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The woman who developed a talent for art following a stroke

***EXCLUSIVE*** A police 999 call handler who had never painted in her life has become an artist - after having a stroke. Janet Heaven was left virtually blind after suffering the stroke at work.  When her sight returned, she had an uncontrollable urge to paint and as she was able to work from home for North Yorkshire Police, she began picking up a brush.

Snapped up! Hermes handbag made of crocodile skin sets new world record with £230,000 price tag

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 'spectacular' diamond and white gold encrusted handbag has sold at auction for a world record price of more than £230,000. The Himalaya Birkin bag made by French fashion house Hermes is said to be the most desirable handbag in the world and the 'holy grail' for collectors. The market for the fashion accessory has taken off with some bags increasing in value by as much as 40 per cent in the space of a year.

Original sci-fi props & costumes to be sold in Hollywood Auction

The original 11’foot Nostromo Filming Model Miniature from Alien (1979) is estimated to sell between $300k - 500k (£240k - 400k) as part of Prop Store’s Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction on Wednesday 26th August and Thursday 27th August 2020, featuring a collection of film memorabilia worth over $6 million (£4.8 million) Notable items to be sold at the Prop Store auction (with estimated sale prices) include:  11’Foot Nostromo Principal Filming Model Miniature from ALIEN (1979) Estimate $300k - 500k (£234k - 390k) Sergeant Apone's (Al Matthews) Colonial Marine Armor Costume from ALIENS (1986) Estimate $40k - 60k (£31k - 46k) FullSize Edgar Bug Animatronic Alien from MEN IN BLACK (1997) Estimate $15k - 25k (£11.7k - 19.5k) T800 Endoskeleton Arm from TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY (1991) Estimate $10k - 15k (£7.8k - 11.7k) Grays Sports Almanac Cover with Oh La La Magazine from BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II (1989) Estimate $5k - 7k (£3.9 - 5.4k).

Fastest woman to run the length of Britain

***EXCLUSIVE*** Carla Molinaro, 36, made the 874 mile journey in 12 days, 30 minutes and 14 seconds. The endurance runner slept in a campervan overnight or in nearby B'n'Bs, and set off on July 16 from Land's End, Cornwall, putting in 16-17 hours of running a day in all weathers. She finished at Scotland's most northerly point on July 28, the day after her 36th birthday.

'Star Wars' masks made from upcycled Louis Vuitton canvas

***EXCLUSIVE*** Indianapolis-based upcycle artist Gabriel Dishaw has just released new works continuing his thematic series involving repurposed Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas. This time around, Dishaw's work recreates notable characters from Star Wars and The Mandalorian, crafting the helmets of The Armorer, Captain Phasma, Mandalorian, Darth Vader, and even R2-D2 and the AT-AT Walker. Each of the works is made from vintage Louis Vuitton luggage material with the addition of other upcycled materials like wires and metal hardware.

English vineyard that could earn its owners £800,000-a-year and comes with a five-bed Grade II-listed farmhouse goes up for sale for £6.75million

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredible English wine estate with a fully-equipped winery is on the market for Ł6.75m. The Kingscote Estate in Sussex could offer someone an interesting new work from home opportunity as the business is well established and ready to go. There is a pretty Grade II listed five-bedroom farmhouse with views across the vineyard and the beautiful countryside beyond. The estate has 60 acres of established vines and everything on site needed for the wine production process from vine to the shop, as well as a two-bedroom holiday cottage, a tithe barn perfect for holding weddings and events and farmland and fishing lakes.

HOP IT - Frogs interrupt tiger as it naps in their pool

***EXCLUSIVE*** A brave frog lies on the back of a large tiger as it naps in a pool of water.   The little Indian skipper frog, which is just three inches long, had climbed onto the unfazed Bengal tiger as it lounged in a deep puddle of water to cool off in 40 degrees Celsius heat. Photographer Aditya Singh pictured the unlikely couple resting in Ranthambhore National Park in Rajasthan, India.   The 54 year old, from Rajasthan, said: "The tiger didn't mind the frog being there.

Top secret maps of the D-Day beaches have come to light after 76 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Top secret maps of the D-Day beaches that were kept by a Royal Naval officer who took part in the invasion have come to light after 76 years. Lieutenant James Main was a navigating officer on HMS Fraserburgh, the leading ship of the minesweeping flotilla on June 6, 1944. Lt Main's wartime possessions include the navigation maps he would have used to help plot the route to Sword Beach. His archive also includes a wrecked German flag he recovered from off the beach after it had been taken by the Allies, and an Australian one which was lying on the sand.

Elvis's school year book for sale nearly 70 years after he scrawled his name in its pages

***EXCLUSIVE*** A school year book signed by a teenaged Elvis Presley has emerged nearly 70 years after he scrawled his name in its pages. The Humes High School Senior year book dates back to 1953 when the King of Rock 'n' Roll was aged just 18 and living in Memphis, Tennessee. It would have belonged to a classmate of Presley's and he signed it with a personal handwritten message. He wrote: "Best luck to a swell pal, Elvis."

Inside the not-so-secret Teesside Cannabis Club, where members gather to smoke

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nestled in a Middlesbrough industrial estate, the club has 180 members and is going from strength to strength. Teesside Cannabis Club has reopened their shop to members following the coronavirus pandemic. The Exhale shop, located on Norton Road in Stockton, opened its doors for the first time since March on Monday. The store sells CPD oils, edibles, skin creams, bath bombs, t-shirts, mugs and general paraphernalia.