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Meet the woman who has to wear a 'space helmet' to protect her skin from the sun and who hasn't left the house without it for TWENTY YEARS

***EXCLUSIVE*** MOROCCO: Association of Solidarity with Children of the Moon consultant, Fatima Ghazaoui (28) from Mohammedia, Morocco, was diagnosed with the rare skin condition xeroderma pigmentosum when she was just two years old after her parents noticed freckling of her skin. Xeroderma pigmentosum is a rare genetic condition which leaves the skin unable to repair itself after exposure to ultraviolet radiation which is present in daylight and some artificial light and means a person is more likely to develop dangerous skin or eye cancers. For people like Fatima who are living with the condition, they are easily sunburnt even when it is a dull day, suffer with severe freckles and tend to have visible signs of dry skin and skin ageing. Due to the risk of sun exposure, Fatima’s day starts at night, she rarely goes outside during the day and hasn’t been out in daylight for over 20 years without wearing sun protection in the form of gloves and a helmet which she affectionately calls her „NASA mask”. Fatima also has to wear SPF 90 sun cream which she has to reapply every hour to ensure she is protected and she has a special UV filter on her windows at home. Fatima struggled to accept her health condition when she was growing up and she had to stop going to school at the age of 13 because it was deemed too dangerous for her to attend and risk her skin being exposed to the light. At 16, Fatima googled her condition and learnt that it could result in premature death and whilst this scared her at first, the more she learnt about her condition, the stronger Fatima became. Now, Fatima is passionate about raising awareness of xeroderma pigmentosum and hopes that by sharing her story she can show other sufferers that they can still live a full life.


A cycling fan recreates the Tour de France in miniature

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 52 year old Peter Martin, from Marsham Norfolk, had been to the last 21 Tour de France events and was at a lose end as this year the event was canceled due to covid and decided to make his own with toys in his back garden. Originally scheduled to start on June 27, the tour has been postponed to August 29 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The racing enthusiast said the response to his tweets from his Tour of My Back Garden had been “phenomenal”. Mr Martin uploaded numerous scenes featuring his collection of 1,400 models and was helped by his eight-year-old son Henri Desgrange, named after the founder of the event. The collector has already exhibited his models at local village halls to raise money for charity.

Extreme fasting helped me drop 8st – I’ve lost so much weight people don’t believe my ID card is me

***EXCLUSIVE*** LEES SUMMIT, MISSOURI, USA: This woman was so ashamed that she couldn't keep up with her 'fit' husband that she started fasting for one-hundred-and-sixty-hours a week - and has lost so much weight people don't even believe her ID card is hers. YouTuber, Rachel Sharp-Olsen (27), from Lees Summit, Missouri, USA, consumed cheap meals for much of her young adult life but this lack of nutrition meant that by age 23, Rachel weighed 16st 12lbs and was a UK dress size 22. After a two-mile hike with her boyfriend, Ian (26), left Rachel out of breath and unable to make it back to the car, she decided that things needed to change. Over the space of 14-months, Rachel was able to lose 7st 10lb of fat after she adopted an intermittent fasting lifestyle. The weight-loss method focuses on when you eat more so than what you eat - although both are important. Bullies once called Rachel „fat” and „ugly”, but now following her weight loss, many instead compliment her new appearance. Rachel is now a UK dress size-eight and weighs 10st 5lb. Whilst Rachel still struggles with body dysmorphia, bullies no longer criticise her, and Rachel has received an outpouring of support from her 62,000 YouTube subscribers.

