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Best friends given a two percent chance of survival at birth defied the odds to re-create their first day of school photo -- at their graduation

***EXCLUSIVE*** The parents of Odin Frost and Jordon [crrct] Granberry, both 18, were told their sons would never walk and would live in a "vegetative state" - if they survived their early years.  But the pair exceeded expectations to make it to school - and an adorable photo shows them on their very first day, aged three, sharing a seat. From that day forward the pair were best buds - sharing a special bond despite being nearly completely non-verbal. And this week they re-created that photo on their last day at school, when they officially graduated high school and collected their diplomas. Odin's proud parents said the near-identical shots, taken 15 years apart, reminded them of how far their son and his best pal had come.

A teenager whose knee was bending BACKWARDS can walk tall for the first time

***EXCLUSIVE*** A teenager whose knee was bending BACKWARDS can walk tall for the first time thanks to an operation Marie Madeleine, 13, developed an abnormally tight muscle in her leg so her knee hyperextended backward Marie Madeline, a 13- year-old schoolgirl developed an abnormally tight muscle contracture in her leg. As she continued to grow, her knee hyperextended backward, leaving her with a severe limp when she walked. Marie from Senegal, Africa, refused to let her condition slow her down and she continued to walk to school everyday.

Man with his six-year-old daughter have ran and cycled every street together in Edinburgh during lockdown: 506miles in 67 days

***EXCLUSIVE*** Endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont has completed a mammoth challenge with his six-year-old daughter - running more than 500 miles around every street in Edinburgh. Mark, 37, holds the record for cycling around the world in less than 80 days, but this time it was his daughter Harriet who was on the bike, while he ran alongside. an hour, five days a week.  Dad-of-two Mark, from Inverleith, Edinburgh, was inspired to take up the challenge after hearing an ultra runner talking about doing something similar in America.

Toddler walks for the first time after hearing hit song by The Proclaimers

***EXCLUSIVE*** A disabled toddler who took her first steps after her mum played The Proclaimers hit 'I Will Walk 500 Miles’ is now fundraising to help pay for life changing treatment to help her walk independently. Little Inka Wood was born nine weeks prematurely with brain scans quickly identifying that she had suffered brain damage during her birth. Eighteen months later Inka, now aged three, was diagnosed with Diaplegic Cerebral Palsy. The condition, which causes spasticity in the muscles, meant that as a toddler Inka, from Portishead struggled to stand or walk. But she refused to give up. One day, while at home, mum Holly put on the track I Will Walk 500 Miles by the Scottish singing duo. And as the music played Inka stood, to the amazement of her mum, and took her first ever steps.

A police inspector dad-of-one who had a small "innocuous" bruise on his ankle which "wouldn't go away" was devastated to be handed a shocking cancer diagnosis

***EXCLUSIVE*** John Haywood, 46, spotted the mark last summer but thought "nothing of it" and initially passed it off as a blemish on his skin that would go away in time. The Greater Manchester Police copper mentioned the 'bruise' to his dermatologist in passing soon after and, as a precaution, arranged to have the mark examined. Tragically, when the results of a skin sample test came back in September John was diagnosed with a sarcoma, a rare cancer that can affect any part of the body.

The North Face produces limited-edition tees from recycled plastic bottles

***EXCLUSIVE*** The North Face has unveiled its new limited-edition Recover Tee, showcasing the label's sustainability commitment by recycling plastic bottles. Titled “Bottle Source,” the three-tee capsule has been produced from more than 18,000kgs of plastic bottles that were collected from waste streams in the Alps. The T-shirts themselves come in either long or short sleeve, and feature a new version of the The North Face's heritage logo. For the capsule, the logo is decked out in blue, pink or green.

Nurse works to prevent childhood drowning after son’s death

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mother found her 18-month-old son's body floating in her backyard pool after the toddler wandered out an open dog door.  Jenny Bennett, an ER nurse, performed CPR on Jackson but was unable to revive the toddler. The mother of Jackson, Kila, 14, Lilly, eight, and Asher, three, is speaking out about her tragic experience as drownings surge during the COVID-19 lockdown. This June, 68 children under the age of 12 drowned across the US - a more than 100% increase on the 28 children who passed away from drowning in the same month last year according to data collected by Total Aquatic Programming, LLC.  Jenny and her husband Adam, 40, a sales manager, often swam with Jackson in the pool of their home in Houston, Texas. "He loved to swim with us and he loved the water. We were very proud of him being what we called a water baby," she said.  In July 2016, Jenny opened the dog door to let their dogs out when she and the family left the house to pick up Adam from work. When the family returned, Jenny forgot that the dog door was open. "I ran immediately to the pool and that's where I found him floating face down. "I pulled him out. "His eyes were open and his skin was warm and still looked pink. "I thought I found him in time. "I couldn't hear him breathing, I put my head on his chest and I couldn't hear a heartbeat.  "I started CPR on my son.  "I've performed CPR dozens if not hundreds of times as a nurse but never on a child."  Paramedics arrived and Jackson was taken to HCA Houston Healthcare.  He remained on life support for four days until he was declared braindead. "We decided to donate his organs to children," Jenny said. "We knew he would be saving others and living on through them. "We said goodbye and he became a hero."

