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Punk fan, 10, becomes global hit with homemade music magazine

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the young punk fan who has become a global hit and interviewed rock stars for a magazine he has made himself — aged just ten. Arlo Lippiatt started Pint-Sized Punk as a project while being homeschooled. But now — in the week when famous music mag Q went bust — Arlo is shipping copies to countries as far away as Australia.  The youngster acts as reporter, photographer and editor and has already bagged interviews with bands including the Manic Street Preachers. Arlo sells the handmade fanzine for £3 and has seen a surge in sales after two issues. The budding media mogul, from Saltford, Somerset, is hoping to continue making editions even when he goes back to school. He is helped out by mum Hannah, who uses her background as an English teacher to make sure the language flows. Copies are available from record stores in the local area as well as online — where music fans from across the world are placing orders.

Woman left with 10-inch scar after neck lump from 'braces' turns out to be cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** WAKEFIELD, UK: This brave British woman has been left with a TEN-INCH scar across her neck and only two thirds of a tongue after a lump she thought was caused by her braces turned out to be cancer - and now she is releasing pictures as a warning to others. Kimberley Hattersley-Barton (22) from Wakefield, UK, was diagnosed with the rare childhood soft tissue cancer, rhabdomyosarcoma, when she was just 13 months old. She fought this and was given the all clear at two-and-a-half-years-old, after several rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Kimberley’s childhood cancer battle left her with several long-term chronic health problems including kidney failure and cardiomyopathy, but her optimistic nature meant that she has never dwelled on this. In December 2015, Kimberley first noticed a bump on her tongue whilst she was brushing her teeth which she initially ignored as she already had a naturally geographical tongue and was wearing braces at the time which can cause mouth irritation. A few days passed and she noticed that her tongue wasn’t symmetrical and the bump was now in fact a pronounced lump. Kimberley was referred to the head and neck clinic and was told the news that she had squamous cell carcinoma on her tongue which had spread to her neck lymph nodes at the age of 18. Taken aback by her diagnosis, Kimberley had to undergo surgery on March 1, 2016, to remove the affected area of her tongue which included a gruelling neck dissection, where all of her lymph nodes on her left side were removed, and followed up with 33 rounds of radiotherapy over six-and-a-half-weeks and she completed treatment on May 20, 2016. For almost four years Kimberley’s check-ups had been clear but in April 2020, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, she received the devastating news that her tongue cancer had returned after she’d noticed her tongue was so sore she was struggling to eat soft foods. Luckily Kimberley’s second diagnosis was caught at the earliest stage and after surgery to remove the affected section of her tongue and lymph nodes on the right side of her neck as a precaution on May 5, 2020, she has thankfully not needed any further treatment. Head and neck cancers are more common in people over the age of 50 or in those who have been exposed to risk factors such as alcohol and tobacco which makes Kimberley’s story an anomaly so she’s keen to spread awareness for her type of cancer and has set up her Instagram page, @kimberleys_lifewiththeribbon.

A huge collection of microcars has sold for £1 M

***EXCLUSIVE*** Leading the fleet of the 125 little cars was a British Peel P50 - the smallest production vehicle ever made. The 1963 car, that measures just 4ft 5ins long and 3ft 3ins wide, sold for £76,000. It formed part of an impressive European collection of tiny transport amassed by two friends over a 40 year period.

A mum who makes beautiful model houses out of old books has turned her hobby into a thriving business with a nine month-long waiting list

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ele Grafton, 36, who works as an illustrator, began creating the 'light box houses' as a hobby eight years ago, giving the first one to her husband. Since then, they have proved very popular with family and friends who have asked her to fashion examples for them. The 12ins by 18ins models are so intricate they take her a month to make at her home studio near Wells, Somerset.

Lawrence of Arabia's nine-bedroom Victorian childhood home in Oxford complete with bungalow specially built for the famed adventurer goes up for sale for £2.6million

***EXCLUSIVE*** OXFORD, UK: Own the house that was once home to Lawrence of Arabia for Ł2.6M. The property, on Polstead Road in Oxford, boasts nine bedrooms, three bathrooms, two reception rooms, a kitchen, a dining room, family room, study, utility and cloakroom set over four floors. Two Polstead Road is the former residence of renowned archaeologist T.E. Lawrence who is better known as Lawrence of Arabia. The house has a blue plaque to commemorate T.E. Lawrence’s residency. T.E. Lawrence was a British archaeologist, army officer and writer. The 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia depicts Lawrence’s experience in Hejaz and Greater Syria during World War I. The film was nominated for 10 Oscars at the 1963 Academy Awards and won seven including the Best Picture award. The house has a bungalow, situated in the garden, comprising of a sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, shower room and cloakroom. The bungalow was built by the Lawrence family as the main house wasn’t big enough to accommodate the entire family. The main house comprises 3,573 sq. ft, and can be split into two accommodations as there is separate access to the lower ground floor. The property provides easy access to London with direct train routes from Oxford Parkway to London Marylebone in 55 minutes. The four-storey property is currently on the market with Knight Frank for a mighty Ł2.6M.

