Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

An NHS doctor has become the first person in the world to run up all 30 mountains in the Yorkshire Dales – WITHOUT STOPPING

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dr Tom Hollins completed the self-created challenge - which equates to 130 miles and 30,000 foot of ascent - in the early hours of Monday, July 15 after 41 straight hours. The 46-year-old - who has been working as an anaesthetist in intensive care during the pandemic - wanted to set himself a Covid-friendly challenge and opted for the Yorkshire Dales as he knew he could do it without requiring a support team.

A woman who grew up on the Solomon Islands with no internet, electricity, or even running water, is now a successful software engineer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who grew up on a tropical island with no internet, electricity, or even running water, is now a successful software engineer.  Sara Cave, 24, spent her childhood in Rano, a tiny village on the Solomon Islands, a collection of almost 1,000 islands off the coast of Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific.  To this day, Rano has no connection to the modern technological world - the nearest telephone is in the capital, Honiara, islands away from Rano which has just 400 inhabitants.  Sara described her childhood as extremely simple and beautiful and added that people were usually asleep by six o’clock.

A five-year-old eco warrior hoping to become the next Greta Thunberg has blasted „idiot” litter louts who are damaging the environment in her town

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Caylie McKenzie urged the world to be kinder to animals and warned wildlife could be „seriously damaged” by people dropping their rubbish.Caylie was moved to tears after discovering someone had dumped rubbish in the burn near her home in Kilsyth, North Lanarkshire.  The youngster asked her mum Cheryl Kennedy, 35, to film her emotional plea for the world to be kinder to animals which has so far been viewed more than 45,000 times.

Meet Cora, the adorable two-legged miniature poodle who hops around like a kangaroo after it was discovered abandoned with two broken legs

***EXCLUSIVE*** This adorable two-legged miniature poodle hops around like a kangaroo after it was discovered abandoned with two broken legs, a broken back and a shattered pelvis.  Sweet Cora, believed to be six, has made a remarkable recovery and now happily bounces around on her hind legs.  The pooch was completely immobile when it was adopted by kind-hearted Zach Skow in February 2018.  A vet even advised Zack, 40, from Tehachapi, California, to put Cora down.

Teacher has delivered 7,500 packed lunches to pupils at their homes during the coronavirus lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** A teacher has delivered 7,500 packed lunches to pupils at their homes during the coronavirus lockdown. Zane Powles, 48, assistant head at Western Primary School in Grimsby, walked about five miles each day to drop off the lunches to pupils. The dad-of-three from Grimsby has walked over 550 miles during the pandemic to ensure his pupils were safe and fed.

Eating live ants

***EXCLUSIVE*** The ant chutney was featured in an episode of Gordon’s Great Escape in 2010, and a new video has emerged showing the crazy process which goes into producing it. The chutney, which got the thumbs up from the chef, is made by grinding live ants and their eggs with a combination of different spices. In the video, engineer Nayadhar Padhial, from the tribal belt of Mayurbhanj in Odisha in Eastern India, also eats a handful of the live ants. The 28-year-old believes that eating live ants boosts immunity, and is the key to fighting Covid-19.

A couple are offering their beautifully restored Georgian home in a prize draw to support their local hospice, the NHS and other charities through these tough times

***EXCLUSIVE*** Guy and Julie Vass, bought Melling Hall, a stunning Grade II listed Georgian house; 18 years ago and have spent the last ten years lovingly restoring it.  The beautiful three storey home has a sweeping driveway, a kitchen that has jumped straight out of a designer magazine, a two storey high entrance hall with a spectacular staircase, three double bedrooms with panelled shutters and their own bathrooms, plus a self-contained 2-bed loft apartment and mature gardens.  It is now being offered in a prize draw of just £2.50 per entry.

Ancient Administrative Center uncovered in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel: An archaeologist shares his excitement of a new find at the site of a significant administrative center from the days of Kings Hezekiah and Menashe (8th century to middle of the 7th century BCE), uncovered by the Israel Antiquities Authority in Jerusalem near the US Embassy. Over 120 seal impressions stamped on jars were found in the excavation, serving as evidence of tax collection in the period of the Judean monarchs, in one of the largest and most important collections uncovered in Israel. Many of the handles bear the inscription ''LMLK'' - (belonging) to the King, in ancient Hebrew script, from the First Temple Period. Artifacts include a collection of figurines designed in the form of women, horse riders and animals, interpreted as objects used in pagan worship and idolatry. Archaeologists claim the site may be the most important in the history of the final days of the Kingdom of Judah and of the return to Zion decades after the destruction of the Kingdom.

A farm has created a huge three-mile Halloween-themed maze called Maze Moon using 250,000 seeds and GPS technology

***EXCLUSIVE*** A farm has created a huge three-mile Halloween-themed maze using 250,000 seeds and GPS technology. Maze Moon in Rainham, Kent, planted maize in the shape of a pumpkin as an outdoor challenge to visitors who were stuck indoors during the coronavirus lockdown. Paths have also been made wider to allow more space for social distancing.  Drone footage shows the intricate design of the pumpkin maze, competing with the farm's branding.

A rare Ford Escort Mark 1 car that has been in the same family for 50 years is expected to fetch more than £70,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Twin Cam vehicle is one of only two known originals to exist in the UK that have been in the same family since new. It was bought by Frank Browne in 1969 and spent two decades competing in speed hill climbs and sprints around the South West. In 1991, Frank’s health meant the car was retired, but in the late 1990s, Frank entered the car in classic car tours and shows as a father and son team alongside his son Stuart.