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Virgin Galactic unveils cabin of SpaceShipTwo rocket plane that will carry tourists to space

Virgin Galactic has unveiled the sci-fi cabin where passengers will one day gaze at Earth after paying $250,000 (£175,000) for a ticket to space. Revealed for the first time during an online event on Tuesday, the design features an "unrestricted astronaut float zone" for zero-gravity jaunts. Billionaire Sir Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin, said the cabin was designed "to allow thousands of people... to achieve the dream of spaceflight safely". The company unveiled the plans, which include individually sized reclining seats with "G-Force management" and automated mood lighting, during a virtual tour live-streamed to YouTube. Virgin Galactic also said the cabin included soft surfaces and window edges to allow passengers to float out of their seats unharmed. There are plans for a large circular mirror which would allow customers to view themselves floating in zero gravity.

Madeleine McCann cops search underground allotment tunnel in German city where suspect Christian B lived

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cops investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann searched an underground tunnel below an allotment. Trees were uprooted as diggers clawed holes 4ft deep in the ground at the site in ­Hanover, Germany. Forensics officers and a search team clutching shovels, rakes and plastic evidence bags then moved in to sift through the dirt for clues. Possible evidence was taken away as specially trained sniffer dogs concentrated on a tunnel at the site. The plot is four miles from his former home and just two miles from where the 43-year-old worked in a car workshop. Ground-penetrating radars scoured the decades-old tunnels, where prisoners were forced to labour in World War Two.

Red-dy for anything! Stunning images show Namibia's isolated Himba tribe who use bright clay to create incredible hairstyles, make up, skin protector and even soap replacement

***EXCLUSIVE*** NAMIBIA: A Himba woman wearing an erembe smokes a pipe. STRIKING images have captured the women of Namibia's Himba tribe where females cover their hair in thick red paste to symbolise beauty and fertility. Eye-catching pictures taken of the members of the Himba, also known as the Ovahimba tribe, show women proudly displaying their thick dreadlock type braids which are coated with the tribe’s renowned red otjize paste which is a cosmetic mixture made from butter, fat and red ochre. Red ochre is a type of clay which the female members of the tribe use in paste form to not only cover their decorative hairstyles but their bodies too as it is believed to cleanse the skin. The red tinge of the paste is highly desirable in Himba culture and deemed beautiful. Other shots showed some women wearing the Himba headdress, the erembe, which is made of cow or goat leather and signifies that a girl has reached puberty or married status. The incredible pictures were taken in Kaokoland, northern Namibia, by photographer Trevor Cole from Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Trevor has visited the Himba three times, spending a week with them on each occasion.

The shortlisted winners of Amateur Photographer of the Year 2020 have been revealed

***EXCLUSIVE*** First published in 1884, Amateur Photographer is the world’s oldest consumer weekly photographic magazine. Their annual competition provides amateur photographers from all over the world with the opportunity to have their images reviewed by an expert industry panel. Angi Wallace’s „Hanging Out” was awarded the first-place prize in the „Up Close and Personal” category. The image featured a Cuban tree frog as it clung onto a tree branch and smiled directly into the camera. Zay Yar Lin’s photograph, „The Morning Catch”, won the crowd-voted first-place prize in the „Keep on Moving” category in addition to a commendation from the judging panel. The image featured fishermen casting their nets in Mandalay, Myanmar. In the „Points of View” category, Brit photographer, Tony North was awarded a commendation for his image „Milky Way over Tryfan”, taken in Snowdonia National Park. Brit photographer, June Fox, was awarded a commendation for „Balancing on the Edge”. The image captured a harvest mouse straddling two ears of wheat in Dorset, UK. Zip Po’s unique photo „Morning Stroll” featured the reflection of a woman walking her dog in a broken window pane. The photograph won a commendation from the judges in the „Points of View” category. Nguyen Tan Tuan came within the top 10-percent of crowd voted entries for „Lan Ha Bay”, which captured the floating village located in the east of Cat Ba Island.


