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Ripped mother-of-three, 52, who is flooded with compliments about her ageless looks reveals she achieved a better physique than most 20 year olds by taking up BODYBUILDING

***EXCLUSIVE*** TEXAS, USA: This mum is in the shape of her life at fifty-two and often gets mistaken for someone DECADES younger - leading men and women to flood her inbox with DMs begging to know her secret. Certified fitness trainer and healthy lifestyle and nutrition coach, Lori Vick (52) from Mineola, Texas, USA, has always been naturally athletic and a keen runner, running seven marathons and countless half marathons between 2010 and 2014. Lori, who is mum to three children, Lexi (25), Logan (19) and Lawson (17), has been a fitness trainer for more than 30 years. However, in 2014 she fancied a change and decided to give competitive bodybuilding a try as she was interested to find out how switching up her diet and training could sculpt her physique. Since then, Lori has competed in several bodybuilding competitions at a national level, placing first and second over the years. Lori?s incredible figure means that she has become a fitness bikini model and takes part in regular photoshoots showcasing her enviable physique and hard work ? her goal is to still be bikini modelling when she is 60. Lori?s incredible figure is the result of years of consistency and hard work which sees her train between five to six days a week which she fuels through eating ?super clean? which means Lori never eats fast food, or foods with chemicals in them, she eats gluten free and an 80 per cent plant based diet. Despite being in the shape of her life at 52 and having people mistake her for being decades younger than she is, Lori, who believes that it is never too late for someone to reinvent themselves, says she will never take her health and fitness for granted.

Italian man has graduated at 97 years

PALERMO – Giuseppe Paterno 'graduated at 97 years in Philosophical and Historical Studies. Giuseppe Paternò si laurea a 97 anni e diventa l’uomo più anziano a conseguire questo titolo. Quando si dice “non è mai troppo tardi” o “nulla è impossibile per coloro che hanno volontà” pensiamo siano semplicemente frasi fatte. Così non è per Giuseppe “nonno Giuseppe” Paternò, che alla veneranda età di 97 anni si è laureato in “studi storici e filosofici” e la sua tesi riguarda proprio i luoghi storicamente significativi della sua città natale, Palermo. Giuseppe nasce il 10 settembre 1923 e la sua famiglia era di umili condizioni, per questo la sua immediata priorità non fu quella degli studi. Nella sua vita ha ricoperto diversi ruoli per vivere: ha fatto il fattorino e ha lavorato in una birreria prima di conseguire, con non poche difficoltà, il diploma di geometra a 31 anni, utile per essere assunto dalle Ferrovie dello Stato dove è rimasto sino alla pensione. Ha colto l’occasione della pensione per dedicarsi finalmente agli studi che tanto l’hanno appassionato e nel 2017, a 94 anni, ha deciso di intraprendere il percorso universitario che, adesso, si appresta a coronare.

Woman who takes her TWO-YEAR-OLD daughter hunting and posts photos of the infant with dead animals is slammed as a 'bad mother' - but she insists all parents should 'normalize' killing for their kids

***EXCLUSIVE*** OHIO, USA: This woman is slamming trolls who tell her she's a bad mum for taking her two-year-old baby hunting - and says other parents should do the same to 'normalise' killing. Stay-at-home mum, Beka Garris (31), from Ohio, USA, has been hunting since she was 10 years old ? a hobby which she?s now passing onto her daughter, Isabella (2). Having spent so much time outdoors during her own childhood, Beka is keen to pass this tradition along. Beka sets out before sunrise and can easily bring home a 200-pound whitetail deer to feed the family. Although hunting days with a toddler in tow can be a little noisier, Beka and daughter Isabella have still managed to successfully harvest both deer and rabbit. Parents online have deemed Beka?s pictures to be ?shocking,? criticising her for exposing her daughter to hunting at the age of two. This isn?t something Beka is fazed by though who argues that she is continuing the traditions of her ancestors. For Beka, there?s more to hunting than spending time outdoors. Wild game is reportedly better for your health compared to shop-bought meat. Hunting can also aid conservation through population control.

Pilot becomes U.S. Navy's first black female tactical jet aviator

Kingsville, Texas, United States: Meet Lt. j.g. (junior grade) Madeline „Maddy” Swegle, the U.S. Navy's first Black female tactical jet aviator. The Chief of Naval Air Training is set to ''wing'' Virginia native, Lt. Swegle, on Friday (31 July). Lt. j.g. Madeline ''Maddy'' Swegle can be seen posing in front of a U.S. Navy T-45 Goshawk training aircraft during undergraduate Tactical Air (Strike) pilot training syllabus at Naval Air Station Kingsville, Texas. Swegle is the Navy's first Black female to graduate and become a tactical jet aviator. Swegle completed her final training flight with the ''Redhawks'' of Training Squadron 21 and was soft winged July 7. Her official winging ceremony is scheduled July 31 after which she will continue to graduate training at her fleet replacement squadron. TW-2 is one of five air wings under the Chief of Naval Air Training and conducts intermediate and advanced jet training for the Navy, Marine Corps, and international military partners.

