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Meet Rufio, Instagram’s famous Golden Retriever with TWO-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTY-THOUSAND followers

***EXCLUSIVE*** CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA: Meet the adorable golden retriever whose dress-up antics have rocketed him to Instagram stardom with over TWO-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTY-THOUSAND followers. Gorgeous five-year-old golden retriever Rufio, has attracted hundreds of thousands of followers on social media after his owner, Rebecca Mo (34) from Chicago, Illinois, USA, started sharing heart-warming pictures of her pet pooch’s antics online. Rebecca noticed that Rufio, who usually works as a therapy dog visiting patients in hospital when there isn’t a global pandemic, loved meeting new people when they were going about their daily life and saw how much people’s faces lit up at the sight of him so decided to train him as a therapy dog. It’s this gentle nature that has garnered Rufio 251K followers on Instagram, where Rebecca not only shares video clips of his day job but also what the friendly canine gets up to on his days off. Cute pictures show Rufio taking part in a spot of light reading, dressed up as Harry Potter as well as an astronaut and taking a well-deserved snooze on the sofa.

Sylvester Stallone's boxing gloves from 'Rocky' are heading to auction for 12.000 Dollars

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fans of the iconic Rocky film from 1976 now have a chance to buy the original boxing gloves worn by Sylvester Stallone. This pair of film history appears in training sequences and was originally made by Casanova Boxing with the manufacturer's label removed. The black boxing gloves see white trim at the wrist and thumb portions. The left hand also appears to have a slight white blemish or sweat marks near the front of the fist. This lot is part of Prop Store's Entertainment Memorabilia Los Angeles Live Auction taking place on August 26, and are estimated to fetch between $12,000 and $16,000 USD.

Heart-stopping moment teenage daredevil, 19, risks his life for a selfie scaling the 500ft Forth Road Bridge

***EXCLUSIVE*** A teenage daredevil famed for free-climbing tall buildings has taken his life in his hands once more - this time scaling the Forth Road Bridge. Adam Lockwood, 19, and three friends posed for selfies at the top of one of the bridge's two towers which stand around 500 feet above the river below. The teenager filmed part of the vertigo-inducing dawn ascent of the bridge over the River Forth in central Scotland on an action camera.

Yoga session with pigs

Yoga session with pigs during a charity fundraiser at The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary, in Aldergrove, B.C. The not for profit farm, which relies on donations and provides a home for abused and at risk animals, hosted two yoga sessions to help raise funds to operate after being unable to host tours and events due to COVID-19.

Woman tells how her ex burned her mum to death in front of her after bungling cops failed to stop him stalking her

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who was forced to watch in horror as her mother was doused in petrol and set alight by her estranged husband - who then torched himself - has spoken out for the first time.Susan Lynch, 49, witnessed the horrific scene unfold on 13th March 2018 after she had been subjected to weeks of escalating threats and intimidating behaviour from her ex partner, Kieren Lynch, 50, a bricklayer - and the father of her two children, aged 17 and 22.He had refused to accept their 24 year relationship was over and hounded Susan - and her mother, Jennifer Cronin, 70 - for many months before the fatal attack.

A mum just one day away from death was saved when doctors removed her decaying bowel from her body before it poisoned and killed her from the inside

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lucky Rowena Chadwick-Smith, 36, had been living with Crohn's diagnosis for 12 years, but never imagined it might prove fatal - assuming it would only inhibit her life for the foreseeable future. But when she felt faint and had a searing pain in her stomach, Rowena was whisked into surgery at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, West Yorkshire, and doctor's realised her bowel was decaying inside of her and breaking apart - killing off her other organs in the process and triggering her body to shutdown.

A pint-sized 55-year-old woman has been hailed a hero after she managed to save her friend's life after he became trapped under a ride-on lawn mower in a stream

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nora McManus-Chambers, who is just 4ft 10ins tall, somehow managed to lift the 220kg (35 stone) machine off Stephen Machin after he fell 12ft down a bank.  The 65-year-old punctured a lung, broke several ribs as well as his wrist during the freak accident in Grosmont, Herefordshire, on the afternoon on June 13.   More worryingly, Mr Machin had landed face-down in the water with the heavy lawn mower on his back and was unable to move as he was pinned to the ground.  But brave Nora leapt into action and clambered down the culvert to muster the strength to lift it enough to stop it forcing the air from his lungs.   He was in the brook for almost an hour before emergency services arrived to rescue him, but by that time his temperature had dropped to 34C and he was hypothermic. An air ambulance with two intensive care doctors also attended the scene before Mr Machin was flown to hospital for urgent treatment.

Titanic investment! Grade II seven-bed mansion with path to private beach used for filming of upcoming Kate Winslet movie hits market for £1million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Grade II* listed home on a private estate with access to a private beach with film connections is on the market for £1m. Peek House is a grand-looking home in the 350-acre Rousdon Estate, an enclave of 104 homes where a group of freeholders own the mile-long Charton Beach. The house sits 500ft above the beach, which was used as a filming location last year for Ammonite, the yet to be released film starring Kate Winslet as palaeontologist Mary Anning. Access to the beach is along a steep path through the undercliff that was used in the 1981 film The French Lieutenant's Woman starring Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons.

Bear cubs hitching a ride on mums back

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of bear cubs carefully hitch a ride on their mother's back. The two-month old cubs gently clutch onto their mother as she strolls through the forest. Wildlife photographer Shivang Mehta spotted the sloth bears at Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, India. He was on the lookout for the northern Indian park's famous tigers when he suddenly locked eyes on the trio of bears instead.