Innovative movie theater opening in Paris resembles the galactic senate from Star Wars

The Oma Cinema, which was designed by architect Pierre Chican, will do away with traditional rows of seating helping the need for social distancing in the future. Instead viewers will sit in circular booths, not unlike a box seat in a traditional live theatre setting. But, the design undoubtedly brings to mind images of Palpatine preaching to the Galactic Senate from Star Wars. ''The Oma Cinema is a truly different cinematic concept, offering spectacular architecture, an intimate atmosphere, an „a la carte” service and truly unique experience for cinema operators and their audiences.' state the company.'' The innovative architecture of the Oma Cinema is based on three major features: an original „platform” layout; a flexible seat arrangement in each „balcony” and projector positioning among the seating „pods” allowing audiences to get much closer to the screen and the action. ''The unique architecture of the Oma Cinema is not only spectacular, it also provides the audience with a superior viewing experience, pushing back the front rows while elevating the back rows.''

A sharkskin lined tea caddy dating back 250 years is tipped to fetch more than £1,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 1750 caddy was carved from mahogany and came with a lock to stop servants from pinching the expensive tea leaves.  It was discovered in a house in Staffordshire and taken to a valuation day run by Hansons Auctioneers.  The owner is now planning to sell the historic brewing kit which is expected to fetch more than £1,000.

Series of tender moments between animals

***EXCLUSIVE*** Heart-warming pictures capture the tender moments between animals in the wild. Lions are caught on camera fondly bowing their heads towards each other as a lioness affectionately pulls another closer. A pair of elephants also lovingly embrace each other with their trunks as they dip in the water while spotted cheetahs nuzzle together, licking the rain off their faces. Wildlife photographer William Steel captured the sweet moments between the animals at several national parks in Botswana - including Mabuasehube, Chobe National Park and Khutse Game Reserve.

The challenges of learning for Syrian children amid the conflict and Covid-19

Idlib, Syria, July 2020: The destruction to most of the school structure of the Al-Farika school, near Jisr al-Shughour, in the western countryside of the Idlib province. At the end of 2019 and early 2020 the Syrian government army backed by Russian airstrikes launched a campaign to regain the last major opposition stronghold in northwest Syria, and that led to much fighting and destruction in the area. The Covid-19 emergency has added a further challenge to Syrian children and their right to schooling and education amid the surrounding conflict and destruction.

Dates being harvested

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers dry out thousands of fresh dates before they are taken to market. The fruit is collected from trees before the best ones are selected and laid out in the bright sunshine. Each season this farm will produce around 10 tonnes of dates which will make the locals around £10,000. Mr Haitham Al Farsi, captured the images in Jalan bani Bu Hassan in Oman.

Get off me! - The lion is clearly irked by the thousands of flies disrupting its meal

***EXCLUSIVE*** KENYA: Buzzing: This five-hundred-pound lion looked pretty relaxed as several thousand flies landed on his face during dinner. One hilarious image showed the adult male big cat mid-sneeze as a swarm of bewildered flies are flung from his nose. Another shot captured the eight-foot-long beast looking rather content as the insects settled on his face like a moving face mask. Professional photographer, Rajharsha Narayanswamy (36) from Bengaluru, India captured the photos at the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. He snapped the images on a Canon EOS-1D X Mark II with a 500mm lens.

Ex-Royal Marine leaps off mountain and flies to safety in heart stopping footage

***EXCLUSIVE*** This heart stopping footage shows a high-altitude wing suit flight from the peak of a mountain. Ex Royal Marine Tim Howell climbed for six-and-a-half hours to reach the perfect spot to launch himself off the intimidating 13,806ft drop. It is the highest wing suit BASE jump ever performed by Tim, but it is just another day at the office for him as he fearlessly takes his leap and soars above the picturesque peaks. He made the jump off the south side of The Grandes Jorrasses range, which stands in The Mount Blanc massif, between France and Italy.

Flamingoes having a fight

***EXCLUSIVE*** Wind your neck in! Two flamingoes tussle in the water at Dahariz Beach in Oman. The scuffle was captured by marketing manager Amardeep Singh from Oman. Amardeep, 39, said, "The flamingoes were fighting for territory. They can become quite aggresive, sometimes even biting each other if one strays onto the others feeding ground." "Eventually they separated. It's actually quite rare to see them like this."