Stunning cake art

Kiev, Ukraine: Ranging from swirling seascapes to horrific cakes with teeth, these amazing edible creations have been created by Kristina Dolnyk. The 32-year-Ukrainian is self-taught after first making a cake for her sister’s wedding. She has now been making amazing baked treats for 4.5 years. Kristina says: „It happened by accident. I baked my sister a cake, and then someone wanted another. And then another one. This is my job now.” The Kiev native works under the name Dolnyk Art Cake. „I bake custom-made pies half the time. Half the time I teach others”, she adds. „The watercakes were inspired by epoxy water sculptures. I was so impressed that I wanted to make such a cake. For several days I realized everything in my head and voila - everything worked out. Mountains, rocks and terrain are cake. The cake can be any filling: biscuit, mousse. Water is jelly. Water inhabitants are chocolate. Depending on the design, the cake is made 1-3 working days, but it is divided into processes.” Despite the intricate detail, Kristina insists her cakes are good to eat too. She explains: „Everyone visually loves my cakes. But often people write that it looks cool, but clearly not tasty. My answer to this is always, ''Yes, my clients pay a lot of money for cakes, take pictures of them, and then throw away and take out another cake from under the table, which is already delicious.'' My cakes are delicious at first, and then beautiful. My next available order date is early 2022. Before that, everything is busy.”

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

The Wienermobile, with the license plate "Big Bun", is in Davenport and ready to bring some smiles. "Wienermobile" is a series of automobiles shaped like a hot dog on a bun which are used to promote and advertise Oscar Mayer products in the United States. Drivers of the Wienermobiles are known as Hotdoggers and often hand out toy whistles shaped as replicas of the Wienermobile, known as Wienerwhistles.

A folk musician has been reunited with his mother's wedding ring - 34 years after it she lost in her garden

***EXCLUSIVE*** Phil Cunningham, 60, was delighted to have the ring returned after it was unearthed by the new owners of the house where his mum Mary Cunningham lived until her death in 2017. She moved into the home in Magdalene, Edinburgh, in 1957 and lost the gold ring - given to her by Phil’s dad Jack - 29 years later in 1986. But accordionist Phil was reunited with the ring after the new home owners found it while digging up the garden, and tracked the family down via a neighbour.

A giant mastiff dog has been given a face-lift - to remove excess skin so he could see clearly

***EXCLUSIVE*** Neo, a 150lb (68kg) Neapolitan Mastiff had so much skin on his face that his owners had to hold his skin back so that he could eat. The situation got so bad that the poorly pooch had to be taken in for treatment at Eastcott Veterinary Referrals in Swindon, Wiltshire. Experts there carried out a life-changing makeover on Neo, removing excess skin to fix is sagging eyes and eyelids. Relieved owner Mark Hutchins, from Chippenham, said: “I know it sounds a bit mad when you talk about a dog having a facelift but it was a very traumatic time for the family.

A delighted mum is celebrating her "miracle baby" - after suffering 12 miscarriages over 11 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kim Pecha, 37, started trying for baby number two not long after her daughter Chloe, now 13, was born. But after a few years of trying and failing to fall pregnant, she was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. Kim, from Basildon, Essex, was given homeopathic remedies to try, and in 2009 she started to get pregnant again. But retail worker Kim, 37, started having miscarriage after miscarriage. However, the determined mum did not give up as she desperately wanted to give daughter Chloe a little sibling, and "complete the family". And in April this year, Kim and her husband Mike, 39, finally welcomed baby Ollie. Now, the mum-of-two is hoping her tale will inspire other women struggling to conceive and encourage them not to give up hope.

Bear goes fishing

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bear stands on top of a waterfall as it catches salmon leaping from the water. The brown bear waits patiently for the jumping fish before catching them in his mouth. The large predator has found a perfect fishing spot and is able to catch four salmon in under ten minutes. Property manager and amateur photographer Hao Jiang pictured the bear standing atop the Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park, Alaska.  

Floating cattle market

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dozens of cattle are crammed into narrow boats with tens of people on as they are taken to market. More than 50 of the animals can be seen standing on the boats as they crossed a river. Photographer Azim Khan Ronnie said the cattle were crossing Buriganga River in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to be sold in the city. Mr Ronnie, 33, from Dhaka, said: "The livestock are brought very long distances on the boat, some from 300km away.