A stunning selection of vintage film posters from the golden age of cinema have emerged for sale for at least £2million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning selection of vintage film posters from the golden age of cinema have emerged for sale. Almost 700 posters are going under the hammer, predominantly from the 1920s to 1940s, with their sale tipped to fetch at least £2million. The marquee lot is an extremely rare 27ins by 41ins teaser poster for the horror film The Invisible Man (1933) which is expected to sell for £200,000. Other posters up for grabs are for Casablanca, Metropolis,The Walking Dead, Frankenstein and Brats, a comedy short featuring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. The posters, which have been consigned by various different collectors, are being sold with Heritage Auctions, of Dallas, Texas, US.

French Alpine castle where the Marquis de Sade was jailed for drugging prostitutes and sodomy with his manservant before escaping is put up for sale for £3.85million

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredible French castle that once served as a prison which the Marquis de Sade escaped from is on the market for £3.85m (4.25m euros). The historic Miolans Castle sits almost 550m above sea level on a rocky cliff in the Bauges mountains with a breathtaking 180-degree view that includes Mont Blanc. In 1772, when the fortress served as a prison, it was home to the infamous writer and pervert the Marquis de Sade for four months before he escaped while the guards were eating dinner. Parts of the castle date back to the 11th century and it was classified as a historic monument in 1944. In more recent times, some of the castle has been refurbished to form a grand home with parquet flooring, wood panelling and stained glass windows, while other parts have been open to the public to explore the history of the site.

Rodeo dive! Daredevil wingsuit pilot rides on her stunt partner's back as they leap from a plane at 13,000ft

***EXCLUSIVE*** This amazing footage shows a couple of thrill-seeking wing suit pilots performing a stunt known as a rodeo.  Wing suit professional Alessio Spina leaps from a plane at 13,000 feet with 28-year-old Giulia Calcaterra straddling his back. The pair glide graciously towards the ground in Sardina, Italy, before they separate at 5,000 feet and pull their parachutes.  Italian content creator and extreme sports fanatic Giulia has been skydiving for three years.

Club Med behind a two-bed: Humble semi hides astonishing secret - a mini Mediterannean resort complete with tiled swimming pool, hot tub and cocktail bar built for £3,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** DIY novice Guy Young is making up for his holiday to Spain being cancelled after turning his back garden into a mini-Mediterranean resort. Guy, an optician, studied YouTube tutorials to help him build the incredible holiday complex behind his two bed semi-detached house. The main feature of the garden paradise is a 12ft by 7ft by 5ft swimming pool Guy, 34, dug and built by hand using 38,000 blue mosaic tiles. It took him 18 months to complete and cost him £3,000 in materials, a fraction of the £17,000 he would have paid to have it built professionally.

A ghost hunter is convinced the spirit of a monk that has haunted him since childhood has been captured on camera during a paranormal investigation at an abandoned hotel

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kriss Power, 37, believes he caught the robed, eight-foot figure (pictured) on footage he filmed for his YouTube channel, North West Ghost Adventures. He made the chilling discovery when he watched the eerie footage back after investigating the derelict Egerton House Hotel in Bolton, Lancs., for ghosts. The building dates back to around 1860 and was owned by a local businessman who had made his fortune in the mills before becoming a hotel. In spooky footage, Kriss captures a vision shortly after a torch turned itself on and a feint voice can be heard saying: "Help me." And elsewhere in the building, his girlfriend captured a picture of what appears to be a ghost-like arm coming through a door in the bar.

Wrestling bear cubs

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of grizzly bear cubs entertain themselves by wrestling on a shoreline. The eight month old siblings tussled with each other next to a lake as their mother fished for salmon. Play-fights like this one, which was caught on camera by amateur photographer Jenny Stevens at Chilko Lake in British Columbia, Canada, help give young bears valuable life skills.

Workers carry heavy jute fibres on their shoulders

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers appear to be wearing large golden wigs as they carry a heavy bundle of jute fibre. Their bodies are enveloped with the heavy natural fibres, with only their faces visible as they each carry around 50kg of jute on their shoulders. The unusual images were captured by photographer Azim Khan Ronnie in Manikganj, Bangladesh.

Two tiger cubs were caught in an epic battle of sibling rivalry

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDIA: These two tiger cubs were caught in an epic battle of sibling rivalry in the Chambal River. Stunning pictures showed the two two-hundred-pound Bengal tigers as they roared and clawed at one another in a powerful showdown. Other images captured the 15-month-old cubs appearing to mirror one another’s movements as they splashed about in the fast-flowing river. The big cat battle was snapped at the Ranthambore National Park, India, by professional photographer Nitish Madan (41) from Delhi, India. He used a Sony Alpha a7R IV with a 70-200mm lens. „In the wild, you don’t get to witness incredible moments such as this every day” said Nitish.