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A woman who bought a box of six duck eggs from Waitrose ended up with a new pet - after she put them in an incubator to see if they would HATCH

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lauren Barton, 26, popped down to her local Waitrose last month and picked up the six-pack of Clarence Court Braddock Whites Free Range Duck Eggs, for £2.59 - or 43.2p per egg. But English teacher Lauren had no intention of eating her purchase - and instead, popped half of the eggs into an incubator she had bought off Amazon, to see if she could hatch a duckling.

Painter makes 192 meter long picture

***EXCLUSIVE*** Saxony-Anhalt, Spergau: The painter Peter Gehre is working in his studio on the painting "Patagonia", his last picture of the world picture "The World Union Vision", which consists of 192 oil paintings. For the project, which was begun nine years ago and is to become the longest painting in the world at 192 meters, he painted an oil painting measuring 70 by 100 centimeters of all the states of the world that were statistically recorded in the year 2000. The connection and the seamless transition from one painting to another is the vision of the 75-year-old trained chemical technician, of the equality of all countries and a peacefully united world.

Teenage twins are both fighting cancer at the same time after being diagnosed just weeks apart

***EXCLUSIVE*** Doctors told Mason and Sierra Malmsten, 16, they've never heard of fraternal twins - born from two separate eggs - both being diagnosed with cancer at the same time. Mason developed a persistent cough which medics initially thought was asthma or bronchitis - but it turned out to be a cancerous mass the size of a softball on his lungs. Three days after her brother was diagnosed with Stage 3 Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, Sierra found a lump on the back of her neck.

A 48-year-old man who has been unable to learn to drive has developed an obsession with bicycles - and uses a PENNY FARTHING as his main form of transport

***EXCLUSIVE*** Clips of Robert Steadman, 48, riding his two metres long, six stone, giant-wheeled bicycle have racked up more than tree million views on TikTok. Robert is autistic and has a severe form of dyslexia which prevents him from being able to read or write - and meant that he would never be able to learn to drive. As a result, cycling has always been his main method of transport, but his hobby developed into an obsession and he boats a collection of more than 30 vintage bikes. His favourite is the custom-built Penny Farthing seven years ago after spending 12 months saving up for it. Robert has become well known in his hometown of Alford, Lincolnshire, thanks to his unique Gene Wilder-inspired dress sense and ability to ride the Penny Farthing.

Snare device protects against porch pirates parcel thieves

Edmonton, Canada: A new system hopes to thwart so-called „porch pirates” people who steal parcels left by delivery drivers. The Snare Parcel Protection system is fitted securely to a wall or railing outside your front door. A strong cable extends from it and the courier is able to wrap it around most sized parcels. The parcel owner is then able to unlock the mechanism with a key. Entrepreneur Dennis Evans, Edmonton, Canada, believes the added security will deter opportunistic thieves who want easy pickings. He says that by using aircraft steel cable, the snare would be very difficult for standards wire-cutters to snip through. Dennis explains: „I started Snare because I wanted to solve a problem I had personally experience - my online orders were getting stolen right off my porch. With online shopping on the rise, why was there no solution to parcel theft?” The Snare Parcel Protection system is currently being crowdfunded through Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of CAD$69 (£41) buys a pre-production version.

Woman has been caring for her furry friends for over ten years and has even named all four of the creatures - and set them up on social media

***EXCLUSIVE*** The badgers are fed by Chrstine Ian every night at her home near Stockport. She has been known to put special spreads on for the Badgers including pancakes on shrove Tuesday and even a full Christmas dinner. Over the past decade Christine has become quite close with the dominant male and female that she affectionately named Mr&Mrs Lumpy and the feeling is clearly mutual as the video shows the pair of Badgers trusting Christine enough to eat right from her hand. The housewife from Stockport near greater Manchester said: „I’m lay on my stomach at the door and they both now trust me enough to hand feed them which is wonderful. They know me, my garden and my smell they wouldn‚Äôt go up to any other person. It felt magical to be trusted so much by two wild badgers. It’s taken years of putting food in the garden then eventually opening the door and they have come closer and closer which has been good for monitoring their condition and helping with antibiotics etc when needed.”

New space mission will see telescope carried by balloon the size of a football stadium

A new space mission will see a balloon the size of a football stadium carrying a telescope into the upper atmosphere. NASA’s ASTHROS mission, announced 23 July, will use a cutting-edge telescope observe wavelengths of light that aren't visible from the ground. Work has begun on ASTHROS (short for Astrophysics Stratospheric Telescope for High Spectral Resolution Observations at Submillimeter-wavelengths), a new mission that will carry a cutting-edge 8.4-foot telescope high into the stratosphere on a balloon that is tentatively planned to launch in December 2023 from Antarctica. An illustration shows the high-altitude balloon ascending into the upper atmosphere. When fully inflated, these balloons are 400 feet (150 meters) wide, or about the size of a football stadium, and reach an altitude of 130,000 feet (24.6 miles or 40 kilometers). The Carina Nebula, a star-forming region in the Milky Way galaxy, is among four science targets that scientists plan to observe with the ASTHROS high-altitude balloon mission. ASTHROS will study stellar feedback in this region, the process by which stars influence the formation of more stars in their environment.

A patient photographer waited for ten hours to be rewarded with this perfect, pin-sharp photo of a streamlined kingfisher diving into the water to catch a fish

***EXCLUSIVE*** The striking shot makes the brightly-coloured bird appears as if it is balancing perfectly straight on the point of its beak in mid-air, just a split-second before it breaks the still, glassy surface of the water. Its wings are perfectly tucked in against its vivid blue body, creating an amazing mirror-image reflection in the water underneath it.