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A couple have become one of the oldest same sex couples to marry in Britain after waiting nearly 35 years - and one of them is called GAY

***EXCLUSIVE*** Julie and Gay Gilman never thought they would be able to make their partnership official but tied the knot on Saturday in front of family and friends. They first met in the 1980s while they both worked as nurses at a physiatric hospital and had talked about getting hitched but never got round to it. And after the official ceremony, which was planned in secret by Julie who only officially proposed two days in advance, they described it as the happiest day of their lives.  Gay also became the first person born in Alderney to get married to a same sex partner partner on the Channel Island since it was made legal in 2018.

The Underwater ISS? Designs for underwater research station and habitat are unveiled

Aquanaut Fabien Cousteau and industrial designer Yves Béhar are envisioning the world's largest underwater research station and habitat sixty feet beneath the surface of the Caribbean Sea. The pair have unveiled Fabien Cousteau's Proteus, a 4,000-square-foot modular lab that will sit under the water off the coast of Curaçao, providing a home to scientists and researchers from across the world studying the ocean - from the effects of climate change and new marine life to medicinal breakthroughs. Designed as a two-story circular structure grounded to the ocean floor on stilts, Proteus' protruding pods contain laboratories, personal quarters, medical bays and a moon pool where divers can access the ocean floor. Powered by wind and solar energy, and ocean thermal energy conversion, the structure will also feature the first underwater greenhouse for growing food, as well as a video production facility. The Proteus is intended to be the underwater version of the International Space Station (ISS), where government agencies, scientists, and the private sector can collaborate in the spirit of collective knowledge, irrespective of borders. Up to 12 researchers and aquanauts - scientists who remain underwater breathing pressurised air for over 24 hours - will be able to live in Proteus at a time. Living underwater in a pressurised environment, rather than just diving in, allows scientists to spend far more time in the water and only decompress at the end of their assignment.

These five baby alpacas were 'unpacked' during the lockdown to the delight of their owners

***EXCLUSIVE*** Newborn Mr Softee was only born on July 19, and the oldest of the five babies is Casey, born on May 29. Dark brown Sahara Foncé is expected to become a prize-winner at shows when she competes, as is fawn-coloured Akoya when he goes into the ring. The other female alpaca is named Qilaut, and three of the babies are half-siblings as they have the same father. Delighted owners Stuart Ramsay, 56, and wife Jean McDonald, 64, love watching the babies playing together. They own 37 alpacas at their farm, Velvet Hall Alpacas, in Innerleithen, Scottish Borders, after a hobby turned into a business.

Teddy Bear's picnic: brown bear takes seat at picnic table

Haines, Alaska, United States: Talk about the Teddy bear’s picnic. This hopeful brown bear took a seat at a table outside of campervan, seemingly waiting to be fed. Photographer Mike Hoekendijk says the grizzly was attracted by the smell of fish caught by the owner at Haines in Alaska. Mike says: „The people in the RV had salmon laying outside on the table, the bear smelt it from far away and I could warn the people. They took the salmon inside just in time. The bear, came, smelt and was very disappointed.”