A frontline NHS nurse and British Army reservist is hoping to be crowned Miss England after making the semi-finals of the prestigious competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lizzy Willis, 22, an intensive care nurse, applied when she couldn’t sleep after a shift for the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. She read about the current titleholder, Bhasha Mukherjee, being a junior doctor and Lizzy thought she could emulate her. The former Kings College London student, who lives in Maida Vale, London, said: „It was really really random. I couldn't sleep after a night shift one day and I was reading some news articles and I came across the previous winner, Bhasha Mukherjee, and saw she's a doctor. I just thought 'oh I could do that' I had a look at the website and just decided to send in an application and managed to make it to the semis.” Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the contestants will not meet each other or the judges in person. They will be connected via the video calling app Zoom and submit their entries remotely.

A teenage campaigner has warned that automated air fresheners could be emitting harmful levels of cancer and asthma-causing chemicals in our homes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tom Hunt, 14, from Chesham, Bucks, has been conducting research on indoor air quality and automatic air fresheners during lockdown. Earlier this year, with the help of a monitor attached to his pet labrador Baggy, Tom found air pollution levels were far worse at child level than those recorded in official figures. His findings were widely publicised and led Tom being given an ‘Atmotube Pro’ air pollution monitor to investigate air quality indoors.

Louis Vuitton's monogrammed earphone earrings will bling-up your AirPods

***EXCLUSIVE*** For its latest accessory drop, Louis Vuitton is rumored to release its very own monogram earrings specifically for earphones. According to an image posted by Instagram account @supreme_leaks_news, the detachable jewelry piece comes in different lengths and features dangling chains that boast the fashion house's signature “LV” logo. No piercings are required to wear this statement piece; all you have to do is insert it through the body of your wireless earbuds. Price: 350 Dollars.

Stick to the traditional bamboo weaving

Haian, China: Traditional bamboo weaving in Hai 'an city, Jiangsu Province, needs to be woven into various kinds of bamboo baskets, MATS, sieves and other meet-making products through various processes such as bamboo selection, splitting, scraping, and weaving. Because of the ecological and environmental protection products, more and more by urban and rural citizens love. At the age of 14, Jingbu Yin of Shuangxi Village, Duntou Town, Haian city, Jiangsu province, learned to be a bamboo craftsman at his father's suggestive. He has been doing this traditional craft for over 60 years, so he made various kinds of thin strips for the supply market.

Xiangyun yarn dyeing and finishing drives the employment of villagers

Wuzhou, Wuzhou, China: Workers risk the summer heat to make fragrant cloud yarn, an ancient plant dyed and woven by han Chinese, in Xiaying town, Wanxiu District, Wuzhou city, Guangxi Province. It has promoted the employment of local villagers, enabling them to work at their ''doorstep''...Ranunculus, commonly known as buttercup, is a kind of silk gauze product coated with the silk fabric of mulberry silkworm with the juice of tuber, then covered with the mud of river surging containing minerals, and processed by the sun. The dyeing process has been inherited for hundreds of years, using pure vegetable dyes to dye, the production process is unique, the fabric is cool and pleasant, light and soft, dry quickly in water, not easy to wrinkle and so on. In 2008, xiangyun yarn dyeing and finishing technology was listed on the national intangible cultural heritage list.

Longbao Forest Train Hotel became the first train hotel in northeast China to attract a great deal of interest from tourists

Tonghua, TongHua, China: A train hotel in longwan Volcano Forest Park, Jinchuan Town, Huinan County, Tonghua City, Jilin Province. It is reported, long Bao forest train hotel is the first train theme hotel in northeast, it is to use off line ''retired'' old green leather train car to make the train theme hotel. Behind a rusting old locomotive are nine greenleather railcars with 80 beds designed to maintain the overall appearance. The compartment is transformed into a guest room with solid wood furniture, with elegant and warm colors, complete service facilities and equipment such as toilet, air conditioner and WIFI, as well as a train bar and train restaurant, which become a web celebrity punching place, attracting many tourists to visit and experience.