Me and my shadow! Photographer captures the perfect moment a female leopard is shadowed by her black panther partner

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDIA: A photographer spent six days capturing rare pictures of a twelve-year-old leopard and an eight-year-old black panther who have been in a relationship for FOUR-YEARS. Gorgeous pictures showed Saaya, the 120-pound male panther, standing in the shadow of his 89-pound female partner, Cleopatra, who happens to be a leopard. Another image captured the loved-up couple, who have been together for four-years, relaxing in a tree. The rare shots of the odd pairing were captured by professional photographer, Mithun Hunugund (32), from Bengaluru, India. He took the shots in Kabini, Karnataka, India.

Giant crocodile sends helpless pig flying through the air before ripping it in HALF in brutal ambush

***EXCLUSIVE*** AUSTRALIA: This poor one-hundred-and-fifty-pound pig was sent flying when it got snapped up by a sixteen-foot-long hungry croc. Brutal photos showed the 1100-pound adult male saltwater crocodile as it flipped a small feral pig over its head and literally shook the life out of it. Other images show the crocodile looking content after devouring its catch that would keep it full for the next three weeks. The snaps were captured by zoologist and crocodile specialist, Adam Britton (49), originally from Wakefield, UK. The Aussie immigrant took the shots of the 60-year-old pet reptile in his back garden located in Darwin, Australia. The Yorkshire-born croc expert, who has lived down under for 23-years, used a Canon EOS 7D MK II with an 18-135mm lens to photograph the beast.

Handmade wheat-straw art by deaf artist wows people

Artist and farmer Guo Shunling makes wheat-straw drawing at Junying village, Guangping county, Handan city, north China's Hebei province. 49-yeear-old farmer Guo Shunling, who lost hearing the ability to speak due to sickness at an early age and a lover of paintings, self-taught himself to make wheat-straw paintings that combine techniques and elements from traditional Chinese painting, paper cutting, pyrograph, embroidery and carving. He has finished almost 3000 pieces and they were sold at a price ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Wild horses create a cloud of dust as they charge across plain

***EXCLUSIVE*** The animals' dust cloud became so thick that workers rounding them up could barely be seen through it. The large group of horses and the workers, who wore cowboy hats, were photographed in the village of Kayseri, Turkey.

Jockey cheetah

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOUTH AFRICA: A photographer has captured a ninety-two-pound cheetah mum riding a two-year-old springbok like a horse - before it buckled under her weight and became dinner. Stunning photos showed the four-foot-long cheetah mother as it pounced on the 88-pound springbok from behind, as her cubs watched eagerly on. Another image captured the two-and-a-half-foot-tall springbok as it buckled under the weight of the two-year-old big cat before taking its final breath. The photos were taken by wildlife photographer, Louise Victor (54), of Johannesburg, South Africa. She took the snaps at the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa.

UK’s largest and cutest colony of seals

***EXCLUSIVE*** NORFOLK, UK: This British photographer has spent three-days with the UK’s largest and cutest colony of seals. In one image, a 220-pound grey seal pup rolled onto its back with its flippers held out like an aeroplane as it unknowingly performed for the camera. In another, a sleepy seal lay on its side as the warmth of fading sun made for the perfect napping conditions. Photographer, Laura Galbraith (49), from Cambridge, UK, was travelling along the Norfolk coastline when she photographed these adorable seals. Home to both grey seals and harbour seals, Norfolk has the largest seal colony in the UK with 3,000 new pups born into the colony every year. Norfolk’s seal colony stretches for miles along the coastline around Blakeney Point and Horsey Gap. These cute creatures are attracted to the large expanse of flat sand and the shallow waters which make for the perfect conditions to birth new pups. Female seals only birth one pup a year due to the energy it requires to raise them. A newborn pup will gain over four pounds a day when it begins feeding from its mother. This stage of development lasts for around three weeks.