Cigarette case gifted by King George VI to the man who inspired the film The King's Speech sells

***EXCLUSIVE*** A silver cigarette case gifted by King George VI to the man who inspired the film The King's Speech today sold for £76,250. The grateful monarch presented speech therapist Lionel Logue with the 9ins by 7ins case for helping him overcome his stammer ahead of his coronation in 1937. Inside the case was a personal letter the monarch wrote to Logue thanking him for his 'expert supervision and unfailing patience'. He added that he was 'overwhelmingly relieved' his coronation speech had gone smoothly and that he couldn't have done it without Logue. The two men's friendship was the subject of the 2010 film in which Colin Firth won an Oscar for his portrayal of George VI, starring opposite Geoffrey Rush who played Australian Logue.

Mountain rescue team forced to carry 9st St Bernard down England’s highest peak after she refused to walk

***EXCLUSIVE*** These pictures show the moment a mountain rescue team were called out to save a St Bernard dog - a which were originally bred as rescue dogs. Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team were called out after the dog, named Daisy, had collapsed while walking up the highest mountain in England with her owners. They climbed Scafell Pike in Cumbria in search of the poorly pooch, before putting her onto a stretcher and carrying her all the way down.

An 80-year-old great granddad has embarked on the most unlikely of careers - to become one of the oldest male models in the UK

***EXCLUSIVE*** Handsome Harry Mountain ran his own joinery business for decades before retiring in 1992 - 28 years before his striking good looks were first recognised by the modelling industry. Last year Harry, who has ten grandchildren, was clocked by a friend and photographer who asked him to attend a shoot after one of the scheduled models backed out.

Sports car where Abba’s Benny Andersson is said to have recorded hit song ideas tipped to sell for £120,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A classic Italian sports car which belonged to Benny Andersson at the height of his ABBA fame has emerged for sale for £120,000. The Maserati Merak was bought from new by the Swedish pop sensation in 1976 and he is even believed to have recorded music in it. The motor is was fitted specially with a cassette player with microphone so that he could make a note of his latest musical ideas while on the road. The unusual feature remains in place more than 40 years later, making the Maserati a must have for any ABBA fan. Whoever does end up buying the two-door will need to have deep pockets though, as auctioneers Bonhams have given it a guide price of between £80,000 and £120,000.

A flamboyance of juvenile flamingos lack their pink colour

***EXCLUSIVE*** A colony of young flamingos circle a cormorant invading a salt lake. Lacking their vibrant pink feathers, the young birds kept their distance as they remained afraid of the new visitor on the salt lake in Konya, Turkey. Adult flamingos stayed close by, protecting their offspring which feed on algae and bacteria from the 80km lake.

Winston Churchill's first love is revealed: Future prime minister's letter to 'wonderful companion' he first met when a 22-year-old junior officer comes to light

***EXCLUSIVE*** An affectionate letter from Sir Winston Churchill to his first great love has come to light. He was a 22 year old junior officer when he met Pamela Bulwer-Lytton (nee Plowden), Countess of Lytton, in India in 1896. They dated for several years and he is said to have proposed marriage to her in a punt on the river at Warwick Castle. Although she declined, Churchill clearly harboured no ill feelings as their friendship endured for the rest of their lives. In the letter, dated July 13, 1957, he refers to her as 'dear Pamela' and signs off with: "You were wonderful as a companion." The letter is now being sold with International Autograph Auction, of Malaga, Spain, where it is expected to fetch £1,500.

Kingfisher tosses cricket into the air

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lilac-breasted roller dines on an armored cricket, by tossing it into the air in order to reposition it in it's beak. The bird did this, at Madikwe Game reserve in South Africa, so not to be hurt by the spikes on the crickets armour as it swallows it whole. Kevin Dooley, 58, professional wildlife photographer and Safari operator said, "The cricket was moving quite quickly across the sand, the roller swept down and collected it in one go." "The armoured cricket is a very tough insect, not only do they maintain a suit of armour with up to eight spikes upon their shoulder area, they also spit blood and can deliver a very hard bite." "Their blood consists of a very acidly composition and causes sever burning, especially in the eyes. This is my first time of seeing this." The lilac-breasted roller is an insect eating bird that resides in sub-Saharan Africa.

Cloth worker takes a break from loading lorry with colourful materials

***EXCLUSIVE*** A worker takes a well earned rest from unloading hundreds of bundles of brightly coloured cloth from a lorry. He stretches out on the fabrics which will eventually be made into various garments and sent to local shops. The images were captured in Sirajganj in Bangladesh by photographer Abdul Momin. Around 400 bundles are piled into the back of the large truck which is then driven to Dhaka where they are transformed into clothes and blankets.

Rice drying process

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers create beautiful patterns as they begin the long process of making rice. Under the boiling sun, they spread the harvested rice crop across fields to dry - routinely turning it over. Once it is dry, it is collected, packed into dome-like shapes and covered with a triangular bamboo basket. Amateur photographer Hedayet Sarker pictured the process in Kalishima village, near his home in Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh.

Princess Diana letter written as she turned 30 in which she wondered 'what the next 10 years will bring' a year before her divorce and six years before her death emerges for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tragic letter by Princess Diana in which she wondered what her thirties had in store for her has come to light. She wrote: "I do wonder what the next ten years will bring, the last ten I have learnt a great deal in an interesting way!" The Princess of Wales wrote to close friend Dudley Poplak to thank him for three drawings he had produced for her to mark her 30th birthday in July 1991.

Fire sale – Your chance to snap up a six wheeled Range Rover fit to fight fires

***EXCLUSIVE*** They may be best known as the luxury vehicle of choice for a host of famous faces but a Range Rover that's been converted into a fire engine has now emerged for sale. The unusual motor dates back to 1989 but it was not transformed for use by the fire service until the year 2000. It was then purchased by Pembrokeshire County Council and put into active service at Haverford West airport.