Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A man bought his late father's police car after spotting it on eBay - and even found his dad's expenses sheet behind the dashboard

***EXCLUSIVE*** Retired copper Greg Barnett, 47, chanced upon the 1978 Vauxhall VX90 while browsing the internet. He realised it could be the same motor as the one he rode in while growing up. His dad Barrie was a driver training instructor for Durham Constabulary and used the vehicle to teach hundreds of officers on the 'skid pan'. The car - also known as a Vauxhall Victor - was last seen by Greg years ago, who followed in his father's footsteps and joined the same force. The motor eventually made its way south and ended up in the hands of a garage owner in Wells, Somerset, who spent lockdown restoring it.

A restaurant is using mannequins to help keep their customers socially distanced while dining

***EXCLUSIVE*** The smartly-dressed dummies are positioned at tables in La Brasserie De La Cour in Buxton, Derbyshire. The owner, Thierry Le Port, said the models would prevent people from sitting too close to others while also avoiding big, empty spaces. Customers of the French restaurant have described the mannequins as "slightly creepy" but effective. Mr Le Port said he and his wife came up with the idea when discussing how to reopen the restaurant. He said he was concerned about how to ensure customers maintained social distancing in the restaurant.

A portrait of supermodel Kate Moss drawn by ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty in his BLOOD is being sold

***EXCLUSIVE*** The peculiar artwork has been listed with a guide price of between £6,000 and £7,000, with the starting bid set at £1,700. The high-profile couple started dating in 2005 and had an on-off relationship until a final split in 2007. The framed, 50cm by 60cm portrait - drawn using crayon - is now being sold by Paul Fraser Collectibles, of Bristol, in an online auction. Manager Daniel Wade said: "You wouldn’t want to do transfusions with it, but make no mistake, Pete Doherty’s blood is a precious commodity.

Mum of eight-month-old baby who died of Kawasaki disease urges parents to be ‘vigilant’ of symptoms

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Alexander Parsons was admitted to Derriford Hospital on April 5 and diagnosed with Kawasaki disease the following day. Grieving parents who lost their baby to a rare Covid-related disease say his legacy has been to save the lives of at least 12 other children. An eight-month-old baby from Plymouth who died after being diagnosed with Kawasaki disease in April has saved the lives of at least 12 other children. Jon Parsons, 30, and Kathryn Rowlands, 29, have taken comfort that by sharing their story after the heartbreaking loss of their baby boy.