatting to air force commanders while inspecting the planes. Other photographs reveal Luftwaffe crews wearing just shorts posing next to a fearsome man-sized bomb under the wing of a huge plane. The 9cm x 6cm photographs were uncovered inside a battered leather bound pocket-sized photo album with annotations on the back.

Toddler and her mom having a misunderstanding while caring for a rescued bird

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the hilarious moment a young girl and her mom have a misunderstanding while caring for a rescued bird. Elexa Lorey Ambuhl rescued a tiny baby bird from a neighbours cat and brought it back to her home to nurse to health, much to the delight of her 5-year-old daughter Amellie Clarie Ambuhl. This footage shows a moment that the bold bird begins to playfully chase Amellie, noticing her daughters discomfort Elexa calls for the bird to „come here”. Misunderstanding, Amellie goes to her mom prompting a hilarious response as Elexa rather bluntly states „No not you, the bird”.

These stunning underwater pictures show the wreckage of a German submarine that was sunk during the Second World War

***EXCLUSIVE*** The scenes were photographed by Dive Newquay who took a group to the remains of the U-102 that lies nine nautical miles off the coast of Cornwall. The wreck lies near to two other U-boats and is believed to have been taken out by a deep-trap minefield laid by HMS Apollo during the Second World War. The images show divers and fish getting as close as safely possible to what remains of the submarine on the ocean bed around 75 years later. Dive Newquay described the recent underwater expedition as “a truly epic dive”. A spokesperson added: "The U1021 lies about nine nautical miles from Newquay Harbour and sits in 55m of water. Dives of this depth are considered technical, which require special planning and different breathing gasses. "Four divers - James Taylor, Joe Gurney, Sean Dixon and Carl Knight took part in it. "It was a 85 minute dive with 30 minutes spent at the bottom, the remaining time spent decompressing before surfacing. "It was the best visibility we have ever seen on the wreck and was a truly epic dive."

Millions of specks of light created by countless glow worms under a star-streaked sky have created this magical, fairytale-like landscape

***EXCLUSIVE*** A myriad of greenish-yellow spots are captured sprinkled across woodland floors and hedge-rows beneath a stunning 15th century Italian castle. The images of the glow-worms - which are actually tiny beetles which produce light in their abdomens - were taken by photographer Alberto Ghizzi